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  1. Drop city drop drop city ? Should have been dropped yesterday
  2. Drop city drop drop city if you’re still in the fantasy playoffs, that is
  3. How to get Yahoo to take him off the Can’t Cut List?
  4. I would consider Whiteside pretty similar to Gobert. I think their contributions next year will end up being equal. So either Gobert is way overpriced at 21 or Whiteside is criminally underpriced at 60.
  5. I have Romo and Chapman...should I just surrender the week now?
  6. Cody Allen to get the next save opp or is the job still Hand’s?
  7. Anyone still own Cody Allen? Rotoworld blurb mentions he and Hand will share saves moving forward but I think it’s 95% Hand, 5% Allen....
  8. Is Cody Allen back on the radar? Or was Saturday’s save just a fluke?
  9. Pretty sure it’s too late. I don’t think he’s available on any wires for competitive leagues right now
  10. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he is gonna win many people a fantasy championship this year
  11. I have Doolittle stashed in two big money leagues..I think he will be ready to go by this weekend and I think he will be closing by 5 closer ROS
  12. The Angels want him to finish the season for the fans and attendance. Ohtani wants to finish the season to show his doubters he can rake and to win ROY. Logic says shut him down now and get surgery. Logic doesn’t always win, I think Ohtani and the Angels get what they want and he rakes ROS
  13. Anyone in non-hold leagues still holding on to Cody Allen? No pun intended
  14. Is he playing beyond this weekend? Worth picking up for the playoffs?