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  1. Finally has put it all together. Health permitting, he's in for a monster year.
  2. 16-team+ league or AL Only league guy to watch but that's it.
  3. Anyone moving on in standard leagues? Has looked like a different pitcher (bad) the last two starts.
  4. I'll throw him out there in deeper leagues. Only Tuesday so there's time to recover if he gets knocked around but he's looked so good so far so why not.
  5. Hopefully they can deal MadBum and get a couple of nice pieces to build around.
  6. God that was sloppy. One of the worst looking plays I've seen all year.
  7. GIants also have one of the most unexciting teams in the league. No flash.
  8. You'd think with how much people are talking about him that he'd be good, or have playing time, or have anything good going for him.
  9. After that first week of the season has anybody had a single pitcher pitch a QS? I somehow won a match-up last week while earning my first (and only) QS on Sunday and this is a team with deGrom, Thor, Marquez, Morton, Pivetta.
  10. Yeah, they're playing okay to start the year but that'll soon end as the team is miserable. I once thought he might be a piece they build around but with only one year on control he'll likely be traded.
  11. Honestly, this guy is tough to own. The talent is there but the babying (for better or worse, your call) is going to severely limit both his wins and QS. You're basically starting only for ratios.
  12. Has looked bad at the plate so far but it's just 22 at bats to this point. Give him more time than that.
  13. Yeah, if I'm in an NL Only I'd be holding but I'm in a 12-team mixed with more options in FA.
  14. Cut ties. Can't hold someone on the short side of a platoon. Should be in Triple A if they like McMahon more.
  15. AL Only league guy for me. Can't trust the durability.
  16. Has a really good defense behind him. I really like him at the price he's going right now. The Dark Knight returns.
  17. Good stuff. San Diego is a very fantasy friendly organization with them ignoring service time.
  18. He won't be a top 10 fantasy player but if he's healthy he'll def return good value. Good risk-reward player.
  19. Was available for me in a 14-team dynasty. Seems to be basically free. Worth a shot!
  20. He's in a nightmare of a division but I think he can be one of those inning-eater guys that will give you 12 wins and an early 4's ERA. Can def bring back some value at the price he's going.
  21. I would take a bet on that not happening. He does, however, have some deep league appeal as a 1B/2B guy.
  22. Rotation figures to be Tanaka, Paxton, J.A. Happ, German, ??? (maybe an opener) to start the year.
  23. At this point, give me McMahon much later. Too risky with playing time up in the air.
  24. Call me crazy but I'd take deGrom is the 1st pitcher off the board. He's THAT good.
  25. Somehow Morton is always available at a discount. People see the old guy up there and don't want to grab him. Give me shares.