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  1. Value of Draft Picks in 14 team Dynasty...WHIR.

    Not surprised, I could see your motivation to make the trade but I couldn't see why the other owner would be a willing partner.
  2. Trade Value for Altuve in 14 Team H2H Dynasty. WHIR

    If you really want to know if it’s a good deal, throw out a rumor that you might be willing to move Altuve, then see what the other owners are willing to part with. I’d stand pat myself.
  3. Rate my trade. WHIR of course

    Not a fan of this deal, you gave up the best player for a handful of beans that aren’t even magic.
  4. Kemba for DLo?

    Yes, it’s a fair trade. However, from a stat perspective it’s almost so even that neither team would gain an edge by making the deal.
  5. AD for DMC? WHIR

    The guy offering up Cousins is playing on your fears. The fact that Golden State has so many mouths to feed makes me hesitate to acquire anyone not named Curry. If you are this nervous about the future of Davis, throw him on the trade block I’m sure that you will get a much better offer.
  6. Keeper Help on last player

    You didn’t specify as to the league type, so I’ll use roto as my default guide. I would throw back Peralta to start. Carpenter is the highest of this group because of his position flexibility and solid numbers in homeruns, RBI’s and runs. However, since you are getting that with some of your other keepers, he might be redundant. Merrifield will give you a boost in stolen bases and hit for a better average than Carpenter. There is no reason to think that Diaz couldn’t get 30+ saves and 90+ strikeouts this year. But since relief pitchers are fickle and if you stay active on the wire, I think that you could throw him back and not regret it in September.
  7. Juan Soto for Trevor Story??? WHIR

    I’m always nervous about acquiring a player that had a great rookie season expecting that he builds on it. If you are hell bent on trading for Soto, keep your expectations low for this year and know that better seasons are coming.
  8. Look at the front page of Rotoworld.
  9. Trade ideas for Capela?

    As of right now, if you are looking for a one for one trade it's the Nicolas Batum/Elfrid Payton/De'aaron Fox range.
  10. Irving for McCollum? WHIR

    Stand pat for now, the season isn't even a month old yet.
  11. Who wins?

    I don’t hate it but, what bothers me about it is on the surface it is a buy low on Thompson, but other than his shot not dropping, his other numbers in this short sample size are on par with his norms. Once he starts hitting his shot the trade for me becomes even, but I don’t think that either owner won this deal.
  12. My Saric for Aaron Gordon straight up trade

    The bump in FG% makes the trade worth it.
  13. Trade offer for Freeman help...WHIR

    I don't feel that you have the depth at running back to make this move, and I also don't share your thoughts on Foreman taking over the job from Miller either.
  14. Fitzgerald or Goodwin?

    Goodwin, but it's little more than a gut call.
  15. What's James Conner's value?

    Right now his value is tied to Bell's hold out. I'm not sure what kind of return he can bring because everyone knows that the minute Bell returns, Pittsburgh will run him into the ground. I think if you want to move Conner, you need to find the guy that thinks Bell's hold out will be a long one.