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  1. Wade Miley has been okay the last two starts 🤡
  2. Wade Miley ffs. We knew he wasn't good but the implosion came later than expected.
  3. So I'm fighting for the last playoff spot in my league. Our tie-breakers are as follows: 1. Head-to-Head record 2. Divisional Record 3. Coin Flip (yeah, idk why) So we finish with same exact record, split our head-to-head match-up's, both had the same winning percentage within the division. So now we get to let ESPN decide the coin-flip 😬
  4. At the very least is it pretty even?
  5. Mookie Betts for Bo Bichette and Hiera (Mil 2B). Who wins?
  6. His ADP will be 2-3 rounds more than savvy fantasy players are willing to pay. He's a very, very hot name so he'll get scooped up earlier than you expect.
  7. No, I'm the top team in the league. I do, however, have a good staff so I wouldn't be as hurt losing Cole as other teams. I'm not a Boston fan so losing Beni isn't personal or anything. I don't think I could swing a straight up offer.
  8. Now I'm seeing you only have 2 bench spots so that changes things. Hmm... that's a tough one now. Knowing that I think I drop Stripling.
  9. You seem to play in a deep league. I would keep one of the injured on my bench. Why give someone a free IR stash when you can just stash him?
  10. I do have Verlander, Boyd and a lot of good depth for an A.L. so yes. I'll do yours.
  11. AL Only, keep 6 forever. I'm in contention so losing Cole would hurt but there's a possibility I lose him for good if he signs in the NL. Thoughts?
  12. I'm 7-7 and on the outside looking in for the playoffs and could use the immediate boost but do I want to hold out and hope the #1 uses it on Stroman and possibly set myself up for a Bauer or someone else? My pitching is good but not great.
  13. Finally has put it all together. Health permitting, he's in for a monster year.
  14. 16-team+ league or AL Only league guy to watch but that's it.
  15. Anyone moving on in standard leagues? Has looked like a different pitcher (bad) the last two starts.