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  1. Both teams have been picked up.
  2. Looking to fill two rosters here. 1st team: Record- 1-11-1 (Needs a major rebuild) 2nd team: Record- 6-7 (Pretty average team missing superstar players) League homepage/rules link: My email is Please only email me if you are interested in being in this league for a long time. Thanks!
  3. Both teams have been picked up.
  4. A couple of owners have gone totally inactive and I am looking for replacements. I will post the links to their teams below. (4-6 record. The team has a lot of potential and a chance to make the playoffs this year still) (1-9 record. Definitely more of a challenge to rebuild and has suffered greatly due to injuries) Let me know if you are interested. My email is
  5. Looking For A League Brand new keeper league for free My email is
  6. Free H2H 14 Team Keeper League
  7. Looking for H2H, keeper/dynasty
  8. Live Draft TBD $25 buy in 1st place- $70, 2nd- $50, 3rd- $30 (Custom League so it is $150 to create it) 7 keepers each year (for now) H2H points weekly matchups Leaguesafe for payments Link to league is above Email me if you have any questions-