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  1. No he was legitimately one of the best in the league at getting separation. Something like an average of 4.4 yards of separation per target I believe off the top of my head.
  2. This guy will end up on a lot of my teams this year. One of the best in the league at getting separation last year statistically as a rookie due to his blend of route running and athleticism. Love seeing Deebo and Hurd take the headlines for his stock... The fact that Pettis didn’t play much is a big positive for me.
  3. 14 team league - 0.5 PPR Who ya got for ROS? Andrew Luck and Sammy Watkins Or Philip Rivers and Kenny Golladay
  4. Based on what? So so many sports physicians on this board...
  5. Literally made that trade last week... Still no regrets...yet
  6. You have no idea about injuries/rehabilitation/physical therapy/strength and conditioning. Your opinion is based on nothing.
  7. 14 team league - 0.5 PPR Normally I wouldn’t consider it as much as I am giving away the best player but it is quite a good haul. Mixon for Rivers, Crowell and Allen Robinson My team - QB - Stafford Rb - Fournette, Mixon, Drake, Royce Freeman, Kerryon Johnson, Jordan wilkins WR - Diggs, Fuller, Enunwa, Brandon Marshall TE - George Kittle
  8. 14 team, 0.5 PPR. My team - QB - Stafford RB - Leonard Fournette, Joe Mixon, Royce Freeman, Kerryon Johnson, Corey Clement, Latavius Murray WR - Stefon Diggs, Amari Cooper, Will Fuller, Quincy Enunwa, Brandon Marshall TE - George Kittle Trade - I receive - Alex Collins Golden Tate Jordan Wilkins I send - Joe Mixon Amari Cooper Corey Clement
  9. 14 team, half PPR. QB - Stafford RB - Leonard Fournette, Joe Mixon, Royce Freeman, Kerryon Johnson, Corey Clement, Latavius Murray WR - Stefon Diggs, Amari Cooper, Will Fuller, Quincy Enunwa, Brandon Marshall TE - George Kittle Straight up - Who ya got?
  10. He saw stacked boxes because Seattle always brings a safety down and plays a lot of single high coverage. That stat is a little misleading because Seattle does that to everybody. The Broncos O-line was really good (as I have been saying it would be) and Keenum is an obvious improvement on what they had. Feeling good about Freeman.
  11. This is less of an "Amari Cooper is a bad receiver" and more of a "Derek Carr/Jon Gruden/Oakland Raiders are awful". Cooper can play. Derek Carr doesn't throw the ball down the field.
  12. I just went and watched the 1st quarter coaches film on GP. I counted 2 instances where Carr could have easily got him the ball 10+ yards down the field. He also had a 16 yard completion taken away by a holding penalty. Let's put it this way...it's not like Amari isn't getting open.
  13. I don't understand how he can be this bad. He can obviously play in this league - he did it his first two seasons in the league so it's not like defences are all of a sudden making adjustments to him. How does he draw only 3 targets being the #1 receiver?
  14. I disagree. Denver's O-line is a little underrated esp from a run blocking standpoint, they actually weren't bad in that department last year. Paradis and Leary are very good at C and G. Bolles actually graded out pretty well as a run blocker from PFF and Veldheer is much better than their RT option last year.
  15. Booker isn't going to be the starter. He is going to be the COP/3rd down/pass blocking back when the Broncos are down and going to throw the ball at the end of games guy. Royce is going to see most of the action on 1st/2nd down, goal line and grinding out games when they are ahead. And that's just the start of the year. If Royce's pass blocking chops improve, Booker could become exclusively a COP guy.
  16. Corey Davis has 3 targets in pre-season action...We could go down the list of guys who haven't seen much action who are going to get the ball in the regular season. Pre-season isn't gospel to how the regular season plays out - just ask the Browns.
  17. I didn't like where any of the early round TE's were going in my 14 team league so I waited and swung for the fences on this kid. Rolling him out week 1. You know he is going to be on the field a lot and their is no clear cut guy in this passing attack. I could see him being a major RZ factor.
  18. Or would benefit Freeman if they have the lead. The Broncos D looks pretty good and that unit alone should keep games close and allow them to run the ball.
  19. Joseph supported his comments with an example, saying that Freeman would likely line up behind quarterback Case Keenum if a power run play is called, whereas Booker might rank as the preferred option if the Broncos opt for a quick pass. Nothing like telegraphing your play call to the defense...So dumb. #FreeFreeman
  20. Fournette is just as talented as any of the big 4 - more talented than Gurley IMO. What seperates Gurley slightly is the Mcvay factor. Fournette for me, isn't that far behind that big 4. Ticks all the boxes.
  21. Don't see a thread for him yet - looks to be locked in as Brady's #2 WR. Caught 4 balls from him in pre-season action and avoided the exodus of Patriot receivers so far. Talent is there...could he finally have a breakthrough?
  22. If you are expecting him to put up massive rushing totals, you are going to be disappointed because I don't think the O-line is going to allow it (although it will be better). If you are expecting 900-1100 rushing yards, 40-50 receptions, 300-500 receiving yards and 6-8 total TD's I think you will be ok. I actually think he has a high floor because of his opportunity. His talent makes him that much more tantalising. The only thing in his road to RB1 status is the O-line.
  23. I think you need to read up on Guillian Barre Syndrome...