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  1. In a keeper league.....WHIR

    Henry is the best of the three. Gordon is one pee test from being tossed from the league, and I need to see Luck throw a ball before I'd have any interest in him.
  2. If it were me, I'd just stick with your picks.
  3. The biggest question is, did you at least have fun during the draft?
  4. 2018 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    I watch the NBA during the regular season but, stop watching when the play-offs come around because I hate pre-ordained out comes. This year in the NHL an expansion team went to the Stanley Cup Finals. In the NCAA tournament, who had UMBC taking out Virginia? More than once we've seen a back up quarterback take a team to the Super Bowl. The point is, to many of us the play-offs and the title game(s) are the preeminent cap stone to a great season. But for me the NBA play-offs are a let down.
  5. Dynasty Draft Strategy WHIR

    Don't ignore the old guys that are still productive.
  6. Beltre (backup 3B) for Sano/Hicks

    It's a no for me. Sano's K rate is astronomical and a stint in the minors isn't going to fix it anytime soon.
  7. ROS only: Gurriel or Adams?

    Really depends on how you are doing in the power categories. Adams can hit another 20 homeruns (if he can stay healthy) and add close to 50-60 RBI's. Gurriel on the other hand will finish with a higher batting average and a handful more runs. He also takes more walks than Adams, so while not a big threat to steal, Gurriel could get you an extra 3-5 SB's. I really can't answer who you should take, as it really depends on what stats you need to stay competitive.
  8. Ozuna for Quintana, how to counter?

    The problem with Martinez is health.
  9. Ozuna for Quintana, how to counter?

    I'd go with Lester, but a 1 for 1 deal won't get it done.
  10. Rate My Team #1 (WHIR)

    When I read about your regret about drafting Brees too high, I thought that you grabbed him 5th round or sooner. But, the 7th is fine, he's going to have a great season. You have a solid base to work with and a lot will change from now until September. Just stay active on the wire, other teams might react to coach speak and drop players that you can snap up.
  11. Ozuna for Quintana, how to counter?

    I think that Quintana has about another 100 strikeouts (give or take) and 8-9 wins for the rest of the season. His ERA will be in the low fours, just because he can't help giving up the long ball. If it were me I'd go else where for pitching help.
  12. Gurley or Barkley would be the only two choices that I'd be considering at this spot.
  13. Is JP Crawford droppable?

    I can keep 10 players for an unlimited time.
  14. I was happy to land Crawford in a trade a few years ago in my H2H points keeper league, but now I'm thinking that he might be a better real life baseball player than a fantasy baseball player. I've been looking into trading Crawford, but as yet there have been no takers. My current crop of shortstops are Didi Gregoirus, Javier Baez, Trevor Story and Tim Anderson. I have Ozzie Albies and Jose Altuve to fill out second base and MI. There are two utility spots but, other players usually fill those slots. So what is the best move for Crawford?
  15. Alex Reyes trade?

    I'm curious if this trade happened?