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  1. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Quick reply on phone but in season management and looking ahead. For example add a hitter who plays Monday and Thursday in a week when lots of teams are off and look over your sraff and your opponents, if he has a much better staff and/or much more starts concede strikeouts and concentrate on ratios and saves and stream hitting etc... If it's close look ahead for 2 start pitchers that week or for pitchers with a good matchup. I like to try to draft a dominant staff or offense and concentrate in season management on the other. Last year in a 5x5 h2h i went 5 straight sp's and 7 of 10 p's. It worked out well. Even if I didnt field a offense the staff was so good it would have flirted with the playoffs losing all 5 hitting categories but with my make shift offense it ran away with the regular season title, semi final win and thanks to regular season won the tiebreaker in a 5-5 finals.
  2. Why dont the Raiders retire Tim Brown's # 81!!!
  3. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    14 team league $1000 for 1st and $200 for second. I run into what I thought last night was a typo or a joke, anyways Matty Ice, Cj Anderson, Jamal Williams, Dion Lewis at flex, Larry Fitz, Kelan Cole, Kelce, Lutz and Ravens D. After subpar performances by Williams and Ravens D I was loving my chances but it was not meant to be. Respect to my opponent though David Johnson rnd 1, Matty Ice rnd 3, Davante Adams rnd 4 and Emmanuel Sanders round 5 and he still battled and won.
  4. Thanks everyone, gonna decide tomorrow.
  5. ~~~RB LAST MIN HELP! WHIR !!!

    Thanks for your help with myne. .5 ppr I lean Lewis but with rain in baltimore collins may have good game script. Safe play is Collins but big upside with Lewis. If your favored or have volatile players I'd go safe with Collins but for upside give me Lewis.
  6. Diggs or DT- 100% WHIR

    Thanks for the help with myne. I like both options but in .5 ppr ill go with the week in week out volume of DT(Target monster).
  7. Also notice rain and 14 mph winds in the forecast.
  8. Ok I'm in the championship game ($1000 for 1st, $200 for 2nd) and I've been on Flacco since I submitted my waiver claims Tuesday(went Jimmy G last 2 weeks). Here are the other options Jimmy G, Trubisky, Hundley, Cutler, Kizer, Eli, Osweiller, Yates, Brissett, Stanton, Petty. Here is the kicker my oponent has Jamal Williams, Mike Wallace and Baltimore D going today I'm strongly considering dropping Flacco and deciding on my QB after tonights games, if his trio perform well go high risk with Jimmy but if he doesnt take one of the boring options. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Sterling Shepard 2017 Season Outlook

    88% of the time he has played on the outside. He shadowed Marvin Jones, I think he just played a side vs Seattle on TNF and usually meant Richardson or Lockett but some Baldwin as well iirc. This Giants team has no threat outside so unfortunately I could see him following Shepard. I'm still firing him up on one team and sitting him for Diggs on another. The targets should be there Peterson or not hopefully he turns them into fantasy pts and turns owners into fantasy champs.
  10. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    Held him in my weekly league 😀, however dropped in my daily league and am conveniently facing his this week😡. I can live with the daily decision as of now I'm using his spot as a streamer.
  11. A Hail Mary that someone already grabbed in my league is Calvin Johnson.
  12. I found two more possibilities... RB Chris Thompson RB Kenneth Dixon
  13. For starters the title may not be ideal but with the fantasy season coming to an end I thought this could be a good thing for those who play in keeper leagues. Chris Carson Jeremy Hill (maybe reminiscent of when Michael Turner left San Diego for Atlanta) Allen Robinson(Could be with a new team) Terrell Pryor(same as above) Jordan Reed(I've said and others have said never again but upside is there) Those are 5 who came to mind and who were also in the free agent pool in my keeper league.
  14. Split the winnings

    Or chop and play for less, my $500 league is $3000 for 1st and $1500 so $2000 each and winner gets 500 so at least week 16 matters but I have seen people do straight splits.