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  1. Kareem Hunt, the straw that broke the camels back. After 10 + years of LM/FFL this is the last straw. I can no longer in good conscience ask owners for entry fees knowing an owner in every league will have a winning season destroyed because of stuff like this every year. Rice, AP, 'no-show' Bell, on and on it never ends. Injuries are bad enough, but these unnecessary actions by elite players every season has got old. I have 6 $$ leagues, one is in season 10, I intend to get owners to take over as LM in 2019, I'll remain on next year as just a owner to help the transitions, and done after that. I know I should be more upset about the 'victim', but every league gets messed up & outcome altered, and somebody gets cheated every league every season because of these idiots. They have ruined a great thing. Not to mention ruining their real live team's seasons as well. All fans are sick of it. Crap like this should be resolved prior to the season. Anything that comes up in-season should be dealt with afterwards. Hunt should have been investigated & released prior to this season, or not until next February. No action should be taken on this stuff until the offseason. Let everything play out then deal with it. Then it doesn't affect the outcome of the NFL or FFL. I just can't ask friends for $$ anymore, knowing most likely the best team will be cheated out of the win every league every year by these fools. It was great years ago but been going downhill since Rice, just gets worse .