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  1. If the date is off the top of my head between Dec 20-Jan-4 and preferably 5x5 h2h I'm down for a mock auction. If roto, I'm down to be a reserve.
  2. Payton was dropped yesterday in my 14 man league. I've watched some Magic games since I own Vucevic and Gordon but haven't paid enough attention to Payton. Do Payton owners think he keeps us similar stats/usage/minutes from here on out. I have a punt blocks team where is out of position rebounds would help while adding to my dominance in assists and steals. Team is elite in pts, 3ptm and ft% so those poor stats should'nt matter much or could lead to trading another pg. Thanks
  3. Joel Embiid 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I know, if this and previous post is against the rules my apologies. What I meant to ask is who would be the backup C, who would start if Embiid rests?
  4. Richaun Holmes 2017-2018 Outlook

    With the acquisition of Trevor Booker is he now useless??? I have him in as insurance for in a weekly league for Embiid so it didn't hurt to roster him.
  5. Joel Embiid 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    With the acquisition of Booker is it safe to say Richaun Holmes is useless??? He was insurance for me in a weekly league so it didn't hurt to hold for me.
  6. Stephen Anderson 2017 Season Outlook

    I like both options but take away the game Winston got hurt in and the games Winston missed and without doing the math I bet Brate is the #4 te ppg wise with Winston.
  7. adding players when out of playoffs!?

    Non playoff teams should be locked imo, no consolation round. However in week 13 or earlier mathematically eliminated teams can and should still add players to play spoiler.
  8. Waiver Wire Touts - Playoffs and Beyond

    On 12 targets, Fiedorowicz had 3 before getting concussed so 15 TE targets. CJ Fied.... had 8 targets the week before, Ellington got hurt yesterday and for Anderson's sake hopefully Fuller misses again. Add the fact SF has given up a TD to a TE in 5 of the last 6 games. Defensive leader Navarro Bowman was released 1 game before this streak began.
  9. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 8

    Anyone on Phoenix, Utah or Washington for those in daily leagues. 3 games in 4 days including games on slow Tuesday and Thursday.
  10. Sam Dekker 2017-2018 Outlook

    Same boat here but I went with Harrell for 3 games in 4 days, 99% gone Monday.
  11. Montrezl Harrell 17-18 Season Outlook

    Harrell it is, combination of him starting and how my h2h matchup is going. He's likely a 3 day rental that can hopefully give me FG%, Steals and Blocks anything else is a bonus.
  12. Montrezl Harrell 17-18 Season Outlook

    Plays today, Saturday and Sunday. I'm grabbing he or Dekker asap, Dekker should get some SF time and PF time so shouldn't he get similar if not more minutes?
  13. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 7

    I'm not commish in a league to answer but ask your commish.
  14. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 7

    What he said. Weekly Deadline: Daily - Today Weekly Deadline: Daily - Tomorrow
  15. 14 team h2h snake/12 team h2h auction Steals Vucevic(54th/$19) AGordon(59th) GHarris(82nd) DCollison(87th/$4) Dinwiddie(FA/FA) Busts BGriffin(26th) Millsap($26)