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  1. Can I switch the cardinals out for the Nationals if they’re still available?
  2. I’ll take the Rangers and the Cardinals.
  3. I’ll take How if still open Email is
  4. I’ll take a team if still available.
  5. Interested. 1) stars 2) kings 3) ducks Would like to know more about scoring rules. my email is
  6. Looking to fill two rosters here. 1st team: Record- 1-11-1 (Needs a major rebuild) 2nd team: Record- 6-7 (Pretty average team missing superstar players) League homepage/rules link: My email is Please only email me if you are interested in being in this league for a long time. Thanks!
  7. A couple of owners have gone totally inactive and I am looking for replacements. I will post the links to their teams below. (4-6 record. The team has a lot of potential and a chance to make the playoffs this year still) (1-9 record. Definitely more of a challenge to rebuild and has suffered greatly due to injuries) Let me know if you are interested. My email is