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  1. I think Dinelson Lamet will get a spot once he’s back from Tommy John this summer, they liked his stuff
  2. SP2 in 2020 when he’s back, SP1 by 2021 is my prediction. This is the last year to get him at a discount, but you have a year to do it
  3. I will be taking him at that price, I don't need much talking into it because I had him his All Star season too. He is fun to own with all those K's
  4. I think they are great going into a new league. I bought a year of Prospectus for example a few years back and got Acuna and Eloy and Ohtani (and some other names you might recognize) in the same year because of Prospectus being ahead of the coming super hype
  5. He'll have a better chance of winning a championship in Miami at least (small little joke for us Dodger fans who are cursed)
  6. Not sure that’s a challenge when the Chargers end up with the ball at the end of the play.....
  7. I tried heavy WR strategy in one redraft league as it was something I thought about (more fun to talk about than to experience). Hopkins, Keenan Allen, T.Y. Hilton, Ertz were my first 4 picks
  8. Gronk is apparently a blocker now who sets up his teammates
  9. Looks like Gronk and Brady can just take the day off, no challenge from Bills edit* well Brady wants to keep it close
  10. Absolutely can not beat the Cardinals with 3rd stringers if Goff is how he has been the last 3 weeks. The Cards beat the Packers who very nearly beat the Rams
  11. The Rams of the last 3 weeks actually NEED him to win, I say that as no joke.
  12. Not much the same from my two teams but familiar names Brees, Watson, Julio Hopkins Diggs Westbrook, Gurley, DJ, Barkley, Carson, Gronk, J.Cook Jax d, Rams D, Saints D
  13. This will be a favorable matchup if the Rams of the last 3 weeks show up. I would say there is a good chance Goff stinks again I can see a very good game from DJ
  14. Jax D helped me so much last year (dynasty league) and they are coming through for me in the semis, even through tough times I love these guys edit* hope they can get offensive help next year they deserve