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  1. Sucks when a team has so many weapons
  2. That kind of attitude with Belichick is really over blown. Just look at Corrdarelle on the back to back returns. Fumbled first time and scored the second. Belichick is going to use the best player period.
  3. Duke is a great pass catcher and it makes me sad how poorly utilized he is. The Browns should look at how other teams use their pass catching backs (ahem Patriots) and just try to copy it.
  4. No one thinks 15 points from your QB is good.
  5. He's going to be limited at practice for the rest of the year
  6. I'm a Freeman owner, but I don't hate on Lindsay. Multiple RBs is the new norm, but for god sakes do the Broncos need to run the ball more. Both Freeman and Lindsay are getting close to 5 YPC and yet they only get 8 rushes each. Bump that s--- up.
  7. I like Allen but that's would be a hell naw for me
  8. He seems like a very good real life trade candidate before the trade deadline. One can only hope.
  9. Anyone afraid of Kenjon Barner stealing touches? lol.
  10. The guy has a juicy schedule coming up