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  1. In a few of the $100 budget leagues I’m in: John Ross: $11, $16, $23 Scary Terry: $11, $11, $16, FA Malcolm Brown: $5, $6, $13 Mostert: $16, $5 (I thought this was too much but I needed RB depth), then he’s still a FA in some of these leagues. Hollywood: $17 (I lost Hill and have a good feeling so I was overly aggressive here cause next highest was $9), $22, $100 (idk if they meant that or not), and he was already owned in the others. Hockenson: $23 (I was aggressive), $10 and then already owned in the others.
  2. I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all starting him in Carolina.
  3. If you need the depth, I’d say do it because Thompson is good standalone value.
  4. How much should I go for Cole. 0.5 PPR. Enunwa went for $11/$100 last week.
  5. For this game to end 48-40 in any direction. Need -6 from Chicago, like 29 points from Howard, 60 points from Lockett and Wilson.
  6. Dropped Cole for a Kicker in one league. Now I gotta spend a good bit of faab to get him back. Started Smith over Stafford in another. Played Agholor over Lewis. I was just awful this week.
  7. What are the chances the Raiders get so up and they sit out/drastically reduce his carries in the second half?
  8. Was up by ~55, had no one and my opponent had Brees, Gordon, Younghoe and Cook. Down to the ice, I was down 120-119.3, I won 119.3-119. Thank you Younghoe and the Broncos D.
  9. The draft order is going to be completely random. I also know that the only keeper in the first round is Bell.
  10. I'd go with White as he has the higher ceiling by a little bit.
  11. I'm dynasty I'd hold on to Howard. The 2nd trade is so skewed in his favor so that shouldn't be an option. Hyde can very well hold up and kill this season.
  12. I'm in a 12 man, 1 PPR, keeper league. I have the option of keeping Jordan Howard, who would be my 8th round pick or David Johnson, who would be my 1st round pick. Draft order is determined after we make our keeper picks on draft day. I know the value pick is Howard, but I'm super high on DJ and would take him #1 overall so it would be good to secure him. I could keep Howard and end up with the 1/2 pick and end up with DJ/Zeke but that's a gamble.