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  1. Interesting take, I came here to say Eduardo Escobar finishes higher than Correa in the rankings this year!
  2. Eduardo Escobar - very unsexy pick but you can get him super late and he’s going to destroy his ADP, solid starter with 3B and SS eligibility.
  3. Some guys that were rookies or had a short stint the year before: Bryant - went around 90ish and delivered Acuna - I got him well after 140 last year and boy did he deliver Albies - ADP around 140 and paid off last year Mookie Betts - went around 90-100 after his 50 game stint Corey Seagar - had a 27 game stint and looked great, I believe he was going around the fifth round the next year? Someone’s correct if I’m wrong here Andrew Benintendi- played 34 games and was going 120 next year in 2012, I s--- you not, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper were both undrafted in my league, definitely wasn’t a super competitive league but their ADP couldn’t have been very high... also at this time rookies weren’t really coming into the league and tearing it up like they are now Some guys that come to mind with very little experience that had high ADPs and were busts: Desmond Jennings - played 63 games in 2011, had an ADP in the 7th round next year and was a total flop Wil Myers - played 80ish games and went sixth round next year and was a bust in year 2 Rafael Devers - played 58 games in the 2017 and was going around 80 last year and he was a bust Dansby Swanson - after his first stint he was going around 140, did nothing the next year These guys are all pretty flawed though, now that I think of it, Robles seems pretty refined so he should be one of the guys who ends up raking and we should profit.
  4. 50 steals easy? Need to pump the brakes a bit, who knows how his speed will translate to the majors, 30 is a better projection.
  5. I gotta say I’m a bit disappointed in his high ADP around 100, was hoping he’d be available later on. For instance, Ozzie Albies was going around 150 last year and they have fairly similar minor league profiles and both didn’t well in their MLB auditions, I guess people are starting to figure out these rookies can produce. I’m just not going to reach on him though, I feel like there are some safer options in his range.
  6. I noticed the terrible plate discipline and am worried his stats could implode Outside swing 38.6% Outside contact 52.5% Swinging strike 15.8% The outside contact is especially low considering how often he chases outside, he does crush the ball when he makes contact so that must be keeping the average up. I don't know what to make of this guy, he definitely doesn't seem like a sure thing at all but I guess that is baked into his ADP around 90.
  7. Off season shoulder surgery could be scaring people off, that’s my only issue with him.
  8. His ADP would have to be very low for me to consider this guy. He will be in a bad lineup, humidor, doesn’t steal, injury concerns, average defense, and he cannot hit lefties - his highest OPS against lefties in a season was .625, that is laughable. Commence platooning strategy debate.
  9. Back injuries scare the heck out of me, this is not something he should be dealing with at his age and it could easily be injured again this year. I don’t like the discount enough this year, he’s a bit injury prone and I think he’s overrrated for fantasy. Can’t see him stealing much so that kills his value too.
  10. 56 eligible starters? That seems low, what is the eligibility?
  11. Is there any data out there on speed of baserunenrs? All I can find are statcast articles from 2017 that show top speeds around the base path. I think it would be very useful in determining base stealing potential.
  12. I love Buehler and he looks legit as hell but that price is way too risky for me. Seems like he could be an injury risk if they push him too much.
  13. I paid for Posey and Contreras last year and am waiting til the end this year. Not worth taking one until late.
  14. I’m sure anyone who owned him is going to be extremely bitter about last season so that creates a buying opportunity for the rest of us. He certainly didn’t look great at the plate but the power/counting stats will be there if he healthy. I also feel like that time he didn’t hustle to first base to beat out a grounder left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.
  15. I want zero DJ if Sarkisian is involved, Atlanta rushed the ball like 10 times a game and almost never threw to the RBs, was so frustrating.