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  1. any player I draft
  2. Pick #122 Round 11 AJ Ramos Miami @jfazz23
  3. Pick #119 Round 10 Craig Kimbrel RP Boston
  4. and then a standard yahoo league has only 3 OF positions and 2 Utility .... yahoo is for kids who just started playing fantasy baseball
  5. yahoo is the minor leagues of fantasy platforms ...... that doesn't surprise me one bit
  6. Pick #98 Round 9 Miguel Sano 3B/OF Twins slot him in my CI slot
  7. Pick # 95 Round 8 Andrew Benintendi Red Sox @midlip
  8. why are you picking
  9. closer look @taobball has Cutch hitting 13 more HR's and 20 more RBI's but 13 less SB's
  10. good stuff @taobball ... the big thing I fall victim what round should I draft a pitcher whether it is a SP or RP. If you pick a hitter but you really need a pitcher because I have them ranked higher, than you’re probably not doing the right thing. The key to a good draft when ..... balance team wins especially a rotisserie league. In H2H leagues I am crazy over hitting the more power the better.
  11. he did rank Segura 14 spots higher
  12. Pick # 74 Round 7 Matt Carpenter 1B/2B/3B Cardinals @jfazz23
  13. not when you are playing in a rotisserie league ..... waiver wire SP's will blow up your era & whip I thought you had a blog on the pitchers list site ....
  14. you could never compete either
  15. Pick #71 Round 6 Anthony Rendon 3B Washington @midlip