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  1. Yeah no brainer. Do either one 1000%
  2. No veto. Just kick the kid out of the league next year
  3. If it’s me I’d prefer Mixon/woods. I think the KC offense and Tyreek are due a regression, and while i don’t trust thencincy offense either mixon will get all the touches he can handle. Woods is super consistent albeit not a super flashy start
  4. I think Allison shows as your wr3 over alshon. Not a believer in him at all, but otherwise I like it. You could package alshon with one of your bench RBs and probably find a low end wr2 to shore that up.
  5. Due to lineup constraints I have two starting options. who do you like more week 1? dede v KC and Gallup v NYG or Carson v Cincy and Hockenson v Az
  6. I don’t usually jump on sleepers or buy into overly hyped guys but for some reason I feel really good about this guy. I’m all in
  7. Juju, Evans, Carson, and guice I have in multiple leagues. Usually try not to have too much overlap though. Don’t want one injury to derail multiple teams.
  8. I love going wr wr, not sure in a keeper league how values change though, this is my first year in one. I went wr/wr/wr in my snake draft and I didn’t hate my team but my rbs are questionable(Evans fell to me in the 3rd. Had to take him) I’m a believer in best available, and I’ll figure my team out afterwards, you risk being weak somewhere but that’s what waivers/trades are for.
  9. I’m the same with the vikings. Can’t have them on my fantasy team, too invested at that point
  10. It’s not a terrible trade, but at the end of the day you’re giving up freeman and cooks for Chubb...Sutton and ballage will never crack your starting roster barring massive injuries at multiple positions. It’s a pretty massive upgrade to your rb2(on paper) but how long does that last? We have no idea what happens with the Browns backfield once Hunt is back. I probably wouldn’t do it and bank on freeman bouncing back from his injury and giving you solid rb 2 numbers while keeping your wr core together.
  11. Yeah man, I like it, rbs are solid, especially with the news that guice is going to be heavily involved. I like crowder/moncrief/mjones but those are all really just depth. If Samuel/Gordon don’t pan out you look a little top heavy at wr so it might not hurt to get a Marvin Jones who is a little more proven. Definitely solid in a 12 teamer though.
  12. 12 team .5 ppr - 2wr 2rb 2 flex QB: M Ryan/Trubiskey RB: Sony, Guice, M Sanders, Ballage, ogbunwale, Justice Hill WR: Julio, JuJu, Evans, M jones jr TE: Hunter Henry, T.J. Hockenson D : stream K: Prater Evans fell to me in the 3rd, was planning on Carson/Montgomery but couldn’t pass on his talent. Feeling pretty good about everything except my dart throws at rb....but I guess that’s what happens when you start wr wr wr.
  13. I don’t do anything with confidence, but he’ll be in my rb2 slot in at least one league.
  14. I don’t understand the need to resign Cooper. Super inconsistent his entire career(even last year) and now starting camp gimpy with a foot problem. If he doesn’t have an incredible year they won’t have to deal with a wr1 signing until Gallup and he hasn’t even broken out yet. Just pay zeke, pay dak, call it a day so I can get this dude into my lineup