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  1. No, 2:00 p.m. is the earliest espn will allow us to set it for now because they run the draft order an hour early. League is full, thanks to those who joined so quickly
  2. sorry, no. rosters are already set on the site as listed above. Still one spot remaining for the moment, please click the leaguesafe payment request if you want the last spot
  3. it'll fill in the next 15 minutes I bet. As long as we fill before 1:00 (in one hour) all is good Who wants the last spot, come on!
  4. Done. 3 spots left, let's fill it up and draft this afternoon
  5. 6 spots left, it will probably fill by noon est As soon as you pay through leaguesafe I'll send an espn league invite to you
  6. starting to fill, should be good to go for a 2:00 p.m. est draft on espn. The draft order will be randomly determined one hour prior.
  7. yeah. everything in this league is basically the espn default, except 6 points per passing td instead of 4 and no divisions