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  1. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    Archie Bradley warming up.
  2. Worst Fantasy Advice You Acted On?

    I used Berry a little bit in fantasy football and it worked out well. Anyone he loved I would sit, and if he hated someone I would dig deeper.
  3. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Agree, I've gone Trea, lock up Dee in the 2nd then pitching over and over and over, sprinkle in Inciarte and Lemahieu then more pitching. Stream C and 1b, try and get Nunez and Harrison for 3b and flexibility. Denard Span and Joe Panik are 2 lead off hitters with solid average you can have with your last 2 picks. @krunchyfrogglike low and away said get SP too so your dominant in all 5 pitching cats not just Saves, ERA and Whip to go along with .BA, Runs and SB.
  4. Carlos Gonzalez 2018 Outlook

    Also if your league permits it, Draft Cargo and only play him at home. Check his home vs road splits and you have a top 4 cat guy for dirt cheap when he's at home. Cargo at home and a speed specialist when he's on the road could = a 5 cat stud when all is said and done for very minimal investment.
  5. Syndergaard Trade.

    16 man league my Syndergaard for Darvish, Rendon, Kipnis. Darvish replaces Syndegaard on a already elite staff, Rendon replaces Nunez at 3b allowing Nunez to be a super sub and Kipnis was just added in as I like him better then who I would drop, plus he could be depth/insurance at both 2b and of. So is this enough? Thanks.
  6. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    I'm gonna continue to do some mocks, but only works with a early to mid pick or if Trea falls but then grabbing Dee earlier in the 2nd doesnt make much sense. Draft is Sunday for me so have time to mock.
  7. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    In h2h 5x5 if I grab Trea Turner in rnd 1, I'm considering Dee Gordon in rnd 2 then pitching early and often. In mocks my teams end up looking amazing in the 8 categories I concentrate on.
  8. I signed up for a yahoo public autodraft team before because draft times I wanted didn't work and I got put into a public league with a live draft and it worked for me that I actually drafted also.
  9. Mike Moustakas 2018 Outlook

    after rejecting a 17.4 million qualifying offer and accepting a 1 year deal for 6.5 million I hope he doesn't leave as much men on base as he did money on the table.
  10. My friend is gonna learn more about roto from me this year in a nfbc league as hes only played 5x5 h2h, he's looking for a h2h 5x5 league also though. Yahoo pro leagues dont work though as we are from a restricted country (Canada) so I was wondering if anyone knew of any other options. Thanks
  11. I could say Max was my 1st round pick and Sale 2nd it sounds better to me and when I tell others about my team.
  12. I seen he paired Sale with Scherzer. Id have done the same but Scherzer 1.12 Sale at 2.1, excited to see his 3rd and 4th rnd picks.
  13. Sale above Scherzer, who did magoo pair at 2.1?
  14. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    I've done it three times in the last 6 years or so, 1st time failed miserably but my hitters under performed and I won saves every week but between my offense struggling and the odd era or whip blow up didn't even make the playoffs. 2nd time I went heavy offense and late pitching and around June I decided to punt wins and k's and traded all my SP and went on to finish 2nd in regular season and also 2nd in the playoffs. 3rd time was last year and did the same but opted to try to punt in may, it took a couple weeks but was able to trade my rosterable SP's and I went on to finish 1st in the regular season and took home the championship in the playoffs. It's a risky strategy and I wouldn't be dead set on it before the draft but if it falls in place early and I say go for it.