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  1. If he cleared waivers and is currently sitting there for free, then I can't really fault you for dropping him. Keep an eye on him and pick him back up if he gets it going. In the meantime, enjoy Morelands start.
  2. Probably not
  3. It's fair enough, if that's what you're asking.
  4. Well now, let's not get carried away here. You didn't suggest he trade Chris Sale for AGone or anything.
  5. If he scored 120 Rs & stole 25 bags I guess.
  6. Very, very little. In a 10 teamer, probably waiver wire fodder. Grab him if you have a bench spot you don't mind wasting to see if he turns it around. Otherwise, meh.
  7. That is pretty impossible to predict. Lot of factors go into it. All it takes is one owner to decide they can still compete down a man, or for a team out of it in a keeper to scoop him up for next year. Really no way of knowing when that happens though. Like I said, it's kind of a game of chicken. I was a little surprised he cleared waivers in my league. I'll absolutely grab him once I have the bench space to do it.
  8. Ha. My bad. Does Iglesias really not have a '17 thread?
  9. They were talking Motter on the radio today and the M's beat writer mentioned he's just hammering inside pitches (I think his pull % would support that), and he wondered when teams would just stop pitching him in. Could just be that Oakland's pitching staff just isn't good enough and was missing pitches in. Anyway, if even some jabroni beat writer notices it, then there's definitely a book on this guy now. An adjustment will be coming. We'll see if Motter's a good enough hitter to adjust to the adjustment and can still hit for power going to the opposite field on pitches away.
  10. Nothing on this guy for this season? What are you talking about? His thread is 11 pages long.
  11. Great post. I think the overwhelming majority of the "noise" as you call it comes from people asking the same question that has been discussed for pages and pages. "So, what's the deal in Washington?" "When will KRod lose the gig?" "Anyone think Rosie will overtake Oh?" Dude, read the last 5 pages of the thread, that's almost entirely what it's about. Just seems lazy to post the question, without reading any of the thread, and expecting people to just regurgitate their opinions for you again.
  12. If I could make a quarter of a billion freakin dollars for being fat, drunk and stupid, then pass me the Mickey Dees and Patron. I got work to do.
  13. I think he meant they expect him back when eligible.
  14. Probably still go Arenado, Votto, Lester.
  15. Arenado, Votto & Lester. I might feel differently were it a keeper, but you have not provided that information.