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  1. I wouldn't be surprised with 10/20 .280 rest of the way. Think thats valuable for someone with his position eligibility.
  2. Quickly becoming my favourite player
  3. He hasn't exactly been doing much lately. Him vs Jose Ramirez tonight
  4. Andddd he's on my bench
  5. Yes, a million times yes. Those 3 guys for Mookie alone is a huge steal
  6. Anybody watching Manaea? Stats look good through 3, only mistake being a homerun. I'm following along on ScoreMobile and it seems like he's getting a lot of line drive outs. Boston making hard contact against him? Lack of BB seems good.
  7. 3/14 over his last 3 games How long until Dusty moves him into the 9 spot behind the pitcher? Still able to utilize his speed as a faux-leadoff, but give him a chance to clear his head
  8. Sent Trumbo for Quintana I guess it was just 2 fed up owners, but I'm glad to be rid of Trumbo.
  9. Because of your L and BB cats, extra pitchers don't seem like a good thing, so why not get extra batting stats? Not too sure who else is on your wire for hitters, but Bird isn't much tbh
  10. Yea i would do this especially with your pitching depth. Votto is looking great right now.
  11. 8 team league there might be talent to replace McCullers if Urias gets shut down this year. I would go with Urias. Just expect him to have a much higher ceiling the next 3 years.
  12. I would send Arrieta. Not really enticing anymore this year and Cano is a fair return, especially if yo uwant to shore up your 2B.
  13. Hey everyone, 12 team non-keeper, team in sig Offered: Trout and Matt Carpenter Give: Thames, Machado, Trumbo Obviously the range of outcomes for Thames is bigger than any player in baseball right now, but is this a good cash in considering I'm getting Trout and Trumbo looks awful thus far? I don't realllllly care about positions because I have a lot of flexibility on my roster. ****WHIR****
  14. Drafted expecting at least 15SBs. Disappointed in the lack of attempts.
  15. Approach to Texas bullpen