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  1. Correa was being drafted last year around 6th overall IIRC. Turner should be drafted around early-mid 2nd round. If Turner returns a 2016 Correa value of say 90/10/65/40/.280 , would that really be the end of the world? Project him for as little HR as you want, but even if this guy only bats .270-280, he's still going to approach 40SBs with a plethora of runs. I don't think Turner will be a pick that sinks your team. If you pair him with a power bat from the first, at the very least you could average a 20/20 over your first two picks which can definitely be recovered from.
  2. Pitcher number 6 on my team and with K/9 that big I'll take it. Would be content with a low 4 era and nearing 200k mark.
  3. Another way to look at not rostering a catcher is the added Wins/Ks you could get from streaming the pitcher slot. Depending on your build, you could have a great offense with no need for the 3/0.5/3/.230 you'll get from Catcher streaming and instead use that extra roster spot to stream a pitcher everyday and add potentially 20-30Ks and 2-3 Wins. This would be dependant on who your opponent is and how your week is going, but if 1-2 of your pitchers get blown up early in the week, might as well start streaming to guarantee 2 categories.
  4. There might be a chance he makes it back to you depending on how people are drafting pitchers I would say. Somehow fell to me in Round 3 and I was very surprised, but that was only because most of the top pitchers all went before pick 30.
  5. Drafting in Yahoo where he has 2B/SS/OF. Looking to get Machado in 1st round, and loving the flexibility I get by also grabbing a guy like Longoria late. Machado, Longo, Peraza for my 3B/SS spots with Peraza having the opportunity to slot into the OF if he really takes off, or stay at SS if Longo fails. Really hoping to end up with a trio like that, considering two guys would be 10+ round picks.
  6. If you guys want to take a Ravens team playing IN Cleveland be my guest...have a feeling that game is going to knock some people out. Panthers have to be the easiest pick. Save Seahawks for week 3 (no other chalk matchups that week) and you should be safe going into week 4 where the real fun begins. By then the field will probably be thinned up a bit given people losing on Baltimore, and wasting Seahawks in week 1.
  7. Last place. 55-77-8 Team is in sig, and I don't know how I'm doing so bad. Traded Harvey and Happ early in the year for Scherzer, and managed to swap Ortiz for Sale a couple weeks ago. Wainwright, McCutchen, and Stroman I just bought low on so it's not like I had them all year. Swapped Price, Tanaka and Schoop for Cespedes and Lester. I did lose out on a second round pick by losing Pollock, but other than that I think my team is middle of the pack.
  8. Gave: Hamels and Heyward Got: McCutchen Not sure about this one, but Hayward is a bum anyways. Gave: CIngrani and Oh Got: Wainwright Wainwright replaces Hamels, and it's like I get a free Cutch because I punt saves in categories anyways.
  9. .213. This is the highest his average will be all year!
  10. Bruce and Karns will be better this year. Severino is a bit shaky thus far and the ALE isn't doing any favours.
  11. Matt side for sure. Wouldn't be surprised if Salazar finishes better than Harvey this year.
  12. Thinking of sending JA Happ and Brandon Finnegan for Juan Nicasio and Taijuan Walker. Good move? I'm not sure how long Happ could keep this up for pitching in the AL East.
  13. Going into today: Me era: 3.26 whip: 1.17 Opponent era: 3.31 whip: 1.10 I have Tanaka and Iwakuma vs his Jarred Cosart. I already clinched wins and ks...should I start both pitchers? I was thinking just Tanaka.
  14. By the end of the year Abreau will be >>>>> than Belt. Conforto might have more RBIs and better average than Pillar, but Pillar will get the runs and more SBs. I think Smyly will have a good year as well. If you have only one closer, than this is probably a good move to make as it'll improve the rest of your team greatly.
  15. No no no no...Cody Allen is not worth two valuable pieces..even if Gomez is sucking right now you're trading him at the bottom of his value. Smyly isn't a weak throw in either..he could legitimately be a top 35 pitcher.