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  1. The target is to get the last 2-3 spots filled tonight, get the order done tonight, and start the rookie-only draft Tuesday at noon.
  2. 3 spots left after kmoore joins
  3. Sports are filling up very quickly.
  4. I forgot to post a link to the league so here it is: http://games.espn.com/fba/leagueoffice?leagueId=729&seasonId=2018
  5. No themes but a little bit of a change of plan. I just realized that NBA FA isn't for another week or so so we will be doing our rookie draft first and then our vet draft.
  6. Hey guys, I am starting up a new, free 14-team ESPN Dynasty. We will have two drafts: a 20-round vet draft followed by a 2-round rookie only draft! Both drafts will be held on the league home page and will begin when we fill up the league. Post your e-mail below if you're interested.
  7. He's in a soft platoon now. Time to move on?
  8. Anibal Sanchez? Seriously? I wouldn't even mess with him in a 16-Team AL Only League lol
  9. Luckily he got that out of his system in a week where my opp has posted a 9.333 ERA so far lol
  10. They should send him back down. If you're not going to play him, send him down.
  11. Andrew Miller, the ratio savant. Thank you for being you. One of the most underrated players to have in a Holds league.
  12. Couldn't ask for a tougher two-start week than he as @TOR and @DET. Jays are healthy and they usually play well at home and Detroit obviously has a great lineup and they well at home too.
  13. I'm glad you guys have more than a half second to figure out who to drop. Me and my friend are in a bunch of leagues together and we always battle each other over who's the fastest to grab prospects when they're called up and guys are usually gone within 5 mins of the announcement lol.
  14. And yeah, I could easily see him take Broxton's spot permanently. The Brewers are in the thick of a playoff hunt so they're going to ride with whoever gives them the best chance to win and that's easily Brinson.