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  1. Why not role out a younger guy and see what they can do? Martin has no future.
  2. What's the point of the Raiders featuring a 30 year old running back during a rebuild?
  3. 11/11/18 Buccaneers vs. Redskins

    Just a thought maybe the Bucs should try throwing to Humphries a little more often.
  4. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    If your team relies on literally one player than you're doing fantasy wrong.
  5. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    15 more TD'S in almost 100 less games. Not much to resent.
  6. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    He should've retired!
  7. Jameis Winston 2018 Outlook

    He did that once in 4 starts against a bad defense. I like dependable players at that position.
  8. Jameis Winston 2018 Outlook

    He hasn't done anything this season to suggest he's worth adding if he gets the job back.
  9. Rookie QB/Bad team - trust nothing.
  10. Haley might as well have just stayed home today. He's gone tomorrow.
  11. Baldwin can go ahead and be dropped now. Is he even in the country?
  12. Carlos Correa 2018 Outlook

    Correa easily - he makes villar seem like ******** a-rod.
  13. Tim Tebow - NYM

    The guy with nothing to offer but publicity is now on the DL. Let the swan songs begin.
  14. Tim Tebow - NYM

    What did he do in hist first season to suggest it was even deserved? He has an okay batting average at AA...everything else in his stat line is horrible. I just don't see any potential unless he turns into some power hitter over night. Like I said before, he's slow as hell, sucks in the field and strikes out a ton. He's like Adam Dunn without power. I don't doubt Tebow will see MLB time but chances are it will because of his name.
  15. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Nats probably aren't making the playoffs at this rate so why would they possibly trade Robles for Machado? Harper getting traded is more likely than that.