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  1. Uh, it kind of is. If you are a high level free agent, having to face the Pats to make the SB is a definite consideration.
  2. Don't worry, after these two performances the blurb is confident he will remain an RB2.
  3. Redskins vs Phins during his bye, just gotta guess if its Keenum or Haskins. Pats are a concern but he gets the phins twice. I am not overly concerned about the Titans (or Broncos).
  4. Its been awhile but I thought Bridgewater had better legs? Brady could have gotten positive yards on that run
  5. Which means Damien Harris will go 200 yards 4 TDs and then be cut by week 9. Because BB.
  6. Did nobody own him last year? He only averages 4 targets a game, he is just incredibly efficient with those targets. Yesterdays game looked exactly like the last two seasons.
  7. Really tempted. Fitz is always good for 1-2 wtf blowout wins every year.
  8. This looks different than Luck 2018, and Newton's line is nowhere near as good as Luck's was.