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  1. I wouldn't start Junis @OAK. They tend to hit A LOT of HR's at home.
  2. I remember when I thought Judge was better than Stanton for a brief period. Crazy how things have changed so dramatically in a month.
  3. Maybe to a Yankees homer. Most non-NYY fans are going to have him on their "do-not-draft-list." I don't think he's as bad as his 2nd half has gone but I also don't think he'll ever touch what he did in the first half, again.
  4. About two weeks ago I was on this thread talking about how people are severely underrating him. Looks like JT is letting his bat do all the talking to the doubters! Edit: I looked and it was actually about a week ago but my point remains the same.
  5. Doesn't even have to be a start. They can move him to SS in the 7th and he'll still get a 'game' at SS. He just needs 7 more 'games' at SS for him to retain it.
  6. Well, he's the 4th Ranked 3B in my standard, 6x6, 12-team H2H league. It might be different for your league but in my league, he's been very, very good.
  7. ESPN's 4th Ranked 3B and that's after missing time. But yes, "nothing special in fantasy." Roto Forums can be a dumpster fire at times.
  8. Yeah, this guy was straight up carrying my team before he got injured. I need him back badly!
  9. Yeah, I've always liked Rodon. Just got a little tired of him blowing up my ratios early on. I wish I could take back what I said but that's okay.
  10. The ball is obviously juiced in the MLB... With that said, even a light-power hitter like Winker won't continue doing that.
  11. Invite sent. Welcome to the league!
  12. Scherzer out of the ballgame with an apparent injury.
  13. Hey guys, we have an opening in a 14-team ESPN Dynasty. The team is likely out of it this year but it does have quite a good few pieces to work with and there is still a lot of time before the trade deadline so you can help shape the future of your team now! Please do not ask to join if you do not plan to commit to at least next season for this team. Post your e-mail below if interested. http://games.espn.com/flb/clubhouse?leagueId=18487&teamId=10&seasonId=2017