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  1. Same here, 100% shares in him, the Kipnis injury and him adding 2b was just icing on the top, I took him last pick in the 6th round at the 6/7 turn in a $100 yahoo league(3 of & 2 util) and spent $18 on him in a $200 espn league(1ci, 1mi, 3 of & 1 util)
  2. I am, could have went another 2 start sp triggs or andriese or could have went with 1 start from duffy, damm boston marathon for having such a early game
  3. It took longer then it should have but he's added 1B at yahoo.
  4. For deep leagues im eyeing both jacoby jones and frazier on pittsburgh, both play Monday,Tuesday and Thursday where some teams are off those 3 days, frazier faces a lefty in finnegan monday and erodriguez thursday so thats something to consider. While Jones faces Sale tomorrow, I don't know a great deal about either but if Kang came back to pitt that would affect Frazier's long term outlook, what about the Tigers Cf situation?
  5. Agree, the sinker wasn't sinking much it was more tailing away from lhb or into rhb. Some balls were hit hard, on the one team I do own him I have 2 moves left this week and im likely gonna use them to get more bats in lineup monday and tuesday and he's likely my 2nd player to be cut unfortunately although I may still elect to hold him
  6. well he lasted 1/3 of a inning. zero shares here but clearly cut or wait to see if what everyone says about Russell Martin is true and it was him that rejuvenated him after the trade last year and made him a beast while in Pittsburgh.
  7. No Russell Martin is something to consider
  8. make that 3 for 4 but the BS was him coming in with a runner on 3rd.
  9. 3 for 3 perfect in save opportunities
  10. Me too, I already celebrated and spent the assumed profits.
  11. What about Blackmon? Also why not try correa, blackmon and a small piece for Trout,Tulo?
  12. It`s tough to say because like mentioned above consistency is hard to predict. For example I`m up 8-2 in one of my leagues right now with a legitimate shot at winning 10-0. It`s a combination of my team plus my opponents current week. I glanced closely and I`d be winning most matchups vs most teams I looked at except for the 2 I`m currently losing avg and runs, and also some other teams have a better era then me etc.. You`ll also have a week where Mookie Betts hit 5 hr`s in 2 games and then you`ll have weeks where hes hits 0.
  13. Thanks, I`m thinking the same thing.
  14. 12 team ESPN h2h league with 1 ci/1mi 3 of 1 util My if is very flexible Segura with ss eligibility at 2b, Machado at ss with 3b eligibility, Ramirez at 3b with of and soon to be 2b and Villar is at mi and he too will add 2b. Carlos Santana is currently my util and I hope he gets OF. MY of is currently Carlos Gomez, Dexter Fowler and Eric Thames. FA of`s include Elsbury, Gardner, Heyward, Holiday, Hanniger etc...
  15. I agree, the numbers aren't terrible and from what i see box score wise he struggled early. I seen the hr he gave up late to Belt, tip your hat to Belt it wasnt a mistake by Walker.