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  1. Braiser is a ticking time bomb Boston pen only reason Yankees even have glimmer of hope to win that division
  2. I think part of McCutchen being undervalued is he's gotten sort of lost with all the acquisitions his team made.. a lot of talk about Harper and Realmuto.
  3. They need to start having extra innings with a runner on second.... this is getting boring. I'm about to start watching E sports instead.
  4. Yo I heard Ichiro is retiring. Have they mentioned it on broadcast?
  5. They should rename this stadium Orchids Of Asia Dome
  6. Have to give Ichiro the Derek Jeter treatment. Groove one
  7. Buster Olney reporting he's retiring after this series. I'm going to hold before it's officially official.
  8. Well scoring isn't done yet. This place is like Skydome. Small dimensions and fast infield
  9. I have no idea why they left him in there when he loaded them... with only having to carry 2 starters and all the rest for the BP after this mini series. You could treat this like a playoff game.
  10. Only concern... the offenses in the NL East aren't as soft as they were during his run.
  11. Not a good day for him when Gio goes for 3 mil. I don't know what he's expecting to get at this point.
  12. I was watching a baseball show on SNY... the best writers though t getting Gio at 10 mil would be fair and 8 wouldn't be possible, 3 mil feels like stealing.
  13. Miss when this guy would go forgotten in drafts and was a steal
  14. Harper stole a bag tonight if that's of any interest to anyone