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  1. I was stone cold sober and took Villar and his 3 position eligibility over both and would also do so after a couple drinks, I don't smoke so being high and having this decision is not a possibility.
  2. He's got a 2 game window for me but also playing on a light scheduled Saturday ill take 2 games from him then most likely move on Sunday with a stream if needed or with a move geared towards the next week if it looks like I'll advance.
  3. I would, 2b/of and soon to be SS eligibility is nice and speed is hard to come by, he went 8th in my current NFBC draft champions draft ahead of Harper and Machado
  4. Off and on I did this last year, also Sunday I'd look at my next week schedule and try to maximize games played with teams usually having Mondays and Thursdays off I'd try to grab a hitter that played both those days or if I had a full team Monday then maybe use a catcher or if a catcher was going to coors pick up that catcher etc...
  5. He went 55 in my lone draft so far I was hoping for him at 56 and to be my sp1, carrasco and Archer were both gone, I continued on drafting offense, Hendricks and Degrom were the next 2 pitchers after Strasburg
  6. Closer monkey plus this thread helped me have a amazing year in fantasy last year and I will do the same with closers this year, if I were in a league with faab instead of daily free agents that would change but as of now my 2 pay leagues are daily free agents so I'll wait on closers. I may play in a nfbc online championship league with faab and try faab for the first time in fantasy baseball.
  7. I already voted Segura so still 7-3 Trumbo but unless you need HR and RBI based on your keepers Segura in 9 is the better value then trumbo in 6, like Deke said maybe Trumbo falls to the 6th again where as Segura wont make the 9th.
  8. I'll be different, 3 rounds later, 4 years younger and actually was ahead of Trumbo in OPS last season I'll go Segura, also like his 2b/ss eligibility for this year at least.
  9. k/9 instead of k's plus adding in losses as the 6th category I think Rush would thrive in this league, assuming daily changes I'd start the max rp's I could plus your bonus of Iglesias SP/RP so if it were yahoo 2 rp's, 4 p's, 1 Iglesias they would be good for 14+ innings a week, roster 3 high k/9 SP's and punt wins but win losses and I think you'd catch the league by storm, if need be certain weeks add a SP on Saturday or Sunday to hit 35 if things are looking bleak. However if it's a weekly lock league disregard my above thoughts.
  10. Barring disaster both teams will make the playoffs with ease, however in a 1 week matchup come playoff time anything can happen in terms of your offense going cold or his hot, and your RP's blowing up your ratio's. That said I'm fairly confident (I wish yahoo pro would let Canadians play) that if you play 6 yahoo pro $50 in this strategy you'd more often then not win 1 to break even while also cashing or maybe even winning others.
  11. LF game 3, 1b game 4, LF game 5 Napoli sat game 4, with Encarnacion in town you better believe he will play often in NL parks
  12. Without researching I'm pretty sure he played game 3 of WS, sat game 4, then Napoli played 1b game 5 and he played a corner OF. Francona wants to win and I'm sure Santana will do what's best for the team too.
  13. I'll probably throw my hat in some a little closer to the season, may do a managed one or 2, last year did my first 3 ever and finished 3rd, 4th and 6th but looking back the one mistake I made was not being deep enough on offense, there were times where I basically took a zero at 2nd C or MI or CI for a week or more due to injury and lack of depth. I was looking at the draft results on the nfbc message board and one team started with Scherzer, Sale, Jansen, Chapman, Degrom
  14. i'm not in a dynasty but would have to think Harper deserves consideration at 2, 2015's nl mvp is actually younger then 2015 nl rookie of the year and 2016 mvp kris bryant and they played little league together in las vegas.
  15. 9 cat h2h start 5 with daily changes Pg-Rubio, Holiday Sg-Klay,Harris,Richardson(all also Sf) Sf-THarris,Winslow(also Pf) Pf-Davis,Jokic(also C) C-Kanter