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  1. Only thing i can find are the Colts SB odds and win O/U. What are books doing with Luck MVP bets?
  2. Interesting. I haven't heard that theory yet
  3. He could have been in the hall of fame. now he's going to the hall of shame
  4. What a loser. Was always compared to Elway and will never even made a SB.
  5. Not fantasy relevant yet but arcega whiteside can ball out
  6. Harper might have left to go see his wife shoot out a millionaire kid
  7. He kills me in my hustle scoring league
  8. He's using a toe tap that Rollins used to use. If that means anything
  9. Goedart would be a top 10 TE if he could start
  10. I don't know tell that to Sox who are playing pretty good right now but buried themselves first two months