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  1. You're correct that Westbrook didn't know his racist history when the altercation originally happened. You're also right that it is impossible to know 100% that his words were said with a racist intent. On the other hand, you are wrong in thinking that 99% of people would agree. It depends on who that 99% of people are, and if you ask people of colour who are well aware of the racism in the state of Utah then there will be plenty of people who agree with Westbrook's interpretation. Words aren't the only thing that matter here, and if you choose to ignore the influence of tone of voice (which only people at the game could hear), and Jazz fan history then you're either ignorant or dismissive. His racist past was proven with the tweet telling him to go back to where he came from, which are real and was tweeted in 2018. To anyone that thinks Westbrook is being sensitive, or just engaged in normal "banter" you're an absolute moron. These athletes are human beings, and no matter how much money they make they should not be subject to that type of discrimination. In the last 5 years I cant think of anyone who engages in trash talk with the fans more than WB, and anyone who's actually competed knows there's a line you do not cross. That fan crossed it and he should have been banned from every NBA venue. The inability to see how that sentence could be seen as racist is simply ignorance. It could either be interpreted as homophobic or racist and both interpretations should be clear as day for any adult who knows the history of the US.
  2. Top 50 forsure but 3rd round is a bit of a stretch given his lack of stocks.
  3. Known to be a great 2nd half fantasy player and we may be seeing the same thing again. Increase FT attempts and steals since the break. He’s truly been a steal this year and the fact hes on pace to play all 82 makes it even better. 4/4/4 schedule so he’ll be on alot of championship teams
  4. Im a Raptors fan but what are you talking about? They're on pace to win the exact same amount of games as last year (72% win% @ 59 games). Whether or not the Raptors improved or not will come down to the playoffs, and the fact we got Kawhi is obviously a huge difference. There was literally zero reason to fire Gentry given he swept the favourable seed. The biggest loss for the Pelicans was Rajon Rondo, and they should've done anything they could to keep him. He's still one of the best floor generals in the NBA and worked extremely well with AD and Jrue. They tried to save money and sign the poor mans Rondo in Payton and thats just another example of how poorly managed this organization is. There is something to be said when you have Chris Paul, and AD in the last 15 years but fail to put together a championship contender around them. Just a poorly run organization and I don't see that changing unless ownership changes.
  5. In a competition for the Bye and I wont hesitate to drop this guy to secure it. Especially given his 2 gamer in the first week of H2H playoffs
  6. First game was a minute restriction and the last game was a blowout where Jahlil Okafor played the most out of starters at 26 mins. i’d love to be in a league with whoever based all their decisions on a 3 game sample size.
  7. Tuned in at half when he had zero turnovers. Proceeds to throw the ball away 7 times in the 2nd half.
  8. Ive watched maybe 90% of Pelicans games this year and I always thought Jrue looked AD off alot. Didnt watch today but I wouldnt worry about a freeze out too much. AD rarely ever demanded the ball and got looked off alot by his teammates even before this. I have no reason to complain when his minutes went up on a b2b
  9. I watched his post game interview (on the court) with ESPN and there was no mention of that. Any source you can direct us to?
  10. This tank is so obvious its funny. Okay you’re only playing him 25mpg. Why not space it out over 4 quarters so AD can help close out games? I dont see this working at all. At some point AD might ask to be sent home out of frustration. Also I feel bad for Gentry who had to look at his bench today and look past a healthy AD to sub in Check Diallo to close the game. Im sure he’d love to play AD and win as much as possible. Instead hes being forced to participate in these politics.
  11. Always found it funny when a player misses months and is considered a GTD when it's finally time for him to return. They know whether or not he's ready to go
  12. Good job deflecting the rest of my response. I personally believe AD will play this week but going forward I dont know. At some point maybe with a month left in the season they will be able to send him home without the NBA intervening. If they try to send him home now I'm positive AD will file a grievance with the NBA.