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  1. Here are the details: We use LeagueSafe. Hosted on MFL Standard PPR Rookie Draft starts right after 2 teams fill (hopefully today) Please email me with questions or interest. League Bylaws Link:
  2. 2018 is free for you. The 2019 league fee is $108. PPR Dynasty hosted on MFL. Here is a link to the bylaws. The available players were all dumped into free agency. All non-rookie free agents are eligible and all of the orphan 2018, 2019, and 2020 picks are as well. They are listed on the league board Please email me with interest/questions:
  3. MFL Dynasty Orphans in Leagues Ready to Draft!

    One league is already drafting. Spots remain in WW3 and WW5. Hoping to draft today!
  4. Hello everyone!I have a few openings in the following leagues. I will link to the constitutions. They are very similar. These leagues draft as soon as we fill the couple of openings. Please email me with questions or interest. Thanks! ... 33675&O=26 ... 71312&O=26 ... 58708&O=26
  5. 16 Team Dynasty Startup

    2 spots left! This draft is starting tomorrow night!
  6. 16 Team Dynasty Startup

    4 spots left!
  7. 16 Team Dynasty Startup

    8 teams remain. Drafts as soon as it fills.
  8. This is probably only interesting to hardcore players, but here are the details:Startup will begin as soon as the league fills and will include REAL NFL ROOKIES instead of rookie picks. To clarify, this means real NFL rookies will be included in the startup and you will be drafting them in March.MFL$100Dynasty16 teamsSuperflex28 players per roster10 starters include: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 Superflex, 1 regular flexLink to Bylaws: ... 47066&O=26Thanks!Email me with interest or questions:
  9. Any chance you would be open to combining with a league I'm trying to start on MFL?


    Here is my info:  I have alot going on with it and not at all standard as you described so probably not your cup of tea.