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  1. mmmmmm, Steak Tip Sub from LaCascias...

  2. I hate your fricken gutts !!!

  3. Goofy



  4. Make that the Boz's Den !!!

  5. Kyle is a lock to be here, just get KG's pick...........geeeeeeeesh....lol
  6. Dodgerblues are you out there ?????????? Lol
  7. text me when Im up guys....my name is here but Ill be away from computer.
  8. Lmaooooooo, I had no clue and I was half asleep sitting in a morning traffic jam on the highway. Couldnt of asked for a better situation to make my first round selection in a dynasty draft....LMAOOOOOOOO
  9. I love the idea buddy....sounds good to me. Im sure when Brandon Marshall goes to jail one day he will get banged all day long...lol
  10. Geeeeesh, I thought you guys were pretty bright but I guess not. Now let me explain the method of my madness with that question since none of you caught on....lol I was caught off guard when the draft started and I wasnt ready. I actually forgot all about this league until Ray mentioned it to me the night before. So I never read the rules and wasnt sure what type of scoring system until after my first 3 picks. If you noticed I drafted a WR that is suspended for the first 3 games....lol So a point for a rushing attempt would of helped my situation with my 2 drafted RB's , so I tried to butter you guys up....LMAOOOOOOO
  11. Thank you my good friend.....wow, no reply to my comment. Ray you need to get home pal because you arent yourself lately. lol it makes me sad
  12. Can someone post the link to the forum because I dont have it here at work...and have I told you all that Ray sucks hogballs.