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  1. I have a hard time ranking a guy that was taken in the 40s among the "all time busts". I don't even know that he's the biggest bust THIS YEAR. Villar has been mentioned, as has Arrietta & Cueto. Trevor Story has been pretty awful and went before CarGo. Miguel Cabrera has been better, I guess, but was also taken 3 rounds earlier. I think the biggest bust I can remember was Carl Crawford in 2011. He was a first rounder, I think he may have even been going top 5 in a lot of drafts. Horrible in his first year in Boston.
  2. I'm in the midst of the most epically bad 2 day stretch I've ever seen. 3/60, 1 run, nothing else. That's hard to do if you're trying to.
  3. I like Seth Smith, but he doesn't play much in this OF. Not really that bad of a trade. There's value in veteran inning eaters. He gave them innings when they needed it. Can't rely on 3 rookies to get you through a full season.
  4. Iwak is not close. Gallardo was warming up in the pen last night. So, for the time being, looks like they'll be going Felix, Pax, Miranda, Gaviglio & Moore. Gallardo & Bergman would likely be next in line.
  5. I watched most of it. He looks polished. Like others have said, not overwhelming stuff, but he's a stroke thrower, not going to walk many. Not afraid to pitch in and elevate the ball. Fly ball pitchers can fare well in Safeco, especially with that fantastic OF D. I'd take a flier against the Phillies and for any home starts against the As & Angels & the like.
  6. You can't be serious on Dysons bunt. It was the frickin 6th inning. When exactly are teams supposed to start laying down and playing dead? And, it worked. Put Verly in the stretch and he unraveled.
  7. I'd do this, except skip steps 2 & 3 and go straight to step 4: kick the last place owner out of the league.
  8. That Nats, Marlins game. My opponent has Max. I started Bour & Ozuna. I sat Straily. Woof.
  9. So, what is usually the value for a Rendon or Robertson type player? I mean, I guess if you're going to argue for a veto, you'd have to have some sort of market established. Personally, I find most future draft pick trades suck from a value standpoint, so I don't know that I would veto this one, one way or another. We toyed around with future draft pick trading for one year. No trades were made, but the closest deal was Jayson Werth (who was still fairly good at the time) for, like a 15th rounder. I quickly decided I didn't want to mess with it anymore. Especially in a league where you only keep 4. That just makes a lot of valuable players valueless to the teams who are out of it.
  10. This trade is in my 12 team keeper, keep 4...no limit. Literally the first sentence.
  11. 14 team, H2H, keep UP TO 3. Just moved Syndergaard for Marcus Stroman.
  12. I prefer Kershaw, but heck, grab both if they're available.
  13. Are you required to keep 4? So, a "2nd round pick" would essentially be a 6th round caliber of player? I don't know, I guess that feels about right for this type of trade. In a 12 team league, Bundy & Robertson are both kind of "meh". Rendon is good, but probably not a keeper. This is the problem with future draft pick trading though, and why I highly advise against it. Out of curiosity, have there been any other future draft pick trades in your league? I feel leagues usually kind of set their own market for those kinds of deals.