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  1. bases loaded, Bryant up, 2 out. Ropes one to the warning track but caught. 😪
  2. Good stuff! Point being, every format has its’ pros and cons. It’s fantasy football. My post was satire, about judging who earns points and how/why they did. It’s a game. Play the formats you enjoy and don’t judge other ones you don’t play. 🤷‍♂️
  3. So a guy who works his butt off taking hit after hit, catching 14 balls for 80 yards, shouldn’t earn those fantasy’s points but a guy that catches 1 ball for 79 yds and a TD off the bench on broken coverage in garbage time earns those points in standard leagues huh? Those bonus pounds for long plays yeah! Ok. 😂
  4. Man, he gets that bat around quickly. Sometimes I see the pitch appears inside and I think "that's going to handcuff him" and he hits a HR.
  5. Don't draft a kicker who's going to miss a bunch of XP's and FG's and then consider retiring after 2 weeks. Oh wait, too late for that.
  6. Thanks Cano, for that bases loaded ground out double play, nice job. don't even get an RBI out of it.
  7. seriously, unreal. Meanwhile guys like Fried and Means (many others I'm sure) are falling apart at the worst time.
  8. Such a waste of talent. He ended up on the worst possible team.
  9. Cano doing nothing in Coors this week so far, what a trap.