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  1. Pierre Garcon 2018 Season Outlook

    Actually, the D is way different. Armstead, Ward and M. Smith are returning from injury, Thomas gets a full off-season to get ready, the secondary is seriously upgraded (especially if Sherman is ready to go), Marsh and Attachou are there opening day and rookie Fred Warner seems pro-ready. Honestly, the biggest unknown defensively is Saleh. He hasn't proven himself as a DC yet.
  2. Cam Newton 2018 Season Outlook

    Cam is always going to be Cam, positive or negative changes to the supporting cast notwithstanding. He is going to have those big games where he mixes in a few rushing scores with a few passing ones. Sprinked in though will be a fair share of stinkers. To quote a phrase, he is who we think he is.
  3. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    Was just scrambling at bit at that point, so I became more conservative than I normally am. Happens sometimes when you make some unforced errors and find yourself replotting course. Next time, I will prepare a whiffle ball (or two) for those folks (who shall go nameless) whose tendencies can be anticipated to some degree!!
  4. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    Your "antagonizing" was all good. I had a hard stop on McKinnon's price at that point, but that's on me. If I had executed better earlier, it might have gone differently. I'll also admit that I did not process properly the fact that this was a 10 team draft. I have only participated in 12 teamers previously (if you can believe it). Needed to recalibrate my instincts to account for the larger end pool. Tough to do when you're just waking up on the new draft season. This hobby never gets old.
  5. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    Yep. I actually picked up (quite late) where you were going with this one, but then you surprised me still by competing for McKinnon like you did (when you were already very top heavy at RB). I had made so many mistakes by that point that it didn't matter, but with something like 60%+ of your budget invested in 2 RBs, I assumed you weren't poised to torpedoe my plans. I also didn't go into this one planning to be in need of a bunch of "mid-range WRs" (to use your words), but my early missteps landed me there, where I spent a good deal of time zigging and zagging around the same targets as you. It was really funny (from my perspective) how it all went down. As I said, very enjoyable nonetheless.
  6. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    A nice way to spend a late Sunday afternoon (west coast time), but boy, what rust to knock off. The first draft after the long off-season can be an adventure. Also, the RTsports draft room is rather clunky and takes some getting used to. Glad my wife and kid were out visiting a friend so they weren't within earshot when I loudly vocalized my screw-ups, which were several (like rostering a K when I thought I was buying a D/ST, and failing to excute late bids on some my targets that ended up going too cheap). But the one part that I both enjoyed and lamented the most was getting bounced around by the draft strategies and inclinations of some of the folks here, especially @Lord_Varys. I realized a bit too far into the thing that my bag of tricks was functioning more like a uninflated balloon because I had not paid enough attention to who in particular was participating or, more importantly, what they where up to. Need to account more next time for the "personalities" involved, or endure having my mind read. A fun experience nonetheless.
  7. Pierre Garcon 2018 Season Outlook

    You're correct. WR16 PPG in PPR last season. Marvin Jones was right there too (WR15). They cap each other's ceilings though. If there is going to be a clear WR1 in SF, it is going to be Garcon, and with the potential that that offense goes off, his ceiling may be better than either Tate's or Jones'. Can't go wrong with either of the 3 of them though IMO.
  8. Cameron Meredith 2018 Outlook

    Smith isn't polished, and rookie WRs rarely seize the day. A 3rd was alot to invest in Smith, but the pick could be more about succession and immediate depth than a negative referendum on Meredith. Meredith has a very comfortable head start on Smith. If Meredith shows alot to the CS in OTAs and TC, his role should be quite secure. It is really up to him.
  9. Pierre Garcon 2018 Season Outlook

    It is a larger difference than that right now (FFC 12 team PPR): Garcon 6.10 Crowder 9.01 If I am doing my math correctly, that is a difference of 26 spots. Immediately ahead of Garcon are Funchess and C. Davis. Immediately after him are M. Jones and Hogan. I'd take Garcon over all those guys. In fact, in descending order, I'd even take Garcon over Crabtree (5.11), Edelman (5.08), JuJu (5.05), Tate (5.04) and Landry (5.02). IMO, the competition doesn't get interesting until Cooks (4.11) and Jeffrey (4.08).
  10. Pierre Garcon 2018 Season Outlook

    In 2013, Shanahan's last year in DC, Garcon had 181 targets, 131 receptions, and 1350 yards. When Shanahan arrived in SF last season, the guy he wanted most was Garcon. Now that Shanahan has a high end QB to run his offense, Garcon is going to be used like he was in 2013.
  11. Pierre Garcon 2018 Season Outlook

    I really hope alot of folks keep this sentiment. I need another steal to target. In 2017, Garcon was as good or better PPG than Crowder and Kupp, AND that was BEFORE Jimmy G. He was within 2.5 PPG of Woods. He is one of the most reliable WRs in the NFL: In what will likely be a top 10 (if not top 5) offense, Garcon has high-WR2 with upside written all over him. Unfortunately, folks are waking up because his FFC ADP in 12 team PPR is already one round ahead of Woods, and two rounds ahead of Crowder and Kupp. By August, he'll be going even higher (as he should). So much for secrets.
  12. Ronald Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    This well done piece is worth a read:
  13. Pierre Garcon 2018 Season Outlook

    Garcon is the undisputed leader of the WR corp. Hard to imagine a scenario where he won't be wildly successful with Shanahan designing and calling plays, and Jimmy G. executing them. At his 6th round price (FFC 12 team PPR), he is very undervalued.
  14. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    Why necessarily? Is run/pass ratio really a reliable indicator of anything, offensively or defensively? There are certainly teams that did perfectly fine on both sides of the ball in 2017 who weren't run heavy in ratio: Instead, isn't it all about moving the sticks, which can be done just as effectively with the right (usually short) passing game as with hand offs? A more balanced offense in Chicago could just as easily help the defense than not. If Nagy and MT are disasters then the run/pass ratio will mean nothing. A rookie coach, combined with a sophomore QB, will always spell risk. But I am super comfortable saying that there is a quality CS in place on the defensive side of the ball, and MT will be, at minimum, a perfectly serviceable QB in this league. I was convinced 2 years ago that he had few real flaws in his game, and nothing I saw last season changes my mind. Nagy? No one knows for sure, but isn't that what we're supposed to be doing this time of year, figuring if we can trust new coaches? With what is in place in Chicago right now, Nagy would have to go out of his way to ignite a dumpster. The worst I foresee offensively is low middle-of-the-pack to much better than that. Defensively, knowing Fangio, this will be a team in the top 3rd.
  15. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    @Dreams And Dwightmares, this ^^^ is something you should really consider. I have watched Fangio since his days with the Niners. As a Niner fan, I wish he was still there. He is one of the best in the business. He routinely gets everything and more out of his units. He can make a subpar defensive roster play competently. As rosters go, Chicago's on both sides of the ball is better than average, perhaps much better than average, depending on how well MT plays. Personally, having studied MT a bit during his draft year, and then some last season, I believe he will perform just fine (if not better) this season, unless Nagy turns out to be McAdoo in disguise. If we can convince ourselves that the new offensive CS knows what it is doing, then reliable bets can be placed on most Bears fantasy assets IMO.