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  1. He's in a nightmare of a division but I think he can be one of those inning-eater guys that will give you 12 wins and an early 4's ERA. Can def bring back some value at the price he's going.
  2. I would take a bet on that not happening. He does, however, have some deep league appeal as a 1B/2B guy.
  3. Rotation figures to be Tanaka, Paxton, J.A. Happ, German, ??? (maybe an opener) to start the year.
  4. At this point, give me McMahon much later. Too risky with playing time up in the air.
  5. Call me crazy but I'd take deGrom is the 1st pitcher off the board. He's THAT good.
  6. Somehow Morton is always available at a discount. People see the old guy up there and don't want to grab him. Give me shares.
  7. He's not winning the job. And if he does, I expect similar to what we've got the past few years. A few flashes but mostly disappointment.
  8. Could make him more interesting. I'd take a flier on him late and start him on case-by-case basis. Probably mostly at home.
  9. SP eligibility with his elite ratios in a Holds league with an improved team... I may actually even prefer that to starting. Still he think he ends up starting to the year in the rotation with their lack of depth.
  10. Again, it's Voit's job to lose. Bird would have to hit .350 and Voit .180 to lose the job and that's not happening.
  11. I agree with others that he should hold value no matter what his role is and he'll have SP/RP eligibility in basically every league too. He's an interesting guy.
  12. It's been said that's it's Voit's to lose to even if Voit and Bird play comparably this spring it's still going to Voit.
  13. Agreed. He has gained some momentum in drafts but not as much as I expected. He's a really steady SP5 with upside for more.
  14. I think Hampson gets an everyday role. I, like others, could also very easily see him in CF by the end of the season. McMahon is also an interesting player. Whichever player gets it will have sneaky good value.
  15. Got him as my SP8 in a 12-team league. People seem to not be on this guy with his injury history. However, with him going so late why not take a risk he stays healthy and returns great value? I'm in.