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  1. you need some crybaby hankies .. it was over 10 years ago ... Kevin made the league begged me to join I did and so did a bunch of random people .. I caught it a week or two late by that time the league was over.
  2. he had four bad games in a row .... the "rage" drop works all the time so far Jose is spot on 5 IP 0 ER
  3. very important start for Berrios owners he has been particularly bad lately 14 ER 19 IP in his last 4 starts benched again if he throws another stinker he is gone to the FA world
  4. I know that ... Little League World Series hero he was a big Derek Jeter fan oh yea New Jersey is not part of the New England states ... my bad again
  5. shorten the game ... starters go 5 the bullpen takes over the Yankees win the World Series dream big or go home
  6. maybe the change of scenery could might help the Todd-father .... stay tuned
  7. I see nothing wrong with that feature ...that feature is awesome the commissioner (league manager) can select his owners he wants in his league, instead of random people just joining. A rather play in a league manager league than any public league. but you are right people are so pathetic and will cheat .... I have read so many threads (old espn boards to reddit) about people cheating using that feature to win. A little story about ten years ago my youngest son started playing fantasy football (he was just around 12 years old) he was a league manager who invited owners into his league ... I caught him cheating (more like he told me he moved a player who was on his bench to his starting lineup) I told him that was not allowed and he said that feature allows him to move players so it is alright. I mention something about ethics and would he like his opponent to do what he did. He agreed but a couple of weeks later I seen he made another move .... to win that week. lol. I laughed it off - let him have his day .. I chalked it up as him being immature....
  8. I love this the red star feature these last few pages were comical ...the Red Sox fan turning himself into jello was hilarious. the fact -- Red Sox fans want a new third baseman and they were hoping it was Todd Frazier. A homegrown New Englander coming home could have had that warmy fussy feeling belting homers into the Monster .... now it looks the focus is on Eduardo Nunez . here is and article
  9. I hope this is not happening <<<<<<<<<< from a New York Yankee fan The Yankees don't have a starting staff to make any World Series push
  10. you know why that is not going to happen. in case you don't here is the answer the Astros want Fisher to play everyday and in Houston that ain't happening
  11. a I also said he was not a platoon player
  12. I had to pick up Asdrubal Cabrera
  13. you beat me to IT .... posting he was in the lineup against a lefthander for the second straight game please do
  14. no danger what so ever at the moment ... I have no idea why you even think there is correct at this time Box is not a closer.... and if a team makes a trade for Box I just don't see him stepping into any closer's role
  15. what package (players) you believe would get Yonder in New York? won't Oakland want something good for an all-star?