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  1. I would be interested in joining as well. Let me know if an opening comes up.
  2. Very unfortunate, looked really good at Birmingham last season and was more than likely going to be up in the bigs possibly by this summer. Hurts that him and Kopech are both out all year now.
  3. That's tough, I would go with Bryant over Correa honestly.
  4. 16 team league, h2h each category categories for hitting are h, r, hr, xbh, tb, rbi, bb, ibb, sb, cs, avg, obp My pitching keepers are set with Blake Snell, Walker Buehler, and Roberto Osuna, however, I have a very tough choice to make for 3 hitting keepers I only get to choose 3 hitters out of these Alex Bregman, Javier Baez, Freddie Freeman, Juan Soto, Carlos Correa Baez' lack of walks is what makes this very tough, as well as Soto only being 20, hasn't established himself. Who would you keep?
  5. Here are the settings, leave your email and which team you would like if you are interested. http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=101845 2 keepers per team Teams available Creamy Steelers Money Manziels MyBall ZachErtz Bulaga Caviar
  6. Godley is god awful, I'd drop him.
  7. Correa has been terrible the last 2 weeks, so frustrating.
  8. I would stand pat and wait and see if he can break out of this early season slump. The Kemp's and Jankowski's don't offer much more.
  9. You have to make this trade, the value is just too good to pass up.
  10. I'm a huge Buehler fan and I have him in my keeper league, but I would go with Torres. He's going to be up there with Correa and Lindor and company soon.
  11. Not worth the drama, unfair league with a 10 year old as the LM. Leave the league.
  12. Manaea Newcomb Clevinger Pivetta Castillo