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  1. I think BB also just loves poaching Bills talent. For those really worried about Burkhead, Gill was signed away after Burkhead for $3 million more. Why spend that if MG is inferior or equivalent to Burkhead?
  2. Mariotas shot at being a bargain most likely just vanished.
  3. Lol I did the opposite, I figured if I was wrong somebody would make me eat my words. Lee's YPR 13.5 Robinsons YPR 12.09 No idea on route trees by both
  4. Lee managed over 60% with Bortles last year, so I don't think ARob is without blame.
  5. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Bortles has two career wins on the road. He might be better at losing than a team intentionally losing.
  6. I think AB will still be top 5 if Ben misses significant time. The narrative he can't function without Ben is mostly due to how bad he was with Vick. Last year in his game with Landry, AB had 7 receptions for 106 yards. Small sample size, but those aren't garbage time stats and it was against the best team in the NFL.
  7. Now that Landry has gotten more experience, AB doesn't tank too badly. But if there ever was a full year of completely healthy Ben, ABs stats would be ridiculous.
  8. The second the bills declined his fifth year, I knew Sammy was in for a massive year. I think he will play more through the tweaks and little things. Also, Rex definitely rushed him back last year as he was more concerned with his future than the teams at that point.
  9. Is Roman as a TE coach going to have that much influence over the gameplan? I saw that hiring as more of a family friend/nepotism hire than actually affecting the teams gameplan.
  10. I think being a great regular season team is on Reid far more than Smith. Mahomes was drafted because the Chiefs are looking beyond this year and their cap dilemmas, they need a cheaper younger option at QB when they can move on from Smith. Mahomes is going to play preseason and maybe a week 17, he won't be a factor this year. This isn't a Bradford/Wentz situation, Chiefs made him aware of their decision during the draft and he hasn't thrown a tantrum.
  11. The jets have been downgraded to 5 wins by William Hill. I'd put my futures bet in soon, they'll probably drop even more.
  12. Alex Smith has had 3 out of 4 11 win seasons with the Chiefs, what is up with all this talk of him being benched? Just fantasy hatred towards the guy? I doubt we see Mahomes on the field this year, the Chiefs are a great regular season team and I don't see that changing.
  13. I have a guy I play with who drafts multiple top QB's for just that reason. He has mixed success with it, you're at the mercy of how well your league trades. He also usually can't start moving them until later in the league, when people start to get desperate about their chances for playoffs. So you have to have a decent enough team to survive until then.
  14. He might drop in ADP for return yard leagues, he will on my board.