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  1. His AAA AVG over .300 and up to 10 HR on the year after his 2 HR performance last night. Playing exclusively corner outfield, I feel like he is nearing a promotion to the bigs.
  2. Ive been a believer since last year. High K rate, good command, electric fastball, improved secondaries... lookout, the breakout is getting closer.
  3. Once things click, they will click. It’s only a matter of time and all it takes is that moment of clarity one day when the the ball starts looking like a beach ball. I have 0 shares of him and honestly don’t see how a 20 year old with that big of a body already will hold up over the long run. He is going to really have to work hard and eat right throughout his career to be in tip top shape. But the dude is a hitter and is going to hit. Patience.
  4. Has every tool in the shed and can’t even get on the field because of an unknown elbow issue. Let’s get some updates.. how are beat reporters not asking about him considering how terrible the OF has been playing lately. It’s been a month.
  5. On 5/3 he pitched 0.2 innings and gave up 5 ER. What the hell is going on? Injury? His PEDs wearing off?
  6. His utilization and low pitch counts are incredible. He is literally pounding the zone, challenging hitters and they still can’t hit him. I posted this last night and was for some reason deleted, but through 4IP he had 8Ks and 11 of 14 batters had seen only 4 pitches or less. He didn’t even utilize his changeup, his best pitch, until the 5th inning. That loopy curveball looks susceptible to me once people catch onto it but his 97-98 MPH fastball really makes that pitch more effective than it should be.
  7. This 27 year old guy has been hitting the ball well for Detroit. Is this simply a hot streak? I’ve never heard of him.
  8. Thanks for your input and contribution. 90% (complete guess) of posts on RW forums are people reporting stats and observations that can be made by looking at a players stat sheet.
  9. Who said anything about dropping anyone? Just making an observation. He had a horrible day. Only K’d once at least.
  10. Lord have mercy. Stros won’t be able to resist after this performance.
  11. Any other opinions before I send this trade over?
  12. if I got Thor I’d stick with him and ride it out as long as I could. I’d rather have McHugh over Davies or Madbum.
  13. if you can get Thor for that go for it but I will say that I’d be worried about him... he hasn’t pitched well at all in any of his starts. It’s a gamble but that’s what it takes to win leagues.