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  1. you forgot Thames following year 300 PA .232/.273/.399--.672 OPS 29% K rate
  2. that is a H2H league 12 game starts for starting pitchers per-week .... which can be circumvented start 11 and then on Sunday load up on starters and every start counts unless it is a HARD 12 game start
  3. cuteness counts
  4. my list is better than yours
  5. It looks like @Slatykamora league uses only 3 OF spots and my money is on that 90% of yahoo leagues have/use "only" 3 OF spots. So in your yahoo leagues you play in @The Big Bat Theory have 5 OF spots? that is right yahoo uses 2 Util slots ... lol and Schwarber has catcher eligibility ....
  6. I thought so.... find it hard to believe a Yankee fan thinks this injury doesn't hurt the team when you lose the starting SS it puts the team in a big hole
  7. if you are a Yankee fan losing Didi hurts ... I am not thinking fantasy
  8. big blow
  9. you should try ESPN leagues when you need 5 .... and then add in MI & CI that in a nutshell shows the difference from yahoo & ESPN
  10. in your settings if you have a Catcher as a starter then you must draft a one when you are using the ESPN draft applet. Just say we come down to the last pick of the draft only the catchers will be shown so you will have to draft a C. only way I see if you put zero on all positions except Utility ---
  11. is Brantley worth $3 now ?
  12. if that is Chris Davis (O's) he went pick #50 what round should I be looking at Jensen/Chapman/Britten types?
  13. hey @taobball how much would your rankings change with these categories ? 16 team rotisserie roster is c-1B-2B-3B-SS-OF-OF-OF-UT-UT & 3SP-2RP-4P R-HR-RBI-SB-OBP-OPS QS-SO-S-HD-ERA-WHIP in a slow draft on couch managers ... this is a reddit league. a multi-tier league called Sultans of Swat. this is the highest level .. been in this league for three years. I was promoted to the top this year. I am a H2H guy so I am wondering what you think of my first four picks .... and if you have any hidden gems or strategies you would employ (look for) to balance my team. Altuve-Braun-Verlander-Myers
  14. do not like this talk about sitting Cron I just drafted in the 19th round (14 teams) in a slow-draft as my CI .... if those numbers are any indication Scoscia should not sit Cron
  15. did you read any of the post I quoted? My post was directed toward the six guys he named that was worth between 8-10 dollars. If those six are worth that much today then I think Brantley is worth a dollar. Brantley has upside but those numbers you are wrote is laughable. In his eight year career Brantley hit those numbers once, and you expect that....