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  1. 1 PPR: Corey Coleman or Josh Gordon (WHIR)

    Just wondering how much rust Gordon has to knock off... I've heard almost nothing out of practice about how he looks.
  2. Need some FLEX help?? WHIR

    I definitely wouldn't start Murray against the Texans, and guys like Coleman, Ginn, Sanu, and Henry can be a crapshoot... Safest bet is Thomas, at least he's the clearcut #1.
  3. Looking like AP is likely out, probably best to roll the dice on Davis.
  4. 1 PPR: Corey Coleman or Josh Gordon (WHIR)

    Well this clouds the waters a bit... Is it the truth or a smokescreen? @AdamSchefter: FWIW - text from one source today: “Hue Jackson has a load of plays set up for Josh Gordon and has limited other WRs from a designed play standpoint.” Will be interesting.
  5. Ebron is the safer TE, Algholor is the safer WR... Still a good chance Brown plays, and Cincy is a good defense regardless. Wouldn't be surprised to see Big Ben struggle a bit on the road.
  6. 1 PPR: Corey Coleman or Josh Gordon (WHIR)

    I'm actually projected to win by 25 points at the moment, but my opponent hasn't switched our AP yet...
  7. Coleman seems to have the higher floor, Gordon the higher ceiling.... Also starting Antonio Brown (hope he plays) and T.Y. Hilton (hope he catches a prayer). Other WRs on bench are Maclin and Parker, neither of which I have any faith in right now. This is a must-win game for me to make the playoffs.
  8. 1 PPR: Maclin, Coleman, or Parker? (WHIR)

    So 2 votes for Coleman... Any Maclin fans? Anyone think Parker can have a good game?
  9. Need lineup help in a must win game. WHIR!!!

    I'm assuming this is not a PPR league? Either way, I'd probably still roll with Tevin Coleman over Morris or Perine. Higher floor, higher upside -- he's been consistent this season, even with Freeman healthy. As for Morris or Perine, it's gonna be a coin toss... Perine should have a heavier work load, but Morris has an easier matchup. Although Morris doesn't do much with the opportunities presented, and Dak is probably a greater goal line threat. Honestly, I'd probably choose Perine over Morris just based on upside.
  10. 1 PPR: Maclin, Coleman, or Parker? (WHIR)

    Can Coleman repeat though?
  11. Who Should Be My Flex? WHIR!!!

    Sanu has the highest floor... And even if he doesn't get you points, he seems to be a bit of a good luck charm this season -- if you start him the rest of your lineup will have a big day.
  12. Seems like every week I start the wrong guy... 1 PPR: Jeremy Maclin vs. HOU, Corey Coleman @ CIN, or DeVante Parker @ NE? Will help in return.
  13. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Well, I have the 4th-most points in a 12-team league and lost by only 0.1 last week... Being 0-3 is strictly a product of having played the guy with the most (or 2nd most) points in the league each week... It's either extremely bad luck, or the fantasy gods just hate my guts.
  14. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    12-team keeper league, 0-3 record with this roster... Derek Carr / Andrew Luck LeVeon Bell / Melvin Gordon / Tevin Coleman / Marlon Mack / Matt Breida / James Conner Antonio Brown / Odell Beckham Jr. / T.Y. Hilton / Devante Adams / Jeremy Maclin / J.J. Nelson Evan Engram / Tyler Eifert Broncos D/ST (no kickers) HOW??????
  15. Ben Roethlisberger 2017 Outlook

    Anyone know why Big Ben struggled mightily on the road last season?