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  1. Ppr was offered Chubb for my Ekeler dont know what to think about this offer? Ekeler has Gordon looming but Chubb has Hunt... who do I like more Rest of season?
  2. He countered Kamara for my ekeler and Woods or Ridley???
  3. Ppr i have ekeler , but worry about Gordon coming back as my only other rbs are Chubb and Hyde. i give M Thomas to get Gordon and Scantling.....
  4. Full PPR Trade my Ekeler and Michael Thomas for Kamara Too much? Get Kamara? I worry about Ekeler when Gordon comes back.
  5. Saw that so who do we trust Schefter or Rapp?
  6. Where do a everyone think Brady would rank if drafting now? I grabbed him today off my waiver lol. Top 5-7? looks like an elite start all year long
  7. AGREED! Michel will be running free all season. TD upside is monstrous now. Could be looking at the TD leader right here.
  8. Well balanced team, studly when AJ comes back. I don’t like Reed, but it is what it is
  9. Starting: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 WR/RB/TE, TE, D my team: brees chubb, ekeler, JJ, Freeman, Hyde, Thompson M Thomas, Evans, woods, ridley, Metcalf H Henry; TJ Hockensen
  10. Full PPR. I have Ekeler and JJ, would love to get Melvin so I can sleep at night as Ekeler is my RB2 I have to proposals to me from Gordon owner: 1. I give M. Evans and R. Freeman for Gordon and M. Williams 2. I give C. Ridley and R. Freeman for Gordon Which do you prefer, and would you do either?
  11. Full PPR Would you deal Calvin and Royce for Melvin? I have Ekeler, thinking Gordon would help me sleep at night by having him on my bench if and when he comes back. is this too much to give?