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  1. What's James Conner's value?

    Right now his value is tied to Bell's hold out. I'm not sure what kind of return he can bring because everyone knows that the minute Bell returns, Pittsburgh will run him into the ground. I think if you want to move Conner, you need to find the guy that thinks Bell's hold out will be a long one.
  2. Trade Gurley ??

    If that's the best can get then no.
  3. No Clue in the Flex.....

    Stills, and if you want to decide among the other three put their names in a hat and pick one.
  4. Cleveland weather situation-WHIR

    Golladay, for both questions.
  5. PPR - James Conner or Lamar Miller WHIR

    Conner and it's not even close.
  6. Cooks, DLewis or PBarber @flex?

    Go with Barber, but all these guys are rolls of the dice.
  7. Starting Roster Advice...

    In a 24 team dynasty I'm sure that these guys are owned.
  8. James Conner or Derek Henry?

    Conner should see at least 17 touches, and with high winds in Cleveland today, three to five dump off passes wouldn't be out of the question.
  9. Starting Roster Advice...

    Start Hogan over Schuster, rain and high winds in Cleveland makes any receiver dicey. I like RSJ by a mile. With crappy weather in Cleveland, I'd put Duke in my flex spot.
  10. QB Starter - This week

    I'd go with Wilson. With the news that Fuller is unlikely to play, and New England's tendency to take away a team's best player (Hopkins) Watson is less appealing to me.
  11. Handcuff Help Please WHIR

    I'd drop Murray and pick up Clement. My biggest reason is Philadelphia's O-line is the best to run behind, and Minnesota hasn't made any real improvements to an ugly situation.
  12. Drop someone for a backup QB? Whir

    I don't see any reason to make a move at this point.
  13. How much FAAB on Morris?

    My biggest concern would be if San Francisco made a move and got another running back.
  14. How much FAAB on Morris?

    Depends on your current crop of running backs. Personally I'd keep my powder dry.
  15. I was thinking that someone might be on the phone to Detroit and see if they will take a bag of chips for Abdullah.