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  1. Agree. HR rate is unsustainable I think but even to a more manageable rate, value is there. Astros are interesting in that they are willing to give up some productivity for team continuity but you wonder how long that will last.
  2. You need 20 on ESPN for following year eligibility.
  3. Josh Bell in a dynasty league at beginning of last season. No power and very few counting stats
  4. According to baseball reference, he has 0 appearances at 2b, so it does not appear so. He has 63 at SS and 1 at 3B.
  5. [...] I think his upside is too great currently, that it would be tough to move currently. His BA will equalize but power potential and that lineup will produce counting stats.
  6. Paddack isn't a proven commodity either but I like him better than Luzardo. Miley and Good are inconsequential and should never be a hold up on a trade. Muncy is fine, and better than Odor currently. But deal really seems like a shuffling of similar pieces. Come down to Paddack vs Luzardo and Muncy vs. Odor. I like Paddack better than Luzardo and Muncy better than Odor.
  7. Addison Russell, sorry for lack of detail
  8. If gurley wasnt banged up I think they do.
  9. 1. Need Lindsay to have a repeat of the Cincy game 2. Got that 60 points down to 17 with Cook and Lindsay to go in a .5 ppr.
  10. Also need Lindsay, Baldwin, Butker, Cook, Dam. Williams to outscore Hill by 60.2
  11. Need Lindsay to outscored T. Hill by 18 hahahahahahhaa