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  1. Mariner fan in Seattle. Nothing like "Opening Day" at 2:30 am. I just DVRed it, avoided social media and watched it at noon, but still, not the same.
  2. No they're not. As for the trade, I don't think it's vetoable. I get it though, want to avoid the headache. I think you're good, but I don't know your league.
  3. In that spot, I'm crossing my fingers deGrom falls. I'm going him, then I think Acuna is a good pick. Him or Bregman maybe. I mean, this is assuming someone silly doesn't fall to you like Lindor or Arenado or something.
  4. Buxton was just dropped in my 14 teamer. Team is in sig below. I'd love to take a flier on him, but I don't know that I want to drop anyone on my roster for him. Would probably have to be JBJr, McMahon, Conley or maybe Caleb Smith?
  5. Post draft, pre season is the toughest time to trade, IMO.
  6. ESPN glitched out when I was trying to draft Scooter Gennett and autodrafted Gary Sanchez instead. That's fine, I'll just grab a 2B next round. I kid you not, between that pick and my next, Gennett, Dozier, Cano, Villar, Gordon (not that I would have drafted him) and Odor all went.
  7. He's beatable though. Open competition for every position, right?
  8. Is this a "Rate my Draft" disguised as a Vent & Rant thread? Take it to Bench Coach where you get 2 responses like the rest of us. 😆
  9. Yes, it's been discussed and no, I can't imagine Melancon is the closer. Here's a live look at his arm...
  10. Yes, that seems reasonably fair.
  11. I'll give @Magoo the benefit of the doubt, cause he's no rube. I assume he just meant the first week or two of the season. Probably didn't even warrant a response on my part.
  12. That would be the case for the first start, maybe the second. After that, probably not a factor.