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  1. I get your point. I am always attracted to having players on my teams who play for winning teams, even if it means possibly of rest during the fantasy play-offs. I can understand the inequity in not controlling your own destiny.
  2. I remember taking my son to see the Pacers play ? He was about 10. A guy next to us pointed to the Pacemates who were dancing during a timeout and asked him which one he wanted. He pointed to one. The guy laughed and asked him why. He said because she looks like my teacher. Almost straight from today's headlines but not... Sorry, to stray off topic. Any way, AD is a great player.
  3. Yep, the NFL is not a great system. There are reports the Steelers plan to franchise tag him again. Although, I do believe they have to pay you toward the top of the current contract scale (maybe top 5) for your position. It isn't good for the teams, players, and fans when these contract/trade issues come up. I understand when guys like PG, Kawhi and now AD want to move to a better situation but it seems like they always place restrictions on where they will go which significantly hampers their current team's ability to trade them. AD wants a trade but he also doesn't want to commit to signing an extension with whatever team is traded to, presumably to keep his free agent and max salary options open. At the same time, he says he is more concerned about his legacy than money. There are a lot of variables in this situation. In my mind, who wants to commit to trading for him unless they are absolutely certain they can resign him. Otherwise, they will be mortgaging their teams future, possibly for up to a decade, for a one year rental. All the while their championship aspirations have to be somewhat tempered as long as the current Warriors team stays assembled.
  4. Of course, this is a great topic for Friday night during the All-Star break. I went looking for the Pacers game tonight only to realize it is the All-Star break. I want real NBA games not celebrity games. A week long break during the season is too long. I want my MTV NBA!
  5. I agree, it is certainly a player's league. As a result, we are seeing more teams stuck with bad contracts. Essentially, the Wizards are a dead franchise until Wall's contract comes off the books. It can't be good for the league to have the team located in the nation's capital non-competitive long-term. I know the Bullets, then Wizards have had long periods of being bad but under the current scenario there are limited options for improving due to their financial situation. Eventually, this will impact attendance, marketing, logo sales, etc. Fortunately, the insane television contracts offset the local operating issues but something has to give.
  6. An additional musing... When did it become the norm for a player and his agent to determine necessary medical treatment and tests DURING a game and then not communicate it to the coach or GM? And, probably not even to the team medical staff. I think we are going to hit a rough patch during the next CBA negotiations. I also believe in the future some teams are going to refuse to deal with players who are represented by certain agents. If I am the Lakers, Celtics or any team who has a reasonable chance of attracting top free agents, why would I want to deal with this nonsense? If they pull this trick with their current team, what is to say they won't pull it again. The problem is every GM thinks their situation will be different, until they find out its not.
  7. Yeah, I still remember the box score showing Tim Duncan - DND - OLD.
  8. Just random musings... (1) The CBA is slowly killing the NBA. It has shifted control from employer to employee. I get "sharing of the wealth." But, it is ridiculous when a player can stop performing under a signed individual contract and not experience consequences. (2) The NBA (with television networks) and the Pelicans (with ticket holders) have legally binding contracts to provide a product. If a person pays X for season tickets or X for a single game ticket only to have a "healthy" star player sit out, either by choice or based on a team decision, there should be consequences since the team is not meeting its contractual obligation. These "rest" or "maintenance" DNPs by players are a violation of those contracts. It is one thing to have a guy coming back off an injury sitting back-to-backs compared to an old guy like LBJ who just needs to rest. (3) The NBA has tried to address (2) above by imposing fines for sitting "healthy" players during nationally televised games. However, this falls short. The consequence should be, the team is fined for every game the player sits, then once some number of games is accumulated (say 5), then they fall to the end of the 1st round or maybe even lose their 1st draft pick. If they don't hold their draft pick, then there would need to be significant compensatory damages payable to the affected team. Of course, the CBA leaves little discourse the league can take toward the individual player if he decides he wants to sit.
  9. This. Malone may give him a few minutes here and there but they aren't going to disrupt their rotation, team chemistry, and player development for a guy who probably won't be with the team six months from now. Monte and Beasley are even stealing time from core guys like Barton and Murray as they will Harris when he is able to play.
  10. Just about any SG or SF the Knicks sign to a 10-day contract. Just realize they won't resign them after the second 10-day contract so you have to start all over again.
  11. All of this debate has me wondering. I wonder how LeBron feels looking up in the stands in the Forum and seeing all of the not-as-great-as-him NBA greats like Kareem, Kobe, Worthy, Magic and Smush?
  12. I think Domas will be fine. He is capable of a double-double with a handful of assists on any given night. He occasionally struggles against teams with quicker or stronger PF/C. He is typically not going to anchor any category or provide elite statistics but he is generally pretty consistent. It will be interesting to see how well the rotation gels with the addition of Wes. There is no doubt Domas is more comfortable with Victor and was more comfortable with Lance last year than with Collison or CoJo.
  13. Anyone who saw how the youngsters responded to jeers during the Lakers-Pacers game and then again today how they played against the 76ers and LBJ's body language easily realizes significant damage has been done. They may be professionals but they are human beings as well. Most people don't respond well to be considered expendable by their employer. It is one thing to hear of a trade of one or two players for a superstar. It is another when they basically say the whole team other than LBJ isn't comparable to a single player. LBJ looked dismayed today. I understand his desire to move to LA. However, I believe he underestimated the lack of talent on this team and the fragile nature of its players.
  14. He is shooting 40% from deep on 4.6 attempts per game and was getting decent minutes with the 76ers. What is not to like? As KilloWertz notes, he should be solid if he gets 25 minutes per game.