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  1. College S&C isn't really all that amazing. But his father was in the NFL, so I would be shocked if McCaffrey hasn't had the best training possible for the sport since he was was kid. But then again this board was convinced off seas P90x was going to make Lacey a shredded beast
  2. I had Vance pegged as the kind of guy who didn't want the most competent QB that makes the best decisions as his starter, thanks.
  3. Why would the Panthers invest draft capital into two hybrid backs, if they aren't planning on throwing to RBs more than they have historically?
  4. If Cam wasn't getting positive info from his doctors, I assume (or hope) the Panthers would have brought in a QB who could run a Cam style offense better than Derek Anderson.
  5. I personally love streaming QB's. It's one of the things that makes FF fun IMO. Also, Hoyer always gives underrated fantasy relevance (when healthy). He is my perennial third drafted QB in 2QB, but he starts weekly until injured.
  6. I expect Tyrod to finish as a QB1. Beyond the obvious Palmer, Big Ben and Dak are also ranked too high IMO.
  7. Maybe Marrone can coax Orton out of retirement again. I did like what Marrone did in Buffalo, but it's going to be rough sledding unless Bortles becomes competent
  8. I just expect similar numbers as he put up with a bad team and garbage QBs last year. Which is a pretty awesome value.
  9. I think he is a good fit in Tyrods skillset as well. If Sammy stay healthy, I see a him getting more than a couple long TDs off broken plays next year.
  10. With how much this TE class was talked up, they aren't expected to exceed historical rookie stats? Like the 2014 wr draft class.
  11. I admit it's hard to get over how bad he looked in hard knocks and watching him in season could just be confirmation bias. It just seems weird to me that they wouldn't bring in a vet QB or anyone that cou push/mentor him
  12. Kesler had those same knocks and managed to have have much better rookie season. He was chosen first because he was supposed to be be the most NFL ready pick. The whole premise behind his appeal was immediate usage, not a prospect.
  13. Case outperformed him with the same weapons last year, I'm just not a believer in Goff at this point. I think Woods might be a good value draft though this year, put up similar numbers to what Britt did last year.
  14. I can't imagine Goff improving that much after that horrendous showing. And their QB depth chart is bad enough they could just move on with the first pick next year.
  15. I would expect a positive uptick for the offense just because it is virtually impossible to have another game with 6 passing yards.