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  1. took him near the end of draft for free basically, but that was last weekend Good luck! I drafted earlier this year and it might pay off.
  2. Bold prediction: Puig will behave like a normal baseball player for more than a week. I lose.
  3. They should keep playing them both, at this rate they'll combine for 100 HR's this season.
  4. I would do either deal. if you do the 2nd deal, immediately scoop Kepler and McMahon. My link:
  5. leave on waivers until June and hope for the strong 2nd half.
  6. I think it's a fine strategy if you don't want to pay to draft/acquire one of the top catchers and if there are always available starting catchers on the wire (sounds like there are).
  7. when you say punt catcher, are you saying only roster 1 and not worry about days off? Yeah don't waste a roster spot on a backup catcher, wouldn't call that punting it.
  8. you're not in my league, so...don't care you rock, drock