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  1. Same 5 as listed above. Thanks for mine!
  2. Go for both. Marte is worth it in my book. Thanks for help on mine.
  3. Thanks everyone. I am going to help on your links now. I should have mentioned that I will have the first pick once we get out of the keepers, so since most everyone is saying the same 4 - I could keep Segura as my 5th and take Sanchez #1 off the board (or vice versa, and depending on who is available of course).
  4. I need to keep 5 out of the following: C Gary Sanchez 2B Robinson Cano 3B Alex Bregman SS Jean Segura OF Charlie Blackmon SP Jake Arrieta SP Mike Clevinger SP Eduardo Rodriguez SP Walker Buehler SP Michael Kopech I can keep them forever. Leave a link and I'll help.
  5. Upside, I like Hill. Consistency, give me Cooper. I’m not sure if Gruden kept their previous OC or not, so that could be a factor into Cooper’s production. Thanks for mine.
  6. Interesting. Thanks for the responses. I was not high on McKinnon so I think that is where I’m seeing a hole, but I’ll trust your alls judgement. I am not high on Lynch or Lee, but hopefully I won’t need to rely on them. Surprised to get Thomas as well, but everyone else loaded up on RB’s in rounds 1 and 2. Thanks for the info!
  7. 10 Team, 1pt PPR, Keep 2 (keeper starts after this season). I picked #4, and feel pretty disappointed in my draft. It didn't seem to follow the mocks I had done and I never got into the flow. How bad did I do, and should I look to upgrade any glaring weaknesses? QB : Watson, Jimmy G RB : Zeke, McKinnon, Lynch, Cohen, Blount WR : Thomas, Robinson, Goodwin, Lee, Moore TE : Burton K & D will be streamed We start QB, RB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D. WHIR.
  8. I know it is after the draft date, but are you still looking for managers?
  9. I would try Gallo and Clevinger. Clevinger has double digit K's his last 2 starts, so someone may think they are buying him at the right time. I'm not super high on Gallo (have him in one league), but the HR's come in handy. Maybe a team lacking power will like what they see with him. Thanks for mine!
  10. I have a pretty weak team in my 16-team keeper (keep 5). I've been holding onto Trea Turner but I think it's time to trade him to shake my roster up a bit and see how I can improve. The trade is: I Give Trea Turner and Blake Parker I Get Alex Bregman and Charlie Blackmon My current roster is as follows: C: Sanchez 1B: Belt 2B: LeMahieu SS: Turner 3B: Devers OF: Hamilton, Inciarte, Choo DH: Polanco BENCH: Cano SP: Arrieta, Wood, Clevinger, ERod, Nova, Romero RP: Parker DL: Darvish, Buehler WHIR!