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  1. PPR Trade: Rodgers/Kupp for Green/Stafford

    Anyone else think I stick with Kupp and Rodgers
  2. PPR Trade: Rodgers/Kupp for Green/Stafford

    The goal is really to upgrade Kupp. I feel like Green could be that or Green could be a piece I move for a more proven/consistent WR. It’s definitely a fair deal and very even...just not sure if I ride Kupp until Edelman is back or get the upside now and not lose on QB too much having Stafford and Jimmy’s G
  3. Which side you got? 1 pt PPR...QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T Rodgers/Kupp or Green/Stafford
  4. Hey all, just had a friend ask me about playing fantasy this year through Reality sports Online. Apparently a super legit way of playing, auction style, multi year contracts, X amount guaranteed, etc. Anyone ever played? I would love to hear your thoughts and insight.
  5. Justus Sheffield - SP NYY

    Mans now the Yankees in on a deal for Archer...not looking good other than as a RP
  6. I offered Justin Turner and Acuna, he shot it down and said he didn’t know who Acuna was 🤣
  7. Harper owner in my league just placed him on the block, so I make an offer? keeper league, keep 4, no limit... my keepers are currently Trout, Machado, Betts, Acuna but also have Goldy. do I offer Goldy and Acuna for Harper or do we think Acuna is gonna end up better or equivalent?
  8. I have a lot of pitching and a gaping hole at 2B, which 2B for ROS Carpenter, Gannett or Muncy?
  9. Nick Williams Vs Winker WHIR

    Winked for sure for me.
  10. For context...we keep 4...OBP/QS/SVs+Hlds - league 6x6. my 4 keepers are Machado, Trout, Betts, Acuna would you make this...I need power... I give: Goldy, Adell, 24th Rd Pick I get: E3, Lowrie, 4th Rd Pick i don’t have a pick in the first 6 rounds... My current squad: C - Cervelli 1B - Goldy 2B - DeJong 3B - J.Turner SS - Machado OF - Trout OF - Betts OF - Winker OF - Acuna UTIL - Gurriel BN - Adams, Mejia NA - Adell SP - Thor, Verlander, Stripling, Morton, Paxton, Bauer, Nola, Bieber, Beuhler RP - Kimbrel, Norris, Ottavino, Hicks, Romo, McHugh DL - Strasburg, A.Miller
  11. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    Too soon to grab and hold for this year in a 12 team, Roto keeper where we keep 8 each year and there is offseason trading? if he is going to jump the ranks quickly and we could be looking at a cup of coffee this year and a June/July call next...probably worth grabbing.