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  1. Devontae Booker 2017 Season Outlook

    After an in season change isn't there usually a positive fantasy correlation for the players? At least at the next game.
  2. Larry Fitzgerald 2017 Outlook

    Gabbert made Kerley fantasy relevant in the slot, I think he can do just fine suppprting Fitz who can catch everything. I'd be more worried if Stanton gets the nod.
  3. Larry Fitzgerald 2017 Outlook

    Even in PPR? I could see something serviceable like 8/60 next week.
  4. Jared Goff 2017 Season Outlook

    He is the streamers dream. Does amazing when he is supposed to, struggles when he should.
  5. NFL Ratings 2017 Outlook

    IMO they've really hamstrung themselves not allowing Sunday Ticket to have more providers. Because you can't figure out what the best game of the week is going to be easily, this week everyone would have guessed Rams Vikings and missed out on the Saints Redskins . Being able to switch to the best possible game rather than the best available game is a big difference for me.
  6. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    That isn't how lines work though, lines are designed to mitigate the books potential for loss. The line doesn't actually reflect how the original odds maker views the contest. Just look at how the line ended on McGregor/Mayweather. It reflects betting trends.
  7. 11/19/17 - Chargers vs. Bills

    5 x 2 Points for INT's 1 TD And whatever your PA is. I think 20 is pretty standard right now.
  8. 11/19/17 - Chargers vs. Bills

    Can McDermott be benched for this? Lynn has to be absolutely thrilled.
  9. Larry Fitzgerald 2017 Outlook

    I was literally just typing up a bitching rant about this lol. Even in standard he is better than a WR3
  10. 11/19/17 - Chargers vs. Bills

    You're about two head coaches behind lol
  11. 11/19/17 - Chargers vs. Bills

    That's rough. I hope it isn't a -2 league
  12. 11/19/2017 Cardinals @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Healthier than Foreman.. That looks brutal. Sucks because he was looking real nice.
  13. Keenum owes his starting position to Thielen. God damn.
  14. Charles Clay 2017 Season Outlook

    While that's true, Tyrod already leaned on him and had rapport. I can't see how this isn't a downgrade overall for Clay.