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  1. Still close. Anyone else? I can help in return.
  2. Lineup changes? WHIR!! WHIR!!

    I completely agree with Daltanian. I'd say Dion Lewis is the one to start here. Both RBs are getting volume. Thanks for mine.
  3. This is tough. So far its 50/50.
  4. Here is my order of players to play 1. Chubb obviously 2. Jackson 3. Damien 4. Gus 5. Josh Adams Good luck!! Help with mine?
  5. Watson, Dak, Ryan or Allen? WHIR

    Definitely Watson. Then Ryan. Help with mine?
  6. Sony Michel and Damien Williams Help with mine?
  7. I would still say Ertz. The guy is a stud and Thomas may be taken more seriously by New Orleans now that they have more film on him. Help with mine?
  8. kittle or ertz? standard

    I would go Kittle over Ertz since Wentz may be out. Good luck! Help with mine?
  9. I would say Gronk and Ingram. Higher floors than the other options. Help with mine?
  10. I'd say Sproles with the Corey Clement injury. Good luck! Help with mine?
  11. Absolutely Russell and Texans. Go with these and dont look back. Help with mine?
  12. need 2 RBs - WHIR

    Marlon Mack and Josh Adams. Help with mine?

    It's a tough one but probably Ingram out if these. Help with mine?
  14. Flex Question

    I would go Gronk with the TD potential. Help with mine?