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  1. Anything new here? Do we think he's done for 2019?
  2. This one says repair, and nothing about snip, hence ER. Rapaport fails.
  3. I thought Montgomery looked good....he got to the line of scrimmage on plays I thought would lose yards on.
  4. The source I can find (Rapaport's twitter) that sort of details it isn't 100% clear, but it does specifically say "trim a torn meniscus". If you own him, you should know about his situation already.
  5. Let me say this for the people with short memories in the back of the room- Joe Mixon had this injury last year and missed 2 weeks. One more time- Joe Mixon Last year Same injury Two weeks If you thought he was a playmaker during your draft, he's the same guy, you just can't use him for 2 weeks. If he did get this snipped this week, he'll be standing on the sidelines this week. If he got it repaired, yeah, drop away.
  6. He'll have the option to snip out the bad meniscus (week 3 in play) or repair it (more like 8 weeks). If you snip it, you risk long term arthritis with less padding in the joint.
  7. Same here. Back up TEs are wasted RB depth so yeah, I'm starting him with some level of confidence.
  8. Let's go Mahle, Pineda, and Giolito. Do or die to make the championship of an early ending league. Go time.
  9. I feel like this is exactly what the Patriots do. Time and time again they pick up has-beens, malcontents, project ex superstars and see what they can do. Moss, Dillon, Blount, Ocho, Gordon, and on and on.
  10. A couple points on innings limits for Soroka- AA is not a believer in innings limits. The Braves have a podcast and his episode as a guest last year covers that. Soroka pitched 153 innings in 2017. Yes, he missed time last year, but he's done that much, and usually once you get around 160, pitchers get unleashed. He's starting each playoff series for the Braves. They aren't benching their best pitcher, they are going to ride him.
  11. Started Elieser Hernandez against ATL last night in a non blowout, H2H cats league yesterday.
  12. I legitimately think it may be constipation.
  13. Tulo just announced his retirement. Possible HOF trajectory derailed by injury. Thanks for providing the world with one of the great fantasy baseball names of all time, TULOwindow TULOwall, signing off.
  14. According to Twitter, not broken. Seems like Rays doing their thing and shuffling because they can.