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  1. Assuming it's the same guys, the Nats announcers have always been obnoxious homers. They talk up their team 'till you get sick of hearing it and they'll take cheap shots at opposing teams players. They're 2 of the biggest hacks in the business.
  2. Who takes over for Eaton in CF?
  3. He took over at 2B today. Should get that 2B elg in no time.
  4. One of the biggest busts we all should have seen coming. Never again will I place trust in a 37 year old who's only thrown over 190 Innings once and it was 10 years ago. I have to be smarter than that next time.
  5. He's a drop in most formats. Maybe hold on to him in an NL Only but it's up to you on that one.
  6. Robert "f--- Yo Ratios" Gsellman
  7. On the topic of the Canadian to U.S. dollar exchange rate, didn't President Trump impose a tariff on some Canadian wood that's supposed to hurt the value of the Canadian dollar?
  8. Travis Shaw continues to be a nice surprise. I drafted him in every league I could with an ADP in the early 300's and it's paying off right now. I'm sure he'll cool off eventually but for now, he's been money.
  9. Let's go Jizzle Man!
  10. I just added him in my NL Only league but I would only bother with him in a standard if you have a guy you're itching to drop for him.
  11. I've never owned any shares of Queen Felix because the name value gets hyped up and makes him no value for where he is drafted.
  12. Sort of a reverse rant here but the only hope ya boy of winning was a perfect inning from Koda Glover... YOUR. BOY. GOT. IT!
  13. Sitting in FA in my 12-team league. Has to be one of the least-hyped 17+ scoreless innings guys in a while. Is he worth owning?
  14. He has really good plate vision. He's a underrated guy that should be owned in all OBP leagues.
  15. Mitch, Don't Kill My Vibe with your bench heat!