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  1. A must watch for those such as myself that thinks tv programs these days are targeted to people that have an IQ of a Pet Rock.Great show!
  2. I forgot about this thread....got a laugh just like the first time,you can't make this kinda stuff up..you can only wrote it!
  3. Listen to Predator,he sees that twinkle in your eye and understands your strong multi tasking skills that all good writers have,I missed it but I am no way a writer.Predator,his Grandmother and two small children will accompany you to your first interview as you fill out your employment application on the freeway.
  4. I stand corrected,grammar is not important in "writing".My mistake,I guess I am old school to where spelling,grammar,proof reading and how to format were extremely important to writers,it is 2015 and our society has indeed changed to where people like you are our future...apologies all around.And,btw,where do you live so my friends and all their children and family members that drive can avoid you while you are writing.
  5. No disrespect intended but for one thing,the most important thing,knowing when to insert a verb is crucial or in your case a crucial mistake.Becoming a"writer" for a blog,mag...rag,requires basic knowledge concerning verbs and nouns.You do not intend to become a "write" for Rotoworld but most likely a "writer".Good luck but I think your first impression with proper grammar will not go unnoticed.