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  1. Wil Myers 2018 Outlook

    5 HRs in the last 3 games, I like what I'm seeing it would be great to see him finish the year healthy
  2. Rafael Devers 2018 Outlook

    Glad to see this guy heating up lets keep it going
  3. Matt Carpenter 2018 Outlook

    Once I decided to cut him in the middle of May he's been great. Where was this the first 6 weeks of the season when I owned him. Glad to see him turn it around but just wish he was on my team to do so.
  4. Nunez or Hernandez ROS ?

    Hernandez has been better than Nunez this year so far and I expect that to continue. Id go with him
  5. Is This A No Brainer - 100% WHIR

    Id stick with what you have
  6. Two trades offered WHIR

    No to all of the above, curious why you're looking to sell Altuve with just 4 keepers in your league
  7. Seems like a pretty solid deal that works both ways. Like said above I'd probably take Jones over Mateo
  8. Need trade help Nola for Tatis Jr.

    Gotta go with the Nola side, he's been dominant and still very young. Meadows not too bad either
  9. 6/21 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Yanks got the long ball going off Paxton today
  10. Michael Fulmer 2018 Outlook

    I saw his line right before the two home runs he gave up and was feeling really good, 5+ scoreless with 9 Ks. Then he ends up not getting a QS or a W just like that. He definitely has been better of late hopefully he can get moved to a contender
  11. Elvis Andrus for SP WHIR

    Get Verlander and run
  12. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    As he continues to destroy the baseball whats an approximate ETA? At this pace I'd say sometime next year. Calhouns play this year should give him a clear opening when he is ready
  13. 6/17 - GAME DAY THREAD

    4 steals for Michael Taylor already in the 6th
  14. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    Where will this guy be when prospect lists get updated? Gotta be top 20, close to top 10 imo
  15. I'd say Kinsler is the weak link out of the group