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  1. just to be transparent, i did leave the league. its 11:30 PM and the draft time still not set and LS is not up. i am sure yo can find a replacement for me asap, but i gotta get some sleep. at this rate wth ESPN the soonest the draft would be is 12:30 AM
  2. LMAO who is Superstar? clearly we are in a few leagues together... i know i saw Neal in there (Not sure if thats you) And i really dont want to set up the league safe because i will have to track payments lol.. i can walk you through setting it up if you wanna call me commish 513-349-9893 its gotta be quick tho.l.l if we not gonna draft soon ima have to go to sleep
  3. im in, but you said it was two flex spots, it still just one
  4. Let me get that last spot that says reserved... send link to I'll pay right now
  5. Make it 12 teams and I will pay right away lol
  6. Just my opinion but on a $25 buy in league, you really had that money spread out. Probably would have had more people at wanting to play If half the league didnt get money back lol
  7. Can you make it 2 flex? If so I am in...hate to be so picky lol
  8. Make it 2 flex spots and 6 teams make playoffs and I am in