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  1. Who has the better season? Tyrell Williams or Tyler Boyd?
  2. I would start with Mikolas. Cant hurt to at least try. But honestly, it will probably take Cano and Tanaka to get this done. Thanks for mine
  3. If you can get degrom absolutely. I doubt it though. Thanks for mine
  4. So keep Ross. And drop Chacin and Junis for Pineda and Toussaint?
  5. Caleb Smith, Michael Pineda, and Touki Toussaint are on waivers. Should I drop Ross Stripling for any of these? I read that Stripling will be moved to the bullpen when Ryu or Hill return. This is an 8 team H2H Points League. I could also drop Chacin, Junis, or Rodon. Will help in return. Leave a link.
  6. I wouldn't. DeGrom is a stud. You could do much better than this. Thanks for mine.
  7. Who has the better season? Semien or Dejong? Will help in return. Leave a link
  8. Another team is really interested in Trevor Story and I have Dansby on my bench and Dejong is still on waivers. Should I trade Trevor Story and roll with Dansby/Dejong? Also, what kind of pitcher could Story get me? Will help in return. Leave a link
  9. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help. I dropped him for Narvaez.
  10. I could see an argument made for either side. I personally would roll with Gordon moving forward. Help with mine?
  11. I would not use my #1 in this situation. I agree with the last guy that it also depends on how deep your league is. Thanks for mine!
  12. Posey has had a lackluster start and I'm concerned about his injury from last year. This is an 8 team league so I'm leaning towards doing it. Thoughts? Will help in return. Leave a link
  13. Which 2 should I start? Keenan Allen vs BAL Mike Evans @DAL Stefon Diggs @DET Thanks!