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  1. I try to find players with new a coach, new role, new team, in a contract year etc... You can say Kemba checks the first three boxes and I'm pretty sure most would say all those changes are improvements for Kemba. Kemba was in a contract year last year and balled out earning nba 3rd team honors and in the process making him eligible for the super max contract but he turned it down to get out of Charlotte and now in Boston he will be coached by a much better coach, play with much better teammates, actually be televised on national tv and have a shot at the postseason for only the 3rd time going into his 9th season. All these factors have Kemba's arrow pointing up for me this fantasy draft season.
  2. Nba 2k I loved using them. Nelson, Vince,Hedo,RLewis (a stretch 4 before it was cool) and d12.
  3. I bought low or I guess you could say accepted a offer but am somewhat wishing I stood pat but oh well, I got Freeman and Alshon for Ridley. Freeman is now my co RB2 with Ingram and now my WR2 is Alshon or ARob🤞.
  4. If Alfred Morris played every year under Shanahan he would be hall of fame bound check 2012 and 2013 if you have a spare minute. Take out 2015 and 2016 and is Freeman all that good???
  5. Thanks for this, did some further research and seen they had THE SLOWEST pace last year and that the new coach worked under Coach Bud in Atlanta and again last year in Milwaukee so things could be looking good fantasy wise in Memphis.
  6. I don't think they are very smart though. Doctson in the 1st round a few years back, traded 3 1sts and more for rgiii, had cousins and let him walk for free. They need to pay someone like the Browns did last year to fix this franchise but then the owner has too much say that it might not even matter. But if Cleveland can go from 1-31 to fixed in 1 year with a amazing hiring then so can the Redskins.
  7. Well put. He went from more or less DND for me to now DND*. * if punting FG, starting either Harden and guard or Lillard and guard likely.
  8. Barring a 2 WR League I don't think you can sit Tyler. Happiness is having a slot receiver against the Steelers. Pittsburgh has been bad against the slot for as long as I can remember, and that includes last Sunday night when New England rinsed them to the tune of 11 receptions for 224 yards and 3 TDs out of the slot. Back at home, I expect the Steelers to bounce back in a big way, which means Russell Wilson will have to throw. A lot. And when he does, it will be to Lockett in the slot against a Pittsburgh squad that allowed a league-high 158 slot receptions last season. credit ESPN and Matthew Berry.
  9. I know the Dolphins are aiming for the 1st overall pick but a team who came up just 1 pick short last year was the 49ers. Rewind one year ago and Kittle was a fringe fantasy commodity who no one would have considered a top 3 TE and he would go on have a huge year despite playing with 3 QB's. I'm not predicting this for Gesicki but how can you all guarantee that he won't be valuable.
  10. I literally just traded Waller, checked teams lacking a TE and sent out 3 offers with Waller and one got accepted. Devastating
  11. Why can't I react sad anymore??? I'm no doctor is his season done???
  12. 62/67 2nd highest snap count among Redskins WR's beind Quinn with 65/67.
  13. Take out 2015 and 2016 aka the Kyle Shanahan years in Atlanta and ask yourself is Freeman worth it at the 2/3 turn. My answer is hell no, but that's just me.
  14. Round 1 BPA Round 2 Kelce Round 3 Kittle Round 4 BPA Week 16 Championship