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  1. Boston rode him into the ground. He bet on himself once and struck out. Now, he is setting up to strike out again. He was an exciting player when healthy. However, hip injuries can be devastating to players who rely on speed. He signed a one year contract to prove it contract and he is running out of time. I can see him heading overseas.
  2. Thibbs Fired: Fantasy Implications

    It depends on what type of fantasy who you are talking around.
  3. Arizona Cardinals 2019 Outlook

    They may be desperate. Other candidates are turning down interviews. It doesn't look good when you fire your HC after only one season, especially when the GM is responsible for the horrid roster.
  4. 2018 Christmas Game Day Thread!!

    I know JaVale has played well this year but you have to wonder why Zubac hasn't gotten into more games and gotten more minutes. I can't see why McGee and Chandler should get more minutes than Zubac. I don't see much of the Lakers, does McGee play better against smaller lineups? I thought Kuzma was the small ball 5.
  5. 2018 Christmas Game Day Thread!!

    Rondo, Zubac and Lance have come up big!
  6. Mike McCarthy 2018 Outlook

    This has been coming for a long time. However, making the change now is not going to suddenly make the Packers a contender. They continue to be plagued by injuries, poor line play, and an inconsistent defense. In-season firings are nothing more than a PR move. It would have been better to stick with McCarthy until the end of the season than to replace him with Philbin. Frankly, regardless of who they bring in next year, this roster needs to be blown up.
  7. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    Marlon Mack was forced from Sunday's game against the Dolphins with a concussion and will not return. Drake was ruled out late in the fourth quarter. He was having a strong game before going down, rushing 15 times for 85 yards while adding two receptions. He will have the full seven days to get cleared for Week 13 against the Bills. Jordan Wilkins would be the next man up on early downs. Drake plays for the Dolphins. He was not ruled out for the game. He came back in. Mack was ruled out but he wasn't replaced by the assumed "next man up." He was replaced by Nyheim Hines on both early and passing downs. I am not sure Wilkins came back in the game. Patience in posting would have been better than posting information that was incorrect on several fronts.
  8. Victor Oladipo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Actual value in standard 9-cat leagues is probably between 10 to 25. Easy to justify if you drafted him in that range. Inside the top 10, then you might have reached. Outside the top 25, then you might not be in a competitive league or your league has unique settings.
  9. Kristaps Porzingis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Odds are he will probably sit out the entire year. However, the Knicks may decide to bring him back late to show potential free agents he is healthy.
  10. Domantas Sabonis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Just to blow your mind. Using NBA.com's advanced statistics, he ranks #2 in the league for Player Impact Estimate for players averaging > 15 minutes per game.. Player Impact Estimate PIE measures a player's overall statistical contribution against the total statistics in games they play in. PIE yields results which are comparable to other advanced statistics (e.g. PER) using a simple formula. #1 - Jokic #2 - Sabonis #3 - Noel #4 - Giannis #5 - Curry #6 - Lilliard #7 - LeBron #8 - Vucevic #9 - Durant #10 - Embiid Interesting company. When he is in the game, he makes a difference. A little more. He is 5th in the league in TS% and 5th in REB%.
  11. Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    The big issue is consistency. He struggles with foul issues. In the end, the contributions are positive. However, In fantasy consistency is important.
  12. Martavis Bryant 2018 Outlook

    He is a solid player. Hopefully, he can get his life right. Any idea what drug resulted in his suspension?
  13. Jordan Wilkins 2018 Outlook

    The Colts backfield is going to be a fantasy nightmare. Each of their 4 "committee" backs offer a different skill set. It is going to be difficult to predict who will be the best option game to game. The local camp talk (and it may be just camp talk) is as long as they are healthy all 4 will probably see backfield snaps each week.
  14. Kelvin Benjamin 2018 Outlook

    I am sure teammates will notice how he threw his former team under the bus. Could have, should have, would have. The better approach is to put your head down and work hard to be the best player you can.
  15. Corey Coleman 2018 Outlook

    There really isn't a lot of talent of WR on the Bills so he could earn decent snaps. However, the QB situation may be even worse so I am not sure how much of a benefit that is.