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  1. Well at least the season will be fair now
  2. I lost by less than 2 pts with Devonte Freeman Jared Cook sucking AMD Hopkins going off 😞
  3. 33 points from Hopkins, J.Cook. Tough but doable, thank you Big Ben and Connor for giving me hope
  4. He seems like a dart throw to win you a week or lose it. Great advice I know! I would pick him up if he was available in my league as a Rams fan who watches him every week but Gurley turned it on in the 2nd half
  5. Davante Parker, Danny Amendola, Trey Quinn, DJ Clark Jr, PAUL RICHARDSON, what do they all have in common! They all scored more than bum Devonta Freeman on my bench. I literally picked the worst free agent (auction) out of so many good ones.
  6. This is gonna get ugly, maybe, probably?
  7. If he can come in like a Lance McCullers, he will be a hero for a long time in Dodgerville.
  8. Will Smith in a keep forever dynasty league ❤️
  9. Dustin May with a 3 run cushion after Seager’s blast.
  10. It took me 4 years to get Will Smith, good luck my friend