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  1. Very interested wildtsunami@cox.net
  2. If this was a keeper or dynasty league I would agree but don't know how Dusty is going to manage the bullpen this year...
  3. If that's your only choice than do it but man ugly...
  4. Go with Belt...
  5. Drop both SS and Shaw...
  6. Peraza,Diaz and Cozart add these guys and should be good to go...
  7. Maybe the Thames side if he's for real...
  8. Your getting the best pitcher in baseball and if he does get a little old you can still get back a load of players.
  9. Got to agree with Rush2112...
  10. I'll take Miggy Mouse Club wildtsunami@cox.net
  11. You know what you get in Belt and you have 2 1B already. Maybe go with Yonder?
  12. I favor Seager...
  13. Basically Archer for Correa, I don't think that is enough...
  14. I would hold Russell, Tulo keeps getting hurt...
  15. Yonder has a new swing and I'm still being patient with Davis...in the end go with Yonder this week.