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  1. PPR League, should I start Aaron Jones or Josh Gordon in my flex?
  2. 12 team, redraft PPR league. I give: Marlon Mack, and Chris Conley I get: Julien Edelman, and Phillip Lindsay My team: QB: Carson Wentz RB: Todd Gurley RB: Leonard Fournette WR: Julio Jones WR: Tyler Boyd TE: David Njoku FLEX: Marlon Mack BENCH: David Montgomery, Kyler Murray, Ronald Jones, Chris Conley, Marquise Brown, Malcolm Brown, Mohammed Sanu
  3. Standard 12 team, PPR League. Non-keeper I give: Kyler Murray, and Marquise Brown I get: Matt Ryan, and Tyler Lockett My team: QB: Carson Wentz RB: Todd Gurley RB: Leonard Fournette WR: Julio Jones WR: Tyler Boyd TE: David NJoku FLEX: Aaron Jones BENCH: David Montgomery, Josh Gordon, Kyler Murray, Marquise Brown, Chris Conley, Malcom Brown, Mohamed Sanu
  4. PPR League, Should I start Tyler Boyd or Josh Gordon as my WR2?
  5. PPR league, should I start Aaron Jones or David Montgomery at RB tonight?
  6. I just drafted in my 12 team, PPR money league. Had pick #11. What do you think of my team? What improvements should I look to make? My team: QB: Carson Wentz RB: Todd Gurley RB: Leonard Fournette WR: Julio Jones WR: Tyler Boyd TE: David Njoku Flex: Aaron Jones K: Matt Prater D/ST: Browns D/ST Bench: David Montgomery, Josh Gordon, Darrell Henderson, Jaylen Samuels, Donte Moncrief, Kyler Murray, Mohamed Sanu
  7. Personally, I'm not sold on Correa. Was hurt a lot last year and really struggled when he did play, and has been hurt most of this year. I would consider Bregman and Correa for Bellinger. I probably like Trout the most but with 1B eligibility Bellinger would give you nice depth. You'd be getting the best player in the deal in Bellinger and he will give you some depth at 1B. If your sold on Correa coming back and being an upper tier player I'd understand not making the move, but for me personally I'm not sold on that, so I'd take the best player in the deal.
  8. Bellinger and Arenado for me as well. Help me?
  9. I look at is as who is the least likely to blow-up, and give you a win. Soroka I would start 100%. I think he has the lowest chance of hurting your ERA and with the Braves offense gives you a good chance at a win. I think there is some risk with Giolito so I would bench him. If Soroka throws a good game, he could get you ERA and W by himself and I wouldn't even start anyone else. If that doesn't happen, and you still need a win and/or to lower your ERA, I think Lynn is the next guys I start. Tough matchup against the Astros but he has been very good lately and threw a gem against them last time they faced. If your concerned about just Lynn not getting it done, I also think its fine to hedge your bets and start both him and Hendricks. He may not do great, but I don't think he would hurt your ERA too badly if something were to happen and gives you more of a chance to get those CATS. Hope this helps. Help me?
  10. Yeah, I would do this deal. Help me?
  11. Standard H2H Each Cat scoring. Keep 10 players per year, and can keep them for as long as you want. Team in Sig. I give: Alex Bregman, Jorge Polanco, Keston Hiura I get: Trea Turner, Fernando Tatis Jr, Nick Senzel Is this fair value or should I give more to try and get this deal to work? Thanks, and I will answer yours as well.