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  1. Fans have been thinking they know more than managers for 100 years. But thanks for bringing that hot take to the board. That adds value.
  2. Ah yes, "Managers are infallible guy". Yes, managers know more about the situation than we do. That doesn't mean they don't make mistakes and it doesn't mean fans can't be right about a decision. But, I guess we should shut down the thread and not discuss closer situations since we're not managers.
  3. I'm not going to reread the entire thread to figure out what you're talking about. But, who cares? People vent about managers. Nice find. And who's to say the DBacks wouldn't have been better off replacing Rodney in mid April. Not like he's the only reliever to have a whopping 6 inning scoreless streak going.
  4. What's with the "told ya so's". Rodney sucked and people said he sucked. What's wrong with that? He's turned it around. Neat, good for you for holding him. He'll probably suck again at some point and my guess is you won't be posting about it.
  5. I'm the Bryant owner actually going to do this? That seems like a pretty bad move in a dynasty.
  6. He won't respond. And I think it's clear he ain't stopping. May as well just get a chuckle out of it, or just ignore it.
  7. I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt would NOT trade Berrios for Danny Salazar.
  8. Completely disagree. Paying league fees doesn't entitle a guy to leave his team dormant and make horrible trades. I could see not wanting to kick the guy out if it's a money league, but I'd still consider vetoing his crappy trades. Honestly, depending on the amount of the league fee, I might even offer to refund the guy his money, replace him, and just eat the fee. If it's a free league, he'd be gone.
  9. It sounded to me like you had vetoed those deals.
  10. Bour
  11. Big Time Timmy Jim?
  12. In a 10 team league, yea, he's probably safe to drop.
  13. In a dynasty, I would argue Myers is closer in value to Sale than he is to Chris Davis. And Cole is very arguably more valuable than Stroman. Myers + prospect for Sale Cole for Stroman Osuna for Davis Regardless, I wouldn't consider that trade close to being vetoable.
  14. I replied in your other thread, but I think you're way overthinking this. Missed the draft, has made a few trades that range from "odd" to "crap city" and (most egregious) has let his team go practically dormant. Not setting your lineup/going inactive, IMO, is reason to just boot the guy. And if you're going to boot the guy, I'd have no issue with you vetoing his most recent trade as well.
  15. I'm really trying to find out what is wrong with either of those deals.