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  1. I don't think he's retiring just because he had a bad day for one of the first times in his career.
  2. your bias aside buffalo is probably one of the last places he'd be interested in.
  3. Why would he possibly want to go to Buffalo?
  4. Cook had one good game the whole season.
  5. Brady struggling while only attempting short passes - the hell is going on?
  6. Not to mention they're not going to risk him as a 'decoy' in a meaningless game.
  7. Are you dense? Hunt attacked someone. Mixon defended himself. The idiots on this forum are blowing my damn mind!
  8. The girl also struck Mixon first. Lets stop pulling out examples that don't compare.
  9. Not really a tough call, he had like 1 1/2 good seasons post prison.
  10. Enjoy presuming things that aren't relevant to Kareem's abuse. What a moron!
  11. Honestly lost in all this is the dude who got tossed breaking upthe altercation. Why is he ignored just because he's not a female?
  12. that wasn't my point at all. my point is POS andy knew about this well before we did. once a scumbag always a scumbag.
  13. I don't have KHUNT, WUUUUUU /end of rant.
  14. Hill wasn't in the NFL is how they'll explain that s---. Chiefs and Redskins both like abusers- weird trend from the teams with controversial names!
  15. They saw the footage prior to today - don't be crazy and believe their BS.
  16. The Chiefs look like total morons here. They knew about the incident since day 1 and cut him when it comes to light - pathetic!
  17. Why not role out a younger guy and see what they can do? Martin has no future.
  18. What's the point of the Raiders featuring a 30 year old running back during a rebuild?
  19. Just a thought maybe the Bucs should try throwing to Humphries a little more often.
  20. If your team relies on literally one player than you're doing fantasy wrong.
  21. 15 more TD'S in almost 100 less games. Not much to resent.