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  2. you got a biggie for Rosie you jst can't see that Oh is the closer ...
  3. in spring I thought the Angels were going to place him in the about similarities to Dellin Betances. a plus heater with a big I drafted him in a dynasty league because of that SP/RP tag..... he bombed in spring sent down to triple A pitched as a starter then had a spot start he has started most of his career
  4. the whole Angels pen looks ugly
  5. I got caught up in all that hype and boy did this thread have IT
  6. I sure hope @fawkes_mulder is right and @summersoff7 is wrong..... because I bought shares of Verlander
  7. Has he caught any games yet?
  8. no talk about Manny Machado slide into second .... what is your thoughts?
  9. Concluding thoughts What we learned today is that saves are not predictable and should not be chased in fantasy leagues. The best bets at closer are those pitchers who have a firm hold on the job and who have skills to back it up.
  10. I've received a solid offer for him so thinking about dealing. my bad I missed about a solid offer ---- I agree with @El Guapo also it depends on your team needs and where you stand with your other closers.
  11. I just don't believe that money is involved in any decision who is the closer.... at this time the closer job belongs to Feliz
  12. the correct answer is nobody knows
  13. just wondering -- have you heard any news about Britton?
  14. Houston is 11-5 do you think AJ Hinch cares about us fantasy owners? you being a Giles owner you should be more worried about him doing his job instead of another pitcher stealing saves I give it a 50/50 chance Joe Jimmy to the rescue
  15. your commish is an idiot since you have a Middle Infielder as a position on your roster and Frazier has his 5 games under the eligibility rules he should be awarded MI .... on ESPN if & when Adam Frazier gets 10 total starts at 2B or SS he will gain MI status....