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  1. They say the Simpsons predict the future, predicted Trump to be President, im sure many others but they gave Scioscia radiation poisoning.
  2. Quick question? He wears 35, why is he called cb4 here?
  3. I think they just made a mistake. I was streaming that game to watch Kluber and on whatever I was watching on tv I seen the ticker say Santana also had hit 2 hrs but it was a mistake.
  4. #2 on the night!!!
  5. Agree, 1st start vs Padres who are last in avg and ops vs lhp, 2nd start vs Marlins
  6. I just started looking but am leaning mike montgomery 2 start week, 1st start vs padres who are last in mlb in avg and ops vs lhp, 2nd start vs Marlins if needed.
  7. Casilla pitched 2 straight 48 pitches in total and was unavailable. Apparently he got hit by a foul ball in the dugout today on his shoulder but xrays were negative, he was unavailable even had he not gotten hit though.
  8. Double switch after bottom of 8th, Aguilar hit 9th for the P, Thames was last out of inning 8 so they double switched to have pitcher up 9th instead of 7th.
  9. Romero remains in for the 9th but Albers is also up
  10. 6-4 now was 6-2 to begin the 8th, go ahead run at the plate 2 outs in the 8th
  11. Bottom of 8, would have to go 5 outs, I`ll post if and when someone warms up
  12. I`m guessing Albers, no one is up as of now
  13. Nationals announcer said the good news is Dusty`s lost 16lbs this year from walking to the mound alone, Blanton served up a hr in the 8th then got a out then gave up a single now going to lhp romero
  14. 2nd straight game with a game winning HR in a tie game in the 9th, first walk off in his mlb career. For my draft day investment I`m already spoiled and like you said what a great post game interview and celebration with his teammates including Manny Pineapple.
  15. That's all for Nicasio, 0 ip 3 hits 1 er 1 bb and responsible for the 3 on