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  1. Drafted expecting at least 15SBs. Disappointed in the lack of attempts.
  2. Approach to Texas bullpen
  3. That seems like a very low cash out. It's not like owners have a lot of draft equity in Thames. It's pretty much playing with house money right now. You owe it to yourself to aim and seriously consider landing a top 20 OF or top 8 1B if you want to do straight position swap.
  4. Abreu/HanRam probably IS where his value to others is. But if you're the owner, you probably aren't going to settle for them. At 1B, do you try to buy low on someone like Edwin? This isn't asking for advice btw...but ROS who will have more HRs? If Edwin hits 30 rest of the way, and Thames ONLY manages 20...I think Thames will be more valuable with a higher average and possibly ~10 steals
  5. He's doing pretty bad in AAA right now, so they might hold off until he starts hitting better there.
  6. Yea I actually do agree with Hanley. But the ceiling for Thames can realistically be just outside the top 5 at 1B behind Goldy, Votto, Rizzo, Miggy, EE/Freeman
  7. "Experts" make me laugh sometimes. On the CBS podcast today they were ranking him around the ~14-16 range for 1B. One guy had him behind Pujols and Hosmer while another had him right behind HanRam. Maybe the HanRam ranking comp is somewhat accurate for what his value is right now, but I know probably no owners here would settle for that swap.
  8. By watching his HRs it seems like his putting no effort into them but he's going oppo taco or deep centre. I don't think he's pulled a HR yet.
  9. Def like the Betts side. All those guys are sure things for the future. Segura and and Degrom easily make up the difference there
  10. I would drop Nova. It's your last starter, and just think Ross has much higher upside
  11. In a 12 team mixed H2H Sending Thames and getting McCutchen...thats too good to be true, right?
  12. Liking him a lot so far. Definitely a strong hold with Twins due up again. Twins, Royals, WSox. Gotta love those matches throughout the year.
  13. Last year Verlander had 5 starts against the Indians and a 4.88era. They just have his number.
  14. The Jays are becoming a team to stream against it seems. No one really to be scared of anymore, especially with JD on the DL. Plenty of K potential too.
  15. 40/40 baby