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  1. NFL Conference Championships & Super Bowl--- Picks

    Patriots romp over the Jags
  2. NFL Conference Championships & Super Bowl--- Picks

    I am very surprised the Vikings are the favorite (3) ... The Eagles win this game easy.
  3. Colin Moran 2018 Outlook

    Who is Brock Lesnat?
  4. 20 Second Pitch Clock

    6 inning games 132+ games schedule
  5. Tom Brady 2017 Season outlook

    When the Patriots win this Sunday make sure you have your crybaby tissues stocked up ...
  6. 2018 - League Settings - General Discussion

    I think that rule is ridiculous. Usually rotisserie (leagues I play in) has game start limits for starting pitchers and the last month on the season guys who are under start limit start will stream starters to gain precious points. You are basically telling owners your season is over after on September 1st you can go home now.
  7. 2017 Starters you did not FEAR in H2H

    Dislike? He is my favorite poster. Derrick Henry in 2017 was my worse draft pick.
  8. 2017 Starters you did not FEAR in H2H

    Derrick Henry Derrick Henry Derrick Henry
  9. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    What is your point?
  10. Tom Brady 2017 Season outlook

    he scored 337.3 points (3rd highest) in a 1/2 ppr only behind Wilson & Gurley threw for the highest yards in 2017--- 4577 32 TD's 8 INT's more like you're just F jealous of his success
  11. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    some of you guys should seek help immediately ... especially the guys who are still carrying around this hard on with DHC pop IT the season is over ... you will never get DHC to admit a damn thing except how great DHenry is
  12. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Enough is enough .... season is over
  13. Colin Moran 2018 Outlook

    I don’t remember ... Three magazines were on the rack. It was not Lindys or Street & Smith’s ..
  14. Colin Moran 2018 Outlook

    I was at Barnes & Noble today having a coffee grabbed a fantasy baseball magazine. one article I read — Finding the next Rhys Hoskins.. The first name this author mention —— Colin Moran maybe just maybe
  15. NFL Conference Championships & Super Bowl--- Picks

    you absolutely right on your 1-7. I screwed up all the guys who went 2 home with Falcons & Saints . I probably made another mistake somewhere else.