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  1. League finder forums?

  2. wildtsunami@cox.net Jesus G.
  3. RBs the ROS

    Wrong forum...
  4. Dynasty question for playoffs

    Your choice but I would wait till next year...
  5. Nobody blocking Olson and Chapman might have competition from Renato...
  6. Need to drop 2 players - Please help - WHIR!

    Drop Zimmerman and Pham
  7. Cozart or Merrifield ROS?

    Merrifield because K.C. is in the wild card hunter, never know when Cincy might sit Cozart for a minor leaguer.
  8. Help with a roster move

    I agree with JBJ, Vargas is bad and McCullers should do a lot better...
  9. Matt Harvey Trade WHIR

    If this was a keeper or dynasty league I would agree but don't know how Dusty is going to manage the bullpen this year...
  10. Drop Shoemaker for Gausman?

    If that's your only choice than do it but man ugly...
  11. Avisail Garcia or Brandon Belt? WHIR

    Go with Belt...
  12. Help me upgrade my infield...WHIR

    Drop both SS and Shaw...
  13. Help me upgrade my infield...WHIR

    Peraza,Diaz and Cozart add these guys and should be good to go...