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  1. He's 34% at ESPN. He was drafted in my draft this last weekend. Guy pretty much just took a flier in the last round.
  2. Bump And thank you to those who have responded.
  3. Bump And yes Rush, I know, trade Thor & Yu for bench sticks.
  4. Yea, every team needs 6 or 7 bench hitters, right?
  5. Yea, I'm with the pack here. I like Dee
  6. So, are you trading just first round picks, or switching draft position entirely? I probably wouldn't do it either way. Trout is worth it. And, trading cash seems kind of lame.
  7. I don't think it's that bad. Certainly manageable. And no, I don't really care for any of those FAs.
  8. Like it or not, Stanton still carries a pretty hefty price tag in a dynasty. That trade is fairly bad, but I don't think you can veto it.
  9. Agreed. That is a haul for Betts.
  10. Realize I'm pretty light on speed too, so I'll probably have to keep an eye on FA for that too. Plenty of speed guys available.
  11. The hope is that Schwarber gains C eligibility, so Wieters is just a full in till then. Hopefully that's right around when Desmond comes back. Obviously went with as many closers as I could start, but I'm hindsight, wish I'd grabbed one, solid, reliable guy there. May be playing a little closer carousel again this year. Also, tried to grab 3 solid SPs, then find late values. Drafted right before the news about Matz. Will probably wait till he, or Desmond are officially on the DL and pick up Junior Guerra.
  12. I only bother you guys to rate one draft for the year. 14 team, H2H, 5x5 (OPS & QS replaces Avg & Ws). Limit 4 transactions per week. C. M. Wieters (255) 1B. M. Cabrera (K) 2B. I. Kinsler (59) 3B. J. Donaldson (K) SS. B. Miller (138) OF K. Schwarber (61) OF. M Kemp (82) OF. M. Ozuna (115) UT K Kiermeier (155) Bench. I Desmond (143), M Moustakas (227) SP N Syndergaard (K) SP Y Darvish (54) SP R Iglesias (166) RP H Neris (199) RP C Bedrosian (222) P G Holland (250) P. K Glover (283) Bench. D Salazar (110), S Matz (170), L Lynn (278)
  13. Shoot, took him at 170 yesterday, just ahead of JA Happ & Taijuan Walker just behind McCullers & Michael Pineda. Really wanted McCullers. Not that I'm losing my league because of pick 170, but still. Hes my SP4.
  14. 3 years? I'm a lifelong Seattle fan and I feel like I've been hearing about Paxton for 20 years now. I remember the "Big 3", Paxton, Taijuan Walker & Danny Hueltzen. Paxton is the last beacon of hope to salvage something out of that group. I'd love to grab him at a value, but drafting with other Mariner fans, I assume he'll go before I'm comfortable.