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  1. Devin Booker for Clint Capella? WHIR100%

    I like the trade. Its pretty close IMO but I think i'd go with Capela. Help me?
  2. Trade Lillard to get Capela? WHIR 100%

    Thanks! If I could get him to toss in Draymond or D. Cousins would that make it worth it to downgrade keepers from a this year perspective?
  3. Good sell high on Ayton? WHIR

    I definitely prefer KAT to Ayton and I see that as a pretty big upgrade. Dipo I like a lot but Bledsoe should be a serviceable replacement for him. Its pretty close but overall I'd take KAT and Bledsoe as you'd be getting the best player in the deal. Help me?
  4. Porzingis <> Irving in a keeper? 100% WHIR

    Yes, I would definitely do this trade. Get Irving and Middleton! Help me?
  5. Julius Randle or Drummond for the future? WHIR

    I would go with Drummond. Think he will continue to improve and overall be more valuable than Randle. Help me?
  6. 12 team, Standard H2H Each Cat Scoring. We keep 3 players per year. Should I make this trade? I give: Damian Lillard, Julius Randle, and Wendell Carter Jr. I get: Clint Capela, John Collins, and Trae Young My team: PG: Damian Lillard SG: Brandon Ingram SF: LeBron James PF: Julius Randle C: Joel Embiid F: Kyle Kuzma G: Kris Dunn UTIL: Lonzo Ball UTIL: Wendell Carter Jr UTIL: Gordon Hayward Bench: Collin Sexton, Kevin Huerter, Jeremy Lin, Kent Bazemore, Vince Carter, Tyson Chandler, and Malik Beasley
  7. I'm looking for two replacement owners in my 12 team H2H League. We keep 3 players per year. Team 1 top players: Chris Paul, Kemba Walker, Tobias Harris, DeAndre Jordan, and more... Link to team: Team 2 top players: Nikola Jokic, Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, and more... Link to team: Let me know which team your interested in and leave an email for me to send the invite.
  8. Collusion in my Money League?

    Thanks! I agree as well. I know this one owner who is losing these trades is smart though. He knows what he is doing, and he won the league last year. I know he has been upset for some of this year so it would make sense to me if he started helping someone else out.
  9. Collusion in my Money League?

    Thanks! I agree. First one is iffy even if he needs a RB but he doesn't and hasn't started Kerryon once. Third one makes no sense to me.
  10. Collusion in my Money League?

    Trade 1 happened October 17th. I thing that one can be defended if Team B needed a RB but he has 4 other RB and hasn't once started Kerryon so the only thing on that trade is he downgraded at QB. Trade 2 was the next day. (18th) Trade 3 was today. My concern is that all 3 of the trades combined have made team A significantly better while team B hasn't improved at all.
  11. Hey everyone, I normally don't have problems with trades, and haven't ever had to veto a deal, but i'm starting to grow concerned there might be some collusion in my league. Two owners who I know, know each other have made 3 trades over the course of the past couple weeks. The first two made no sense to me, and I already had some concerns, but this third one is really making me question it. I could be over reacting but I know this one guy is a very good owner, and the trades he has made has stacked the other team and done nothing to benefit his team. Trade 1: Team A gets: Patrick Mahomes, and Eric Ebron Team B gets: Kirk Cousins, and Kerryon Johnson (never once started Kerryon) Trade 2: Team A gets: Odell Beckham Jr. Team B gets: Juju Smith-Schuster Trade 3: Team A gets: TY Hilton, and Rams D/ST Team B gets: Doug Baldwin, and Redskins D/ST Team A now looks like: QB: Patrick Mahomes RB: Kareem Hunt RB: Christian McCaffery WR: Odell Beckham Jr WR: Tyreek Hill TE: OJ Howard FLEX: TY Hilton D/ST: Rams D/ST K: Mason Crosby I think they are being pretty smart about not making it too obvious but I do think there may be some collusion. Thoughts??
  12. Trade Anthony Davis? WHIR

    Standard H2H each cat scoring. Keep 3 players per year. I give: Anthony Davis, Cedi Osman I get: DeMar DeRozan, Luka Doncic, and Javele McGee What do you think? Is this a fair deal?
  13. FLEX Help WHIR

    Jones for me
  14. PPR League. Who should I start at WR 2 with Diggs out. John Brown Courtland Sutton Devin Funchess