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  1. Still debating this. He's been good of late....
  2. ^This My only complaint is giving 16M to KCP but everything else Pelinka has done has been masterful considering the circumstances.
  3. He'll be lucky to be back before the ASB. FML
  4. We keep 6 players(3 batters, 3 pitchers). I'll send you more details.
  5. Looking for 2 managers to take over 2 teams in our league. The league is free but you need to be active. If you're interested please reply with your email and I will send you all the details + the roster you'll be taking over. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away. Thanks!
  6. He's not pitching until Monday. Rich Hill is going tomorrow.
  7. He looked good outside of that 4th inning. I don't know why people are bagging on his performance.
  8. Dropped for the 2nd time. That's it. Dude is absolute garbage.
  9. Yeah he had a nice streak there a couple weeks ago and now back to mediocrity.
  10. You guys can thank me if he starts to go on a tear. Drafted him and held on to him for almost 3 months and finally had enough and dropped him last night.