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  1. I do have Darwin Thompson on my bench but haven’t really considered playing him.
  2. Yes it’s come to this, flex my second round pick or the guy I grabbed on waivers last week. They are playing against each other, in Buffalo. My other flex options are TJ Hockenson vs Philly or Courtland Sutton vs Green Bay. Thoughts?
  3. I’m willing to bet Yeldon gets more PPR points than Gore this week. He’s great catching the ball out of the backfield and Bills have been pass heavy so far.
  4. is that Tevin Coleman on your bench? couldn't you put him on IR slot? I would consider dropping him. I don't think I want any part of the SF backfield once Coleman is back.
  5. I already have George Kittle so don't necessarily need Andrews although there are two flex spots and I've been using him there. 10 teamer, 0.5PPR Team: QB - Allen RB - Le'veon, Connor WR - Evans, Ridley TE - Kittle FLEX (2 spots) - R Woods, Andrews Bench - David Montgomery, Tyrell Williams, Miles Sanders, Jaylen Samuels, Matt Ryan Thoughts?
  6. Was he that bad? Didn’t seem like he had much time or space, he did get sacked nine times so it can’t all be on him.
  7. This guy killed it in garbage time, 3 catches and 47 yards on the final drive when the game was clearly over. Hard to imagine him being that effective when the game is close though, seems like they want to just hand the ball to Henry a ton.
  8. So Mack didn't practice again today, I think any JAG could run with efficiency behind the Colts O-line so I wouldn’t wait to grab him for this weekend if you have space.
  9. I'm in a league where you get 8 points for 50+ yarders so who are the kickers with the biggest legs out there? I have Robbie Gould but Joey Slye is out there, would he be a better option in this format? I don't know anything about the guy. I do know that Gould had a 57 yarder and he just made it to the uprights but didn't get it over, doesn't seem to have great distance on his kicks. Thoughts?
  10. I waited until the end and got Robbie Gould but you’ll see guys draft kickers before they take bench players.
  11. I’m in a league where a 50+ yarder is worth 8 points. So yeah in that league kickers are mega important.
  12. Seems like the Bills are deadest on throwing the ball and there have been plenty of designed runs for Allen too, which is surprising. Bills schedule is also very friendly except for the two games vs New England - Allen really struggled against them last year.
  13. Seems like he is only a hold in very deep leagues. Would be nice if he showed something on the field too.. like Nick Chubb last year was third in the pecking order at the start of the year but he was breaking off some huge plays when he saw the field.
  14. With all the injuries at QB this guy could be useful in 2QB leagues if he eventually gets the job. How much leash does Case Keenum have? He's been playing pretty solid for them so far. Any reason to think Haskins can take over this year?
  15. Dallas is picked in 70% of Yahoo pools this week. I don’t see why you’d pick any other team this week. Bills look like like a good pick but why use them now when they play Miami twice?