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  1. you know he hasn't .... but I understand why people benched Rendon you I am not so sure ... telling us we should have started him because of Seattle pitching. This guy Bergaman had a 2.25 ERA before this outing ... yes it was only 16 innings his last start he went 7 shutout innings against Oakland in no particular order Washington last 11games Colon, Dickey, Glasnow, Cole, Kuhl, Velasquez, Hellickson Pineetta, Miley, Jimenez & Gausman nothing spectacular except for Cole & Miley ....
  2. because in his last 15 games he was 7-36 .194 avg 6 R's 0 HR's 0 RBI's & 2 SB's in two leagues I was looking at the waiver wire for another 3B and there is noone I thought that could get the job done ... I been riding with Rendon and the dude is a black hole on the team
  3. no hate zone as long as my players perform I don't care what they look like ....
  4. Me personally do not think this is a case of collusion. To me the manager is clueless. plain n simple. Everybody has different ideas who is a good/bad leaguemate. If you think he is alousy owner you should have already found somebody new. He missed the draft so I would have put him on the watchlist of owners who I need to keep eye on.... reading what happen so far with his trades you should have stepped up a while ago.
  5. oh you play standard yahoo .... you have no MI/CI and "only" 3 OF slots on espn his eligibility is "only" OF .... espn standard - 5 OF
  6. it is nonsense thinking we have pro-Betances posters Delin Betances is a stud..... for anybody who plays this game we love
  7. from espn--- The prevailing thought is that Keuchel will miss just this one turn but if the neck injury lingers, Peacock could be on tap for a start Saturday at home against Baltimore. pitchers list -- Brad Peacock – 4.1 IP, 0 ER, 1 Hits, 2 BBs, 8 Ks. Hot diggity damn, you too Peacock? Welp, Keuchel is going to return this week so don’t think much of this.
  8. on your bench with only 18 out of 30 teams played? I left him in my starting lineups because the Cubs were playing
  9. If I only had a brain they only pointed out Delin had a rough September.
  10. we were duped into believing .....
  11. I thought that tweet (post) was the best post we have seen a in-a-while. To me that tweet gave everything us Bedrosian's owners were looking for .... we all know this situation has lingered on for a long time. We even found out Cammy Bedrock likes 5-guys ... for the fries or the burgers? come on get real ... that tweet was the most inspiring news we have heard in a while. you do know nobody here can give you a definite answer?
  12. gee whiz did you read the post just before your post?
  13. could you please not put any of these type of pics up .... Motter/Hanigan curse
  14. So far Masahiro season has had some ups and downs .... first game and his last two he was rocked in between he strung together six decent starts. but gee he sure looked like that true ace against Sale on April 27th. if Masahiro is not happy with what his doctors are telling him maybe he can give @rich22 a call ... he sure knows what is up my fingers are crossed and I hope Masahiro can figure this out because the Yankees need him to be that true ace.