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  1. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    Maybe Zane Grey is a genius
  2. on One team has me hunting for a starting pitcher or two. 12 team What pitcher should I add? Cc matz Santana Harvey Estrada etc... what under the radar pitcher should should I go for?
  3. One thing that is great with this game we love .... we can decide what rules to play with. You like FAAB others don’t. I don’t believe in even. I been playing this game for 15+ years with daily waivers is how I believe this game should be played. I am the person who has lost on a player numerous times. I don’t even have a smart phone I own a flip top phone.
  4. I love leagues when you log on in the morning ... you are able to insert said player in your lineup on that given day, this waiver & FAAB crap is crap. It takes the fun out of this game we love. I see a hitter who is very successful (BVP) against CC Sabathia I should be able to add him before any games start to my starting lineup if I choose too... also I see a great pitching matchup I believe that pitcher can be successful that bingo he is on my team ... a player ONLY goes to waivers when a team drops him.. those yahoo pro leagues are crap HUH? Smart phones tablets laptops ... technology baby WiFi is a wonderful thingeee ... you can be sitting on the ****ter and click ..
  5. Jeff Samardzija 2018 Outlook

    News like this is why I hate those slow couch manager drafts or just about any league who has a draft early .....(Justin Turner owners how do you feel?)
  6. Yu Darvish 2018 Outlook

    14 teams Yu Nola Pomeranz
  7. I used my desktop on Friday night and it worked .... Saturday I did a mock on the iPad using the app things ran smoothly
  8. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    correct League size .... regular 12 team league on ESPN we start 22 and then add in bench bats ... you are drafting into the 300's
  9. I hate the new layout .... to me it looks like the yahooooos draft room.
  10. Commissioners'Corner 2018

    Yea for the first 12 weeks it was a soft 12 game start .... then week 13, I went over he threw a fit. He made a change to hard 12 and if a team went over he manually made changes. I expressed no changes in mid season unless every league member agreed ... he told me it was his league and he could do whatever he wanted.
  11. Commissioners'Corner 2018

    What do you think about a LM changing a rule in mid season without getting any input from other leaguemates? He was unhappy that he lost one week (week13) to my team so he took upon himself to change a rule that was abused during the season numerous times.
  12. Commissioners'Corner 2018

    If I was the LM and it doesn’t matter if it was friends or complete strangers —- I would shoot him an email/call or text and ask him if he Is knows he didn’t select any keepers
  13. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    The Rangers optioned Willie to triple A two days ago. Willie time ain’t happening
  14. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    So if this is service time related ... does anybody have an idea on a date he might be called up so the Rangers can keep him under contract?
  15. You can also find them on reddit... r/fantasy baseball