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  1. Josh Gordon or Tevin Coleman? WHIR

    Thanks! I got all the WR's by trading most of my RB depth. lol. Trying to revamp that by locking down the Falcons backfield with AP or Dion Lewis as my RB 2
  2. PPR League. If I have Devonta Freeman, is it worth it to trade Josh Gordon for Tevin Coleman? My WR's: Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr, Stefon Diggs, Quincy Enunwa, and Kenny Golladay
  3. Which Starting Line-up is better? WHIR 100%

    Thanks! So basically you'd prefer M. Gordon and Landry to Devonta and Brown?
  4. Bought Low/Sold Low

    I think you did very well. Nice trade! Help me?
  5. Buyers Remorse

    I like the trade, since you didn't really need luck and got an upgrade in Fitz. Seems good to me. Help?
  6. WDIS: Flex Collins, Enunwa, or Cole. WHIR!

    Enunwa for me! Help?
  7. Hyde or Quincy this week, please help!

    Quincy for me. Help?
  8. Edelman, Lindsay trade help

    I'm fine with it. You need a RB and don't know what Edelman does when he comes back (especially with Gordon there now). I'd grab Lindsay. Help me?
  9. Which side? Whir

    Hard to tell without seeing your roster but value wise I prefer the David Johnson side. Help me?
  10. Hill for Adams? WHIR

    I think its fair. Just personal preference at that point as to whether you prefer Adams (and have faith in Rodgers staying healthy) or prefer Tyreek Hill. I think they will be pretty similar ROS. I'd probably prefer Hill though. Help me?
  11. PPR League! 12 teams, ReDraft. Which Roster would you rather have? Roster 1: QB: Jimmy Garrapollo RB: Devonta Freeman (Adrian Peterson is replacement while he is hurt) RB: Kenyon Drake WR: Antonio Brown WR: Odell Beckham Jr, TE: David NJoku FLEX: Stefon Diggs Roster 2: QB: Jimmy Garrapollo RB: Melvin Gordon RB: Adrian Peterson WR: Odell Beckham Jr WR: Stefon Diggs TE: David NJoku FLEX: Jarvis Landry
  12. Antonio Brown trade? WHIR

    Thanks! What if it was Gordon and Landry?
  13. Antonio Brown trade? WHIR

    Horrible for me value wise or because of my RB situation?
  14. Antonio Brown trade? WHIR

    Thanks! I that kinda thinking, since I have another deal in place for Fitzgerald if I could go Brown, Odell, and Fitzgerald as my 2WR, and Flex, then Devonta at RB 1. I could go with AP at RB 2 or package Landry and another player for a new RB. Thoughts on that?
  15. Antonio Brown trade? WHIR

    Standard PPR League. I give: Melvin Gordon, and Stefon Diggs I get: Antonio Brown, and Devonta Freeman. Thoughts on this trade? My RB's: M, Gordon, Peterson, Lynch, Morris, Michel, and Yeldon My WR's: Odell, Diggs, Landry, J. Gordon, Golladay, and D. Parker