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  1. We have a multiyear ESPN Points Keeper league kicking off the 2019-20 season with our live draft on Monday night. keepers are due Sunday night. Our league is unique in that we have the non-playoff teams (Consolation rounds) play for the #1 pick. One of our longtime owners had to bow out this week. His team, which is now vacant, is called Slap Shot. If you are a veteran fantasy hockey player who likes well-organized leagues and good competition, come join us this year. If interested, send an email to jalexjr@aol.com or respond here. First come, first served. Thanks! The Commish Visit the leaue: https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league?leagueId=5536
  2. Sorry I left out the league link: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=7318
  3. Our 12-team league drafted last week and one of our owners is a no-show. The season started with just a couple overseas games, but starts in earnest next week. We're a group of active, engaged, committed owners and are looking for someone to take over this team who will remain active. Our league is called "Hard Core Owners" and the vacant team is "Bleacher Bums." Some facts about the league: 1) Draft pick trading is allowed 2) Non-playoff teams battle for the #1 pick the next season in the consolation rounds 3) Each week is either 1 W, L or T If interested, please leave your contact info below. specially need the email to send you the invite to take over the team Thanks! The Commish
  4. We still need just one more owner to schedule our live draft for this league. a gfeat competitive league. We just had a big 1:1 trade today with Max Scherzer for Manny Machado...
  5. Hi I have already found a new owner. he emailed me. Would you be interested if we have a second opening even during the offseason?This is a long-term Keeper.
  6. Are you still looking for a league? Let me know. My email is jalexjr@aol.com. Here is the league where we need a new owner: http://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league?leagueId=426
  7. Still looking for one more owner to round out this league. Thanks. The Commish.
  8. Still looking for an owner to take over this team and get them ready for next year by possibly winning the consolation playoffs and thereby capturing the #1 draft pick...
  9. Yes, it's late in the season, but that doesn't mean this isn't an opportunity. Our league is looking to replace one owner who quite late in the season on a team that is good but has been neglected. Now is actually the time to gran the time to get ready for next year. Our non-playoff "consolation" teams fight it out for the #1 pick next year. So stepping right in, you have something to ply for. Here is a link to the league: http://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/team?leagueId=426&teamId=1&seasonId=2019 The available team is Winnipeg Wildcats. In addition to having a playoff for the #1 draft pick the next season, we also offer draft pick trading. We are truly an innovative league. If interested, please leave your email address below so I can send you an invite! The Commish
  10. We have a 12-category Keeper that has been in business for several years. One of our owners had to drop out and our draft is Sunday, May 17 at 5 pm Eastern. We need to replace this owner. Our league : 1) allows draft pick trading; 2) uses the post-season consolation playoffs to decide who gets the #1 pick the following year and 3) has posted rules including mandatory Keepers rules that makes the #1 draft pick extremely valuable. Here is a link to the league: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=11459 The vacant team is Melbourne Mystic, featuring Adam Jones, Joey Votto, Andrew McCutchen and Shohei Otani among others. Visit our page and look back over our history to see how competitive we have been. If interested, leave your email address below for an invite. First come, first served. Thanks. The Commish
  11. Try it now JLSanders. I went back and changed it to YES under Make This League Viewable to Public. Apparently it automatically change from 2018 to 2019. I had to manually change. ESPN has new fantasy league sites this year with new features and settings. Taking some getting used to. now that link should work fine. Thanks.
  12. JL SandersJr, send me your email. Maybe I can get it to work that way. I always have our league set on "Viewable to the Public." Send me your email. Post it here is fine thanks.