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  1. Willy Adames - SS TB

    HR for him...vs Sale no less.
  2. Willy Adames - SS TB

    Here he comes!
  3. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Ugh. Wish I had stock in this kid. Was grabbed a couple days before me and I’ve kicked myself since.
  4. Chance on Meadows

    Eh, probably not. He has kinda fallen off, is a temporary stay realistically and hasn’t hit for much power. Keep what you have
  5. Am I crazy? Bellinger Torres for Bryant? WHIR

    Who would you try and target as an upgrade? The league is real stingy with pitching
  6. Big trade. Need help!

    Hoskins side I think
  7. 12 Team Roto Keeper - Keep 8 No Limit Final season of a rebuild... i give Bellinger, Torres, Teheran, Soroka I get Bryant sould make my keepers... C - Sanchez 3B - Bryant SS - Correa OF - Judge OF - Acuna UTIL - T.Turner SP - Sale SP - C.Martinez
  8. Trade Bellinger/Torres in a Keep 8 league

    Yea, it’s more, if I could land a large package of picks or upgrade one of the 8 but you have a good point, something could happen. If things stay how they are, is it a good thought to move Bellinger since 1B is easier to fill or am I overthinking?
  9. Currently in Year 2 of a rebuild, have killed it in my opinion but am now at a cross roads and need your input/insight: Who is the odd man out? Thought about possibly packaging Torres with someone for an upgrade but don’t know who or what...Plus I like the idea of Torres and having a 20 year old 2B keeper. Roto 12 Team Keeper - Keep 8 - OBP, SLG, K/9 Keepers/Potential Keepers: C - Sanchez 1B - Bellinger 2B - Torres SS - Correa OF - Acuna OF - Judge UTIL - T.Turner SP - Sale SP - C.Martinez
  10. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    Trying to figure out if this guy is worth grabbing this year in my 8 keeper league. I like the bat...but it’s the Mets 😒
  11. E. Escobar or ? whir

    Swanson would be kept and grab Peraza
  12. Have to drop 2...

    Barraclough, Holland, Pomeranz, Ross have to drop 2...who would you let walk? here is my staff... Roto - IP, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9, QS SP - Darvish, Sale, Strasburg, Ross, Pomeranz, Newcomb, Garcia (MIA), Happ, Teheran RP - (can only start 3) - Herrera, Middleton, Ottavino, Holland, Barraclough
  13. Trade help please

    Keep what you have for sure. Torres will be big here soon and Gray > Felix
  14. Traded David Price for Strasburg straight up? good move?
  15. 2018 Call Up Watch Thread

    Yea, just saw that, my bad.