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  1. Wow. What an incredibly odd year+ its been for Brock. First the Texans sign him to a mega contract that clearly wasn't the right move. Now "traded" to Cleveland where reports are suggesting he may not even play a snap at QB next season. Couldn't make this stuff up I guess. Browns acquired Brock Osweiler, a 2018 second-round pick, and a 2017 sixth-round pick from the Texans in exchange for a 2017 fourth-round pick. This is a straight salary dump the likes of which we normally only see in the NBA. Essentially, the Texans sent a second-round pick to Cleveland in order to get the Browns to take Osweiler's bloated deal off their hands. With zero cap concerns, the Browns can pay Osweiler the rest of the guaranteed money ($16 million) on his contract, give him a shot to win the starting job, and cut him next offseason with no financial ramifications if (when) it does not work out all while landing a second-round pick. It is a no-brainer move for Cleveland. With Osweiler off the books, the Texans look set to make a real run at Tony Romo. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Browns are considering releasing Brock Osweiler. This report comes just 20 minutes after the Browns acquired Osweiler from Houston in a bombshell trade nobody saw coming. It looks like there's a good chance Osweiler will never play a down for Cleveland as the Browns will simply absorb his $16 million salary and move on. Cleveland has all the cap space in the world so the $16 million hit isn't a big deterrent. Perhaps the Browns will package their first-round pick with the 2018 second-rounder they just received from Houston in a trade for Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo.