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  1. Snap counts are not a good way to figure out who Conner's backup is. You want to look for RBs with a similar skillset and that is Snell. Samuel will get more touches but he can't handle the same load that Conner could. I predict about a 50/50 share between Snell and Samuel if Conner is out unless Snell becomes more productive.
  2. How much for Gore with Singletary having the hamstring injury? I'm thinking 20%.
  3. Lesson learned a sure thing isn't always a sure thing
  4. Who else is Eli going to pass to though?
  5. Arians and Jameis turned a pro bowler to s---
  6. I would think about it but it's an RB desert out there
  7. I'm in the same situation. I'm giving him one more week. I owned him last year and saw that the talent was there. Fingers crossed.
  8. It's dart throws for any RB that's left on the wire too. If Michel sucks this week and it's a choice between him and someone like Dare Ogunbowale. I think I'm sticking with Michel. There's going to be games where Michel will blow up. You just have to hope it's that week when you need him. You keep him for the potential upside.
  9. If he doesn't put up at least 10 points on Sunday he's riding my bench for the rest of the year unless I absolutely need him.
  10. It's so nice to hear Gruden day he wants to get the ball to Waller. It's like a warm fuzzy feeling.
  11. Forgot to mention he has Hunter Henry as his only TE. Also you should never veto unless it's obvious collusion.
  12. My OJ Howard for his Tyreek Hill. Caveat that I have Waller (and was planning to start him) he's playing me this week.
  13. Let's hope that talent wins out here. If he's as good as people say he should create his own opportunities.
  14. Well that was a gut punch of a game. It's quite clear that all the talk of Michel being able to catch now was overblown.
  15. Michel will never see 8 men in the box