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  1. I would like to know what place both teams are in currently and if this is a money league? The trade is lopsided enough that in the right circumstances it could be viewed as collusion.
  2. White and its not even close for me, especially since Burkhead will be out.
  3. I wouldn't get too cute about it, and go with Dak.
  4. With the other owner having Gordon, I seriously doubt that he would be willing to give up Johnson. Since this is a non PPR I wouldn't make too much of an effort to get Brown.
  5. With a 51.5 over under for K.C. and Jacksonville, I'd roll with Westbrook.
  6. I'd hold on for at least for this week. Goodwin should have a decent game, and if he does you might be able to shop him around and trade for someone better than Williams.
  7. Looks fine. In a ten team league, runs on a D/ST isn't a reason to take one in the ninth round. Remember, it's more important to have the best D/ST for the week than having the best one over the whole season. The only other thought I have is with Hilton. With questions about Luck I'm worried about him having fourth round value with Brissett throwing him the ball.
  8. I've played on a lot of different platforms, ESPN, Yahoo, Fantrax etc.... And the one thing that I have discovered is Yahoo seems to have the most butt hurt owners gathered in one place.
  9. Pointing out that your running back situation is poor, and wide receiver is the strength of this team would be stating the obvious. You will really have to mine the wire week to week in order to have a good season.
  10. I wouldn't do the trade. A running back coming off of an achilles injury isn't going to bounce back into fantasy relevance.
  11. Without a viable back-up QB, Murray almost becomes the automatic for me.