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  1. Hilarious that not only is this guy in the majors but he made the All-star team. Japan is excited for 2021.
  2. Greinke garbage against the broken Angels. Fantasy baseball playoffs need to start at the end of August!
  3. Week 2 of playoffs and manage to have a day with both of my teams having zero batters going against full lineups. How the ef!
  4. Kikuchi says hold my beer - how is this guy even still getting starts?
  5. he'll probably pitch a gem later this week to quiet the streamers who dropped him lol
  6. he'll be too old to pitch anywhere by the time he's out of prison.
  7. the free agent pickup who put up a 3.65era/1.13whip in 143ip isn't helping you win a league? some hot take there.
  8. If you knew better you would've been enjoying his quality most the season!
  9. Strasburg looking like a joke right now.
  10. Hard to call them fools. He's been good all season and 5 straight starts of 2 ER or less. Hard to predict this outcome.
  11. I knew a 2 start week in the playoffs for Means leading off with Detroit was too good to be true.
  12. Gotta love fantasy baseball playoffs as I'm actually watching this Orioles/Tigers game!