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  1. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    Planned on targetting this guy at all costs but that H2H playoff schedule has changed my mind a bit At the very least we can expect no rest days as they’ll be competing for a playoff spot.
  2. Victor Oladipo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Although I think Dipo is legit i’d be cautious of his extremely high fg% last season (relative to his position). We saw CJ put up similar shooting in a stellar season then last year it dropped back to the normal for scoring guards. Not comparing them talent wise, just an example of what could happen. Still a great pick at the turn
  3. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    Portland will be competing for a playoff spot in early february. Even if you don’t believe they’ll make the playoffs its hard to believe they’ll be completely out of contention with 30+ games remaining. if they wanted to blow it up I think they would have done it this off season. Seth could still carve out some value in deep leagues with 20mpg. High efficiency guy + 3s
  4. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    Paul Millsap on a bounce back year? 81st in 9 cat next year. Don’t think a top 50 finish is out of the question. Can seriously fill up the box score
  5. Russell Westbrook 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    My apologies impossible is the wrong word, i’d just say its extremely difficult. You were lucky to have 2 players who were better than him in boogie & dipo but if last years version of westbrook was yor best player I dont see how a team could be successful.
  6. Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    By no means am I undervaluing blocks but I just wanted to point out that 2 blocks per game is simply not his floor. 30mpg, specifically this year will not happen considering Atkins is reluctant to play anyone 30 mins. There are only 3 players that averaged 2bpg last year and I don't see Allen in that class of shot blockers at this stage in his career. If we're talking Dynasty I certainly understand. But in a redraft, I don't see any way Allen puts up top 60 value this season primarily because of Atkins and his philosophies. Yes the depth chart behind him may be poor but this coach has made it clear he is not playing his guys over 30mpg. RHJ who played 3 positions for this team at times was only at 28mpg. The depth chart behind him was poor, and it did not matter. The thought that it's a Rebuilding team, and they have nothing better to than giving their young talent as much run as possible doesn't apply here. Don't think Whiteside should be classified as a punt Ft big at this point... Obviously, he's a negative but I've been able to maintain top ft in my league with him on my roster for multiple years
  7. Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    1.2 blocks in 20 mins certainly does not scream 2+ blocks in 24-28 minutes. Theres zero evidence that Allen's block upside is higher than Whiteside who averaged 1.7 in 25mpg. In fact, 2+ blocks as his floor makes no sense if we're talking about 24-28 mpg... His per36 block rate 2.2 To your point about not looking for 5th round value... Are you're looking for him to exceed that or overpaying for him because he offers good blocks offering good without harming you? I fully understand efficient guys like that come at a premium but at what point are you wasting your money/picks. Personally, im taking all of the mentioned players before Allen, except Nurk and Collins who I don't even believe are near 5th round picks.
  8. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    Best way to draft IMO, provides flexibility while having a couple clear team builds in mind. Going BPA is how you end up extremely unbalanced. BPA runs the risk of having an H2H team putting up 800 pts per week when you only need 650 to win. May have the best players on your team but you have to win multiple cats weekly if .you're trying to actually compete.
  9. Jonas Valanciunas 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I'm targeting this guy, don't see any way he plays fewer minutes so his ceiling is top 75. On the off chance Nurse trusts him and expands his role can be some serious value there. Way better than Gibson, and Derick considering their roles are defined and there's no real possibility of them expanding.
  10. Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Sounds like too much hype IMO. Can't even guarantee this guy will get 28 minutes on that BK team. Again, seems similar to the Turner hype last year, or the Gobert hype after his breakout season. Obviously, we're not talking about Allen at the turn of the 1st/2nd but 5th round for Allen on that team seems like a recipe for disaster. Once you consider that rotation crap shoot in Brooklyn I think he's getting 24-26 minutes this year. In that time I don't see any way he produces above 5th round value.
  11. Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Turner no question, I'm not as high on Jarret Allen as most. Are people really targeting him that early?
