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  1. He outscored Brown by 36 points, so I think it is pretty justified. In the format, even after CP crashed to earth his sophomore year he still had nearly 1400 total yards (compared to the 1800 his rookie campaign) so Hill's floor should be relatively safe. I think he is easily a first round pick in that format, even with regression he still had nearly a 100 point cushion between the line for WR2's las year. End of year rankings Marqise Lee was #8, Lockette was #11 and CP84 was still a top 24 WR. It really skews rankings. Last year you could have had a WR1 weekly just streaming whatever kick returner was playing the Texans. I am unsure how I like the format, but my main league has always had it so I've played it for awhile. (10 yards/1 pt, std)
  2. His floor was pretty amazing in return yard leagues last year, but I think he will be a late first round pick unless Reid waffles on whether he will remain the return man.
  3. Interested the_croaker@hotmail.com
  4. A good friend of mine suffers from CTE and it is definitely a life wrecker. The worst part is how quality of life is so hampered, if it merely shortened your life I think a lot of athletes would be more okay with the balance of the scales. What sucks is that it can affect these kids before they have the life experience to truly understand the consequences.
  5. If not for Dak, they would have drafted a different QB who would have beaten out Sanchez.
  6. That's not a fair comparison as Alfie is a better running back than Sanchez is a QB. It'd be more like Siemian with Zeke.
  7. I'll admit my most vivid game of Glennon is against the Steelers. I recall him doing well enough to support a WR1 though and a 19:9 td/int is above an Osweiler level, especially for a team that wants a game manager. I really want to think he could be Alex Smith with an arm and no legs. Tyrod has to land a starting gig next year I would think. He flashed too much to sign as a backup. Geno Smith is probably the highest caliber backup that will be signed.
  8. My bad, I meant Denver but being in the Dallas thread threw me off. I don't think Glennon is going to take a backup job unless nothing else is available. They (Dallas) do need to desperately upgrade on Sanchez as a backup however.
  9. Glennon didn't look too bad in his starting role on a fairly awful Bucs team. I think he could take a team like Houston or Dallas fairly far as a game manager with a big arm
  10. Well yeah, lodging tax is often earmarked. But this is only funded by a 1.38% raise on one of the most volatile industries in a volatile city. If the hospitality industry tanks like it did in 2007, lodging tax won't be able to cover what's required.
  11. As someone who also isn't for building billionaires stadiums, it'll be interesting to see how the Las Vegas stadium funding works. It's a tax on hotel stays, so supposedly residents won't feel it.
  12. The Patriots that let the offense - less Texans hang in for most of the game, are a sure thing?
  13. Well it should be easier to sell out the 30,000 seat stadium they are going to be playing in next year
  14. On the opening drive. Lol
  15. How does this mean he doesn't care about football though? You can be a dick to everyone in life and still care about getting paid and doing well at your job.