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  1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Think the key thing with prospects is probability of success. Taking into consideration their prospect ceiling/general profile and stats at specific levels and make judgment calls. Of course not every prospect pans out, I'm pretty sure EVERY prospect hound knows that. You're really here to bestow that wisdom upon us? Do I think it's nuts to take Vlad as one of the first 30 players in a dynasty league? No. Would I do it? Probably depends on my mood when it's my time to pick. For me, as high as you can go without a single MLB AB is a top 30ish dynasty player. I do think Vlad is an exception to the rule where I wouldn't be surprised if someone took him in the top 15-20. If you want to burn a pick and take him over a guy like Bregman, be my guest.
  2. Acuna/Vladdy Jr.

    By that logic I would have had Acuna before you had him... Also, how many rookies have had a line like that? And how many prospects have had the pedigree as Vlad? PS - I don't count guys like Moncada - K rate was always a problem. I'm talking top prospects that had elite tools and virtually no concerns.
  3. Acuna/Vladdy Jr.

    Can't get on board with this. How can you hold it against Vlad he's 19 and not playing at the MLB level? (mostly due to Blue Jays management) Better to be early to the party than late. Granted I'm not taking Vlad over any top 20 hitters but I think it's a conversation after that.
  4. Acuna/Vladdy Jr.

    If Acuna showed it one more year, I'd say he's a definite over Vlad. Problem with that is that at that point we'll have a sample on Vlad. When comparing Acuna V Vlad I just can't hold it against Vlad that he's a year younger than Acuna. If it were say, Soto V Vlad I go Soto because IMO he profiles as a better hitter than Acuna. If it's close with guys that are within 2-3 years in age of each other, I go with the guy that profiles better. Gotta have the eye test, right? I'd take Acuna over Tatis, Jimenez, Senzel, etc. But the Vlad profile/MiLB results give me enough to take him over Acuna.
  5. Victor Victor Mesa CUBA OF

    This will be the Orioles big splash and sadly turn out to be a dud. -Devasted in Baltimore
  6. Trout for Lindor

    I'd love to be in that league. He's probably borderline top 50 dynasty player until he actually shows something.
  7. Help me think about my keepers

    Correa and a piece for Lindor.
  8. Is It Time To Move On From Votto ?

    Yeah think you gotta hold. 1B is becoming an under-the-radar thin position. Hoskins loses it next year (if you're on ESPN) which leaves some of the top under 30 yr old 1B as Freeman, Bellinger and Rizzo. That's pretty much it. If you trade Votto, you may compound the problem at 1B unless you're able to pull off a magic trick and 2 for 1 one of the 3 guys I just mentioned. O'hearn would be a decent add if he's still available in your league. If not - try buying low on Bauers or McMahon. Either or both guys could enter into that stud young 1B conversation next year. I'd be shocked if anyone paid even 75 cents on the dollar for Votto at this point.
  9. Keeper picks for 2019 TOUGH CALLS

    Definitely more value in Bauer. People hate trading pitching. You can find a viable solution at 3B at a relatively inexpensive price IMO. Once you get past the top 5 3B that next tier is relatively interchangeable.
  10. Acuna/Vladdy Jr.

    I go Vlad. 70 hit tool, strikes out a lot less, walks more. Should have similar pop, although more than likely Vlad will eclipse Acuna there. If it's me, I take the hit tool over the steals. I think Vlad stuffs the stat sheet. I also don't think the steals play up THAT much with Acuna. He'll probably steal 20-25 bags. Only reason this is somewhat difficult for me is that the Braves lineup is loaded whereas there's a lot of uncertainty in the future of the Blue Jays lineup. Better lineup = Acuna seeing more hittable pitches I get that Acuna has already proven it at the big league level. I just can't hold it against Vlad that he hasn't seen an MLB AB at 19 years old.
  11. Keeper picks for 2019 TOUGH CALLS

    As an Orioles fan I feel your pain...I'm already over-reaching thinking we'll get Victor Victor since we have the most $ to burn....pipe dreams in the AL East..... #1 pick though! Jays system is loaded. Hopefully we have something close to what y'all have in a couple years...
  12. Keeper picks for 2019 TOUGH CALLS

    As a Blue Jays fan you're thrilled you got nothing for Donaldson instead of Flaherty? Just as much of a keep as Mookie, the best player in 2018 and perennial top 5 guy for the next 6ish years? Yeah, I can't hop on board that hype train. Unless I'm missing your sarcasm...
  13. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    Depends on how many keeper slots you have. However the resounding suggestion from me would be to absolutely keep him if other top prospects are kept in your league (Vlad, Tatis, etc.). IMO Franco is in tier 1a right behind those guys and a lot of the rankings will back the hype.
  14. Yes it'll count as a start.
  15. Trout Trade WHIR

    Keeper league Bryant, Snell, Pham for Trout Thoughts?