  12. Russell Westbrook 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    As of right now, it is obviously a clear outlier and I would bet he rebounds this year if I had to decide. But it is interesting that his poor shooting was blamed on the rule change yet he never really got it going after the year went on. The fact he never rests and will play through anything is what put him on my radar this year. So I agree his competitiveness is what would move him up on draft boards but all the way to top 5 when he finished outside top 20 (9cat) last year is excessive. For us 9 cat guys, he was basically a 3 cat punt last year and it's impossible to win like that. I would love to gamble on his ft% bouncing back then adding Drummond along with another elite ft shooter like kawhi/jimmy. But considering I'll most likely have to spend top 5 money on RWB there is simply too much risk in such a gamble. In your case, at worst he is a two cat punt meanwhile you can expect him to be a 1 cat punt which would make him a much better pick in the top 5/7.
  13. Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Yes, what you're saying about rebounds does make sense, I just don't think that majority of the people high on Turner think that way. There was evidence he was a below average rebound last year yet BBM, and most people expected a significant jump. I hate being so harsh on the guy but going into last season there were evident signs that this guy was a poor offensive player yet he was projected for a significant increase in points. Owning him during his breakout season and watching him play showed me he lacked a lot of tools offensively. O'Quinn is 100% a backup but he has proven to be an above average one that rebounds and protects the paint well. Myles Turner isn't a threat to get demoted to the bench but I can see him losing minutes down the stretch. Sabonis, who they love played 24.5 minutes last year and I don't see him falling below 20. I do believe Turner is more suited for today's NBA than Whiteside but I would add that today's NBA wants skilled big men, not simply shooters. Guys who can pass from the elbow, attack of the dribble and space the floor. As much as Turner can space the floor, he is a "one trick pony" and there was a lot of games where they went to Sabonis late instead of Turner. Although Turner is the better floor space, Sabonis shows better instincts in pick & roll and can make decisions when the ball is in his hands. With that said, there were many games the Pacers turned to Sabonis to finish games instead of Turner. To your point about foul trouble. I do believe fitness is a factor but the eye test showed me that Myles Turner also makes stupid fouls. Too many times last year I'd see him pick up two fouls in the first 5 minutes of the game and he wasn't even contesting a shot. If he picked up one you could almost guarantee he would get a next one. Reaching in, loose ball fouls on opposing bigs, just boneheaded mistakes that are comparable to Chriss' fouls. By no means am saying that Myles is as bad but he simply picks up similar fouls.
  14. Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Didn't draft him last year, but did buy low for him around week 15 in the season. Wasn't a top 30 guy last year but I didn't pay anywhere near that for him like most people so I am completely unbiased. The risk I'm speaking on is downside risk. He is not a good rebounder and the numbers show he hasn't really improved since entering the league. He is simply a pick and pop big that is terrible in the post. I know it's hard to imagine a players peak season could be his 2nd year but that may be the best we'll ever see from this guy. If you then factor in the lack of confidence the coaching staff has in him, taking him in the 30 range could be another disappointment waiting to happen. Not to mention the addition of O'Quinn who has proven to be a valuable contributor when he gets minutes there's Turner, Sabonis, Young & O'quinn vying for minutes. If Turner struggles early or gets foul trouble they won't hesitate to go away from him like they did last year. Although I do not expect it, we could see a similar situation like Whiteside in MIA, where Turner becomes a player that only finishes games based on situations/matchups. I saw it happen plenty of times down the stretch last year where he was benched towards the end of games. I honestly can't estimate where he'll go as I feel like he burned a lot of people last year while others are expecting a bounce back. He may not make it past 40 but i'll gladly let someone else take on that risk
  15. Russell Westbrook 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Agreed as I've never targeted throughout all my years of playing fantasy as I'm big on efficiency. Decided to give him a look just based on the fact he never rests, and will play through any injury. $49 sounds like a steal going in to last year when he was only a two cat punt, I saw him going anywhere from 65-70 as a top 3 guy. Low 70s from your PG on 8 attempts will kill you, and if you somehow compensate for his poor FT with good shooting bigs you will be punting other categories.