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  1. Who has to go?

    I'd go with Forsythe
  2. Sitting first place in my H2H Cat league but I feel like I've been getting lucky with my waiver pick ups and now some guys are starting to slow down. Team is in sig, but for those on mobile, my current fringe players are: LoMo, Thames, Merrifield, Gardner, Parra, Myers .... basically all OFers Currently on waivers for batters are guys like: Reddick, Melky, Yonder, Carlos Santana, Derek Fisher Or would you spec add Shane Greene because I currently have Justin Wilson WHIR!! Just drop a link!
  3. How's Your Season Going?

    First place in H2H cat. Machado, Trea, Votto, Verlander, Seager, Myers, Trumbo, Lucroy, Hamels were my first 9 picks. Votto lasting until the 3rd definitely helped, as did grabbing JoRam in the 14th. Rode the Thames wave in April. Grabbed the right closers on the wire. Nabbed Schoop when he was dropped in May. Constantly switching out the right OFers and been getting it right most of the time (pure luck at this point)...riding Merrifield, Parra, LoMo at this point.
  4. Whit Merrifield 2017 Outlook

    This guy is a baddddddd man
  5. 2 for 1. WHIR

    I would probably go for the Ozuna side. Marwin won't be a huge loss for you.
  6. Quick Help. WHIR

    Another one for Moose and Thames
  7. Ray for Cespedes

    Team is in sig In first place by about 9 games in H2H standard categories. 11 weeks left in regular season where 1st place gets a sizeable chunk of cash. I'm worried that my current outfielders are going to falter going forward. But I also think my pitching is my strongest suit and playing it safe from here on out will be good enough to keep me in first for the regular season. Is this a good sell for Ray? Haven't followed Ces at all this year or others. Is it just a matter of time before a season ending injury gets him? WHIR drop a link
  8. Jacob deGrom 2017 Outlook

    Bum. Walked too many batters. Didn't pass my eye test.
  9. Robbie Ray 2017 Outlook

    i don't get why people would've ever dropped. Gems at Washington and Dodgers. Struck out 9 Rockies in Zona with a half decent line. Potential was screaming.
  10. June Closer Thread 2017

    Haven't heard much about Oh recently, probably because he hasn't had problems. But he's blowing up right now
  11. Aaron Hicks 2017 Outlook

  12. Anthony Rendon 2017 Outlook

    Traded him for deGrom...and quite worried I'm going to miss out on him now :/
  13. Aaron Hicks 2017 Outlook

    I remember when Conforto wouldn't get the playing time. Add the talent and worry about it later how it shakes out.
  14. 2017 Completed Trades Thread

    Sent Rendon and Bundy for deGrom VERY happy with this
  15. Buy Low / Sell High - 2017 Outlook

    What would you guys say the right price for Trout is atm? Or how much would you be willing to give up before you stop seeing the deal as a buy-low opportunity for you?