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  1. If it was me i would probably stay, I like having pretty much 2 first round picks at the turn. I’d rather have the player you get at 14 than the 22/27 but I can see it both ways. Without looking at much I just feel like the talent drop from 14-22 can be pretty big some years.
  2. Yeah i thought Lindsay and Sony were my best options. Worst case scenario I get my rb 2 and 3 for $11. And can spend on other needs, best case scenario I get 2 rb1. Probably will lie somewhere in the middle. I worry about Cooper. He’s so hit or miss.
  3. We get 2 keepers, who are +$5 to their draft price. $100 budget. i think I’m overthinking it, and I understand my team is....not good. I spent the last week of the season picking up potential keepers. player followed by how much they’ll cost me. 1. Phillip Lindsay, Dante Pettis, trequan smith, Jerick McKinnon, $5 2. Sony Michel - $7 3. Trey burton, Will fuller - $8 4. Amari Cooper - $16 5. Keenan Allen - $26 6. Deandre Hopkins - $35
  4. I was 8th pick in a 12 team draft and got him in the 2nd. Hated my draft at first but have ridden him to a 12- 1 year. Nuk-CMC-Ertz-juju+Conner on waivers week 1. Been a fun year
  5. as someone who is supposed to go against cooks and kareem hunt that would be fine with me.
  6. damn, not a bad call. might as well just handcuff everyone. touche. thanks (wo)man!
  7. i can pick up free agents after wednesday, once they clear waivers they are free, but its obviously pretty picked over by then, especially in week 10. i spent most of my money on conner week 1 then traded him....i'm a dumbass who got scared of the leveon news.
  8. 1 qb 2 RB 2WR 1 Te 2 Flex Starters are - Rivers, CMC, Kerryon, Julio, Nuk, Ertz, Allen, and MVS
  9. Out of it so i'm dropping my bench and picking up potential keepers. Picked all up in free agency - so each player will be $5 of my 100 dollar budget. Can only keep 2. 12 team .5 ppr Phillip Lindsay Sony Michel Will Fuller Delanie Walker Jerrick Mckinnon
  10. yeah i'd be happy with either of them over fitz that's a helluva waiver pick up.... http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734230-make-a-trade-deadline-rb-move-whir/
  11. yeah i'd rather have diggs http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734230-make-a-trade-deadline-rb-move-whir/
  12. not vetoeable unless rule has been specified. but definitely you should make a rule that ifyou're mathematically out of playoffs you should'nt be allowed to make a trade. Or make a week 9/10 trade deadline. or both.that being said I would probably kick the 2-8 team out of the league and be pissed for the next 8 months
  13. my RB situation is sketchy to say the least. QB - Rivers RB - Mccaffrey, Kerryon, Blount, IR - Donta Foreman WR - Julio, Nuk, Keenan Allen, Marquez V-S, Adam Humphries TE - Ertz/Goeddert D - Lions/KC K - Butker Humble brag, 9-1, top points in the league. but traded away my RB depth to stay strong at WR - FAAB money gone - i've got the kerryon handcuff with blount who i think would be fine if he got 15-20 carries a game. but if mccaffrey goes down I am Effed. i've already bungled a few trades (keenan allen i got straight up for James Conner after the first leveon return news) As of now i'm debating just staying where I'm at and hoping i don't get hit with an injury, any advice would be welcome.