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  1. Michael Thomas 2017 Season Outlook

    He is #5 WR PPG in my league (PPR 12 teamer with typical scoring metrics). I'd say he's returned full value. Also, all the Hunt haters were reminded recently how fluky scoring can be. Before the Oakland game, I urged folks to undestand that their rage was due in part to the fact that Hunt scored 6 times in his first 3 games, but had not scored in the 8 games since. Predictably, he's scored in back to back contests versus the Raiders and Chargers. Thomas could easily deliver multiple scores any game. He, and just as importantly Brees, are more than good enough to get that done any week. Give me good players in good circumstances all day long. Thomas/Brees qualify as that.
  2. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    The difference for me this year is that I didn't get a chance to draft my biggest misses. As always, better lucky than good.
  3. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    We all miss plenty. It goes with the territory. That said, shall we include your pre-season Gurley bashing so we can kill two birds with one stone? You weren't alone (the Gurley haters were numerous), but it counts as a miss nonetheless. Not piling on. Just being "crow-efficient."
  4. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    Anyone can roast SF CB Dontae Johnson. A lot has gone well with Lynch's roster revamp this season, but he needs another off season before he can fix a broken secondary. I would be shocked if JAX doesn't let Bortles throw a bunch in this one.
  5. Robbie Gould 2017 Season Outlook

    SF's front seven is not the problem. The CBs, especially Dontae Johnson, are the problem. If JAX does well offensively, it will be through the air. It is obvious (to me at least) that JG already is as good as most "experienced" QBs in the league. He threw to 9 different receivers today. In his 3 starts, he's thrown for a ton of yards (but just hasn't scored enough to highlight the quality of his performances). With Shanahan's help, he can spread the ball around against anyone. Whether JG can come up with a reliable performance vs JAX (I doubt his ceiling can be very high) will depend on how his suspect O-line holds up. JGs uber-quick release makes him almost immune to a game-long pressure meltdown, but no one brings heat better than JAX. JG will need at least modest help to get it done.
  6. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    I second that. In seasons past, I always bypassed Gronk because I was convinced that he was too pricey. Some of my skeptical posts appear in the early pages of Gronk's thread. Lo and behold though, the more I considered the arguments of the Gronk truthers, the more I became open to embracing Gronk as a good draft day option under the right circumstances. As it turns out, in 2 of 3 drafts, he ended up the best option, and off I went. Except for his brain fart two weeks ago, I have not been disappointed. TE can be such a frustrating cesspool. A player that makes you love the position is pure gold.
  7. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Bears have a very good front seven, but their secondary is soft. Only Evans, Jordy and Adams have had really good games against them, but lots of WRs have had decent ones. I think that Gordon may have a reliable floor to go along with his ever present blow up potential. He is competing with Hyde and Crowder at the moment for a flex spot in my line up next. I'm leaning Gordon right now.
  8. Robbie Gould 2017 Season Outlook

    Not sure I believe it, but this was just posted by one legit Bay Area news source: "In the past three weeks, Gould has made 15 field goals – something no kicker has done in NFL history over a three-game stretch." Just imagine how many of those FGs would have been scores if JG and Shanahan had some legit RZ weapons to work with. If they get them this off season, watch out.
  9. Michael Thomas 2017 Season Outlook

    The Saints' potent run game is really preventing teams from doing what's necessary to take Thomas away. And Brees is terrific at executing when Thomas invariably gets his opportunities. Thomas is a great example of what you look for in a WR anchor. A very talented pro operating in a balanced system led by an elite QB. Love it.
  10. Marquise Goodwin 2017 Season Outlook

    Not trying to talk anyone into starting Goodwin vs JAX, but Baldwin/Lockett/Richardson went for 53 PPR points combined vs JAX, AB produced 25, and Hopkins just posted 18. JG and Shanahan are working very well together already. To hear Shanahan describe their budding relationship, track down today's post-game presser. JAX will be as much a test for Shanahan as for JG and Goodwin. Seattle, JAX and the Niners all play exactly the same defensive scheme. Robert Saleh was on the JAX staff (LB coach) for 3 years before becoming the Niners DC. Not only does Shanahan go up against the "JAX defense" everyday in practice, he made it clear when he became the Niner HC that he wanted to run the same D because he believes it is "sound" and difficult to crack when it is executed well. I have a decision on Hyde to make this week in two leagues. A big factor in my decision will be whether I believe that Shanahan's and Saleh's intimate knowledge of JAX's defensive system will enable them to devise a gameplan that gives JG the opportunity to be effective. Those comtemplating Goodwin would be well served to ponder that element too.
  11. Marquise Goodwin 2017 Season Outlook

    Shanahan during the post-game presser: "Quise is playing like a true pro and a legit starter."
  12. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    Thankfully, in two leagues.
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo 2017 Season Outlook

    Nice little QB now. Too bad he has JAX on his plate next. BTW, with a revamped O-line and one or two FA WR upgrades, this will be a fun offense to own next year.
  14. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

    I remember the Jamal Charles 5 TD outburst. I got burned thoroughly by that one.
  15. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

    I couldn't agree more. I did not own any shares of Gurley in 2016, but I saw alot of Fisher's Rams (long story). Legions of scouts vouched for Gurley before he entered the NFL, and he proved himself in 2015. The suggestion that he was a 4 game wonder that year was just false. All you had to do was study the game logs from that year to see that he was very effective all the way to the end of the season. He just didn't score very much later in the season compared to the early part of it. The first 10 pages of this thread is a good read. Lots of "rage analysis," that's for sure.