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  1. I can trade the 3rd overall pick in a redraft (who i change my mind all the time who I'd take) and my 23rd rnd pick for his 2nd and 3rd pick which would be 25 and 32. Based on projected auction prices it's a win for me but was wondering what others thought. Also it is a 5x5 h2h
  2. 7, Ive seen Scherzer, Ramirez, JD Martinez, Arenado, Turner and Yelich all go as high as 3rd overall and at least 2 will be there for you at 7 and you'll get a nice player in rnd 2 also.
  3. On yahoo I know if you draft on the 19th or earlier or 20th if your roster change format is Daily - today. I however can't find if the total for your weekly moves (I assume so) start on the 20th or wait until the 28th.
  4. Trea Turner’s 162 game average is 20 HR, 56 SBs, 106 runs and a .289 BA. Only Rickey Henderson and Joe Morgan have ever produced all four of those marks in a season.
  5. Alvarado, Strop and Strahm. I'd also flip a coin and keep a red sox reliever probably Brasier over ASanchez.
  6. He's 2 for me right now, Sale pitches today for the first time this spring and that may or may not bump him to 3 for me. In your situation based on your rankings it's clearly a pass for best hitter available and then hope to nab one of the other P's you mentioned in the 2nd. For me after the top 6 hitters and Max I currently value the next bunch of hitters very similar so I go with my pitcher first and then hitter in round 2 should I pick 8th or lower.
  7. I have done it 3 times, but never at the draft. I did it twice loading up on hitting then just selling whatever sp i had that were too good to drop, usually was like 2 or 3. In these instances I finished 2nd and 1st in both the regular season and playoffs. The third time I did it I had a balanced team but injuries, struggles and then 1 trade offered to me got the ball rolling, anyways in this instance I finished 3rd in regular season but 5th in the playoffs but my offense wasn't as dominant as in the other 2 instances as I didnt load up like I did there. Its a strategy that barring all sorts of bad luck I would say it is damm near impossible to miss the playoffs but once in the playoffs you could easily lose in a 1 week matchup if you struggle or if your opponent has a hot week etc...
  8. Last season Jacob deGrom had the best ERA in the majors at 1.70 while also having the best FIP at 1.99 and XFIP at 2.60 while his SIERA was 3rd best at 2.78 among qualified pitchers. He was also 4th in K's and 5th in K/9. He was 3rd in WHIP, 2nd if you only count those with 162 IP or more. He also had the best soft hit% and 3rd best hard hit%. His 10 wins were the only thing lacking in a 5x5 line but the Mets should be better this year. In closing I know it is a short sample but to my knowledge deGrom's career numbers with short hair are the ones I mentioned above and I just seen him this spring and his hair is still short so I'm buying as SP2 and in the neighborhood of 8th overall.
  9. Hopefully last seasons .527 OPS (Yes OPS) vs LHP at 1B sits at least to start games and then can pinch hit or bring his gold glove defense in later in the game should the situation call for it.
  10. NFBC is like this but 12 teams(online championship) and 15 for the main event but a 1000 IP minimum and no maximum. In roto I put a huge emphasis on ERA and WHIP since unlike counting stats it is much harder to climb the standings. I would try to draft as many set and forget arms as possible and the rest would be upside arms, closers and elite ratio middle relievers and each week would be different based on the matchups. Saves or even speculation saves often become available during the year but often they hurt your ratios so that is why I like to concentrate on your ratios at the draft. It'll be different every week and fantasy pros has 2 great tools for the following week it shows every team and who they are starting for pitchers that week and who they are facing and how they fare vs that handed pitcher. They also have the same thing for hitters it'll show for instance they have 7 games 5 vs RHP, 2 vs LHP and rank them also, this can be big for a guy who mashes lefties or who struggles vs lefties when you have to lock them in for the week and you can see it all on one easy to navigate page.
  11. Hellickson, Fedde, Matz and on phone but some guy named Lockett and some guy named Purdy or Burdy.
  12. In standard yahoo 7 ip and standard espn 10 ip minimum, I've done this 3 times and reached the playoffs all 3 times with 1 1st and 1 2nd and I forget the other but not top 3, in a daily league focusing on hitting and also having your bench being all hitters allows you to dominate the hitting stats and when many teams stream pitching you stream hitters that play on days with less games typically monday and thursday to get a shot at more counting stats.
  13. Imo 6 gold gloves in 6 years is a hall of fame pace if it continues, the offense is a added bonus.
  14. I've seen Billy steal 2nd while arguably the best armed catcher (Yadier Molina called a pitchout) I'm not lying he beat a throw from Yadi on a pitchout. If Billy could figure out how to steal 1B a record setting year could happen.