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  1. Really depends on where he ends up I guess but not worth holding until then.
  2. I saw a couple of strong runs. Not a lot of obviously but I wouldn't say he's done for. (<-- only true if he stays on NO)
  3. Forget it for now: Pro Football Talk reports Josh Gordon (suspended) has not applied for reinstatement. Gordon is reportedly out of rehab, and there were rumors floating around last month he would get reinstated. He has yet to apply, however, and it is far from a guarantee he will gain clearance from the NFL even if he does. We continue to guess he will not play this season.
  4. 10 TD's through the first 4 games and GB is 3-1. Not bad considering all of the injuries.
  5. I know the NY Giants have no o-line but I would certainly love to see AP get traded there and get more consistent touches then be buried in NO and not at least get the shot to produce. He's shown flashes this year that he's still got it.
  6. Adrian Peterson said he feels like he has "a lot of years left." Peterson is a 32-year-old back who was limited to three games last season by a meniscus tear, but he claims to be doing better than he was before the injury. Peterson has proven to be almost superhuman in the past, but even he cannot outrun time. That said, he could still be an impact contributor for the Saints this season.
  7. Eric Decker (shoulder, hip) expects to be fully ready for the start of training camp. "My health is good," Decker said. "I’m back and I’m doing everything right now. There are no [structural] issues. I’m just getting my strength back. But as far as everything else, I’m a full go." When asked if he'll be ready for camp, Decker replied, "Yes, easily. I was surprised when people thought I wasn’t going to be ready." It remains unclear if Decker will actually still be with the Jets. He's a candidate to be traded or cut with Gang Green in a youth movement.
  8. @Winky I agree man. If the Giants can somehow add 1 more nice player to the o-line I think it should be a fun season.
  9. Are you guys hearing this as "big news" in your areas? Its just shocking to me that AP, the big superstar he is (or now once was?) has this news break and its kinda like a "eh whatever" story. At least thats how it feels received to me.
  10. Really doubt with what limited years he has left he'd play for the Browns...
  11. Giants exercised WR Odell Beckham's fifth-year team option for 2018. The deadline to do so is May 3. GM Jerry Reese was recently noncommittal on the topic, but this was as easy a decision as they come. Even with OBJ's drama, he's still one of the very best receivers in the game. Signed cheaply for the next two years, Beckham will surely be looking to become the league's highest-paid receiver with a massive extension between now and next summer.
  12. Thats exactly how it would work out for them, lol.
  13. Odell Beckham (teeth) expects to be ready for the start of OTAs on April 18. Eli Manning led team workouts at Duke University last week but Beckham couldn't attend because he had to undergo oral surgery. Beckham's timing could have been better—he's been criticized him for attending the Final Four but skipping the Duke workouts—but he'll be fine for the team's offseason program. Beckham is coming off another outstanding year and should benefit from Brandon Marshall's presence in 2017.
  14. This too. Don't we always try to target the guys we really want? It really sucks to play out a season with some guy you aren't big on for whatever reason. Sometimes we get unlucky and get "stuck" with someone we don't want but if that (deciding to draft QB early for instance) screws up your overall strategy there's no good reason to change it.
  15. @Lord_Varys That was a dope post man. Well done.
  16. I'd be content with that.... Just have a backup plan in place for when he goes down....
  17. I guess its debatable. Depending on where you pick in the 2nd round there is could be plenty of other good WRs or RBs to choose from. I'd even present the idea that it's better to take a stud RB early since the position is (seemingly) becoming devoid of workhorse type players.
  18. I think some of us knew this would be coming eventually - kinda makes sense for the Jets to do this anyway; The New York Daily News' Manish Mehta believes the Jets may still move on from Eric Decker before the season. "Don't be surprised if the veteran wide receiver isn't on the roster this season," writes Mehta. Decker isn't healthy yet following hip and shoulder surgeries, so the Jets can't really move on from him now unless it's via release with a failed physical. GM Mike Maccagnan would surely want to see if he can get anything for Decker on the trade market before releasing him. The Jets are in full-blown tear-it-down rebuild mode, so keeping a (likely) unhappy Decker around for it doesn't make much sense at his salary. If healthy, Decker is still a plus starter.
  19. Falcons coach Dan Quinn said Julio Jones (foot) is in the "strengthening phase" of his rehab. Jones is just over a month removed from surgery. He'll be held out of OTAs, but there's not much concern over his status. The Falcons expect Jones to be full strength for training camp.
  20. Has the ability and surrounding cast to be the #1 QB in the league. Just don't know which round I'd draft him in as I never take QB's early. Haven't won a league championship in a while so maybe I should change up that "strategy."
  21. Good points. I guess from a fantasy perspective we all get upset when things like this happen, lol.
  22. Seems I was a bit misguided here. Agreed.