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  1. In the process of sending out invites. Sorting it all out. Thanks for the respones! Looks like a good crop of owners!
  2. Our Keeper is in its second year now. We had a great first year of competition. As we prepare to start the new season, we need to replace 6 of our 12 owners. One unique thing about our league is that the non-playoff teams compete for the #1 drat pick in the consolation tournament. This year's draft order is posted on the page. Here is a look at the league: http://games.espn.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=11077&seasonId=2018 . The available teams are: FishSticks Sandusky's Kids Bengals Hawkeye Nation Heat 75 Lukas Interested? Leave your email address below and the team you want. First come, first serve. We are looking to draft early August. Thanks! The Commish
  3. This is a 12-team, first-year ESPN Keeper that operates according to the weekly category format. In other words, each week is either a W, L or T. Incredibly, the vacant team is tied for first in one of the two divisions at 8-5-0. The owner dropped out. To preserve the integrity of the league, we need a replacement ASAP. Team features Buster Posey, Eric Hosmer, Scooter Gennett, Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer etc. Here is a link to the league and the team is called, "Bleacher Bums:" http://games.espn.com/flb/leagueoffice?leagueId=7318&seasonId=2018 One interesting thing about our league is that at the end of the season, the "non-playoff" teams that are in the consolation tourney compete for the #1 pick in the next year's draft. Winning the so-called "loser's playoff" secures that #1 draft spot. This makes the postseason exciting all the way around. Interested? Leave your info here. Thanks and Happy Fourth! The Commish (first come first served)
  4. One of our owners obviously has not shown up and to maintain the integrity and competitiveness, we're looking for a replacement ASAP. With the new week starting Monday and being just one month into a very long season, it is a good time to bring in a new owner. Here is a link to the league and the team needing a new owner is Green Monsters, which right now sits in last place in its division. All the team needs is a little "care and feeding" as it has some good players: http://games.espn.com/flb/clubhouse?leagueId=6769&teamId=1&seasonId=2018 . Some features of our league: LIVE draft every year Draft pick trading Consolation winner gets #1 draft pick Active, engaged owners Seeking interested, savvy, active owner. If interested, leave your contact info here and you will receive an invite. Thanks. The Commish
  5. You need to send me an email so I can invite you. Send to:




    Also, it is MILL RAT that is open and not Been there Doan That. My mistake!


    The Commish