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  1. I was on the fence earlier but now I'm in. Before Alshon's breakout year Cutler touted him in pre season also.
  2. He's played 4 games in those games he's played a ton of snaps and has averaged 9 targets. GM Pace and may tell coach fox to feed him to prove taking him at 7th wasn't a epic bust and maybe saves his job. I have my doubts but for where he is going I am buying.
  3. Good news we get 6 more games against the Reds Sept 4-6 and Sept 26-28 as well as 3 games at coors this weekend Aug 18-20.
  4. I heard the same, I believe it would be like a 50-40-10 split if Lynch goes down with the 10 being short yardage and goaline to Hood but I've heard people think Hood would take more of the Lynch role if Lynch went down while the other 2 keep similar roles. That said I'm betting on Washington 5th round pick last year with a 84th % sparq score, vs undrafted last year and 0% score while Hood was a 7th this year and is 232 lbs with a 9% sparq score.
  5. Can a Wr even wear 2 the # he's wearing in that video?
  6. Well said, I listen to Matt Kelley and he is a big zero RB guy, that said this was before Zeke`s suspension and he was in a expert draft and took Melvin Gordon late in rnd 1. He said there were only 4 RB's he would take early with Gordon being the last so he made the pick then went on to take WR's and TE's. I'm similar right now although for me with the Zeke news if I don't have a top 2 pick I'm not taking a RB in the first 2 rounds.
  7. He's won 2 WS as a player one as a coach, won al manager of the year twice plus has been on the Simpsons twice.
  8. 2016 @verycoolnin posting after a Zach Britton save was as automatic as Zach Britton converting a 2016 save opportunity.
  9. I'd have to say he's better then Bonds when he faces the Reds 14-39 9 HR 16 RBI 15 Runs 8 BB 10 K`s and that is without adding tonight's 2-4 1 HR 1 RBI 1 Run 1 SB 1 K
  10. It was fun while it lasted, as Hawk Harrelson would say HE GONE
  11. 98th percentile sparq score, lead the NFL in return yards as a rookie, before getting hurt in the 2nd quarter of the 2nd game in his 2nd season he was looking good, was the 4th RB draft in 2015, was the RB Bruce Arians and the Cardinals wanted to draft instead having to settle for David Johnson who knows had they got there man maybe Ameer would be the consensus 1st overall pick this season.
  12. Without getting the exact stats on Hopkins big year I believe they started 2-6, then they toned down the passing and played defense and ran the ball and went on to make the playoffs. His numbers began to decrease midway through 2015. I recall one game it was great for those of us who had Nuk, they gave Miami a 35 or so pt lead, then in the 2nd half they just threw to Hopkins when Miami called off the dogs.
  13. Did he have Peterson when he got suspended, what other bad luck stories does this owner have?
  14. Yes you can, obviously it will be hard but last year Matt Ryan, Michael Thomas, Jay Ajayi, Jordan Howard etc... were all late picks or waiver adds. The year before Cam and Carson Palmer, David Johnson and Deangelo Williams after Cj2k and leveon got hurt and hell Tim Hightower off the street was a fantasy playoff stud when Ingram went down. The draft is just a small part of a long journey.
  15. He went 2nd or 3rd pick in the 3rd rnd in my slow live draft recently. Guy said fantasy footballers podcast with a catchy song was the clincher in making the pick. I agree he can't be anti herd. Some love him some hate him but not anti herd.