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  1. Machado sitting today, thank Christ.
  2. Speaking of, Charlie Morton's line against THAT lineup? Gross.
  3. Started Morton and Austin Nola. Sat Giolito and Vogelbach. Can this season just freakin mercifully end already?
  4. Dude has been brutal for over a month now. 1 bomb, 5 RBIs and a .615 OPS in his last 30. 🤮
  5. Sadly, I can't imagine a league deep enough for Felix to be fantasy relevant.
  6. ESPN blurb says he could play this series. Any Sox insiders know if he's playing today?
  7. Nats probably haven't actually put him on the IL yet. They'll probably do that right before their game.
  8. This site is so great. Tampa is 11 games over .500 with like a $50M payroll. But yea, their manager must be an idiot cause he's not starting your guy.
  9. Was excited to have a game on YouTube, so I could listen while at work. But, after the 4th error/timeout in ONE inning, I lost interest.
  10. The bending and twisting people do on this stuff is funny. Marisnick obviously, very clearly blasted Lucroy and did it on purpose. Now, did he try to HURT him? Probably not. I have no reason to think Marisnick is a bad dude. It's pretty obvious he tried to truck him though. "But, if we slow it down to super slo mo and look where his eyes are, and if I pause it right here, you can see he is trying to do this." Man guys, sometimes if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...
  11. I don't know if that's a 180 really. I went from "he's roughly a 4th OF" to "tough guy to manage and traded him". Doesn't seem like that drastic of a change of opinion.
  12. Initially kind of scoffed at posts like this, but in H2H, I think this is a fair criticism. He was on the bench for both of his recent'ish 2 HR games. Then I start him and he does relatively nothing for a good string of games. Definitely a tough guy to manage in a relatively shallow H2H league. I finally got kind of fed up and included him in a trade, because I really wasn't getting much value in rostering him. Still love the talent. He'll be a target of mine in next year's draft. Just hope he can produce a little more consistently.
  13. Sent Matthew Boyd & Franmil Reyes for Yasiel Puig & Luke Jackson. Team is in sig. Desperately needed some speed and closers have been tough to come by this year. Felt I had a surplus of pitching and Franmil has just been too streaky in a H2H league.
  14. That's a question for the bench coach forum.
  15. Reading this thread, it's a miracle the Phillies have won a game.