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  2. Alright we go! 4-10 Man Leagues ran as 1 Mega League Payouts Galore...for baseball there was 13 ways to win some eazy $ 3 Leagues in 1... 1. A Survivor approach named Last Man Standing 2. The normal boring standard league set-up 3. A TD ONLY League where the team who scores the most TDs will get paid LAST MAN STANDING CONCEPT Each week the lowest scoring teams will be eliminated. Teams that get eliminated will be able to rejoin LMS if they gain revival by being the highest scoring team of the week. Teams that haven't been eliminated will fight for immunity each week. To gain immunity you must be the highest scoring team in the league at the end of any week up through week 10. TD ONLY CONCEPT The team with the most TDs on the year through the end of the playoffs will be awarded the prize money for this portion of the league Standard Concept Top 6 teams make the playoffs in each league, top 2 teams in each league receive a bye in the 1st round of the playoffs. PAYOUTS (WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE FINAL NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS) LMS Portion Payouts to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Standard League Payouts to League Champion, Runner-up and Regular Season Champs in each of the 4 Leagues TD Only payout to the top TD team in the league SCORING Standard ESPN PPR Scoring *RELEGATION* Throughout the season your total points will accumulate and teams will be shifted the following season. There are 4 leagues, WWE, NXT, WCW-nWo, AEW All Leagues have 2 QBs, 5 RBs, 7 WRs, 3 start your entire team every week WWE has 3 FLEX SPOTS, NXT has 2 FLEX SPOTS, WCW-nWo has 1 FLEX SPOT and AEW has NONE The Goal annually is to fight to get into a better league, giving you more players on your team and a better chance to win money. TRACKING I've brought in the best CPA i know to do the tracking for the league and its finances...only problem is, I only know 1 CPA... MISC. BUY-IN is $25, LEAGUE IS HANDLED ON ESPN, FEES ARE HELD IN LEAGUE-SAFE, GOOGLE DOCS TO HANDLE ALL THE TRACKING PAYMENT MUST BE MADE UPON ARRIVAL BEFORE YOU WILL BE ADDED TO THE LEAGUE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED FOR WHERE EACH TEAM STARTS OFF...THE WWE is full already...the sooner you join, the more players you will have on your team...waiting to see if this league fills will only cost will fill. Don't wait to jump in If you have any questions or would like an invite, simply leave your email here and we will reach out to you to get the fees paid and you added to ESPN THANKS The Game
  3. Team available has some great talent and cap friendly players. some tweaking here and there and its a top contender salaries held on google docs must join groupme app for transaction purposes, not a real chat heavy group, just business
  4. R.I.P Mateo Thread
  5. i was actually looking for his thread last night. thanks
  6. Sell more beer...we're talking Canadian Brew? Yuck
  7. Mike Soroka getting the call up for Thursday start v Arizona
  8. I'd like to join the league with the 3 Bozos. Not Ed Buzzkills.
  9. He usually flips out and blows up your DM if you bust his chops for more then three consecutive days, just sayin. He's the funny guy out in the open, SUPER sensitive behind closed doors. Pretty sure he is just bored.
  10. We have two open spots in a split 24 man league OPEN TEAM 1 OPEN TEAM 2 Pick a superstar and participate in weekly and/or daily matches We have cage matches, ladder matches....all unique formats to give the good old fantasy baseball leagues a twist. Here is a link to the off site with all the info to explain how things work. We have a groupme app for daily banter We cut live promos We have more fun in this league then any other Here are the espn settings... 04joshbyers for an invite
  11. bump for one, drafts starts sunday. team has first pick
  12. bump for one, drafts starts sunday. team has first pick
  13. draft starts sunday morning, last team in ended up drawing first pick in the draft need one owner to join and pay to play
  14. 8 guys in and well as active and quickly responsive on chat the same is needed from the last 2 owners
  15. FANTRAX-GOOGLE SHEETS-LEAGUE SAFE 10 TEAMS DRAFT STARTS SUNDAY 15 ROUND SLOW DRAFT FOLLOWED BY A 10 PLAYER FREE AGENT SIGNIN PERIOD WHERE OWNERS BID ON PLAYERS 5X5 Each Cat Hitting: R,RBI,SB,HR,OBS PITCHING: Ks, Ws, Svs + Hlds, ERA, WHIP 25 man rosters 5 designated for minor leaguers 4 bench 5 SPs, 2 RPs C,1b,2b,3b,SS,LF,CF,RF,Util SPREADSHEETS WITH ALL RULES AND TEAM CAP CONTROL SHEETS Payment expected upon arrival. Draft will start after everyone is in and paid. Group Me App used for any/all communication PAYOUTS LEAGUE CHAMP $150 RUNNER-UP $75 3rd Place $25 for invites to all of it