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  1. Final Keeper Help.

    I guess I can add Jamal Murray as a option, he went ahead of Love and Conley in rotoworld early mock. I guess who Love's teammates will play a big role in his ranking.
  2. 12 team h2h keep 7 and I punt blocks. Keeping Steph, Kyrie, Kemba, Jrue, Jokic and KLove. My final option is likely between Conley or Gary Harris.
  3. Guys who stream SP are scumbags.

    As Herm Edwards said you play to win the game. In h2h I always try to use all my moves whether it be streaming SP or streaming hitters on Monday or Thursday and if the matchup dictates and I have moves left on Sunday I will try to add a hitter who'll play for me Monday or a pitcher who has 2 starts or has a good start. Some weeks if I face a team with a big advantage in starts or a streamer and start well in era and whip ill lock those in and concentrate elsewhere and/or on next week/future.
  4. Hey all, just wondering your thoughts on a trade I just made. 5x5 h2h My Trevor Bauer(drafted 10th rnd, 4th SP) currently in a 3rd/4th tie with Godley. for Anthony Rendon (4th rnd pick) Eduardo Nunez was my 3b with Josh Harrison on the DL but will both now be better served as super subs Nunez 2b, 3b, ss, of and harrison 2b, 3b, of Thanks
  5. Anthony Rendon 2018 Outlook

    Begins his rehab assignment today, should be only 1 or 2 games.
  6. 5/1 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Syndergaard, Chase Anderson outside his W, Kela, Soria and my buffoonery of sitting AJ Pollock off a 3 HR game because he was lifetime 7-37 0 hr.
  7. May Closer Thread 2018

    Soria blown save
  8. 5/1 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I have 2 shares but haven't watched him yet, is it just tonight he's been wild?
  9. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Depends on your league settings, if you can add at will, use that spot for streaming a starter or hopefully a good ratio RP and add C's with good matchups when they start. If it's a weekly league or one with limited moves 0's in the counting cats could start to add up, if only short term though I'm sure you can get by.
  10. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    Barraclough in in the 7th with a 6-4 lead.
  11. 4/30 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Go Zimmerman!!! Gets to avoid Ramos also!!!
  12. Ender Inciarte 2018 Outlook

    Let him get a larger sample before considering moving him from the lead off spot, maybe Ender can hit 2 vs RHP and 9 vs LHP.
  13. Ozzie Albies 2018 Outlook

    Ozzie has lead off 8 times in his mlb career and has lead off the game 3 times with a HR.
  14. Ender Inciarte 2018 Outlook

    Ozzie has lead off 8 times in his mlb career and has lead off the game 3 times with a HR.
  15. Ozzie Albies 2018 Outlook

    Offered and declined Rendon, then offered Rendon and Stroman and also declined.