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  1. AAF Football ... CBS 8:00pm EST

    Stacy is too old to get another shot. Overall, pretty decent product so far. I'll probably go to the championship game just for kicks.
  2. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    I just started digging a little deeper into the analytics and was surprised that Foster had higher quality/catchable throws than Jones. My assumption was that Jones had the easier/high percentage routes. I also wouldn't have assumed that those intermediate routes ranked so low in Allens accuracy.
  3. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    And that could be the case. Zay still had a higher target share over the last five weeks and did less. So I believe there is still the argument that shows Zay doesn't have the potential to be really good because he had more opportunity than Foster.
  4. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    Yeah but he has been outshone by Foster, if the issue was just the QB and quality of throws JAGs shouldn't be outperforming him consistently.
  5. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    Really? He has made some really really bad drops, I don't see that changing.
  6. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Yeah but then they expose themselves to getting Winstoned.
  7. AAF Football ... CBS 8:00pm EST

    Asiata still vulturing TDs lol.
  8. Cooper Kupp 2019 Outlook

    Do you write Roto blurbs?
  9. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    If he can continue the rushing numbers he is a no brainer late QB. Too bad he is saddled with McDermott.
  10. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Did Brady kiss Kraft on the lips?
  11. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Brady hugging CJA like he is going to kill Michels value next year.
  12. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Lol, keep moving those posts. Great season.
  13. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Okay, how does that effect the majority of games this season?
  14. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    17 weeks of football? This was a great season, what is your barometer? We had both games go to OT in the AFC/NFC championships, big games typically lived up to the hype and great wildcard games.
  15. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Punters aren't even a votable candidate for MVP. Ridiculous.