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  1. Austin Riley with Berrios more fair?
  2. Coming back to this after a couple days. What if it was Berrios with another hitter? He would want Rendon or Rizzo with Berrios. Is that fair?
  3. Maybe try to get Giles, Kimbrel, Neris for Pham? I don't think I would trade one of your other OF, unless someone is very high on Eloy.
  4. Thanks! Deeper league, so not a lot of people available to pick up. I would probably activate Jake Lamb when he gets off the IL this week. C - Severino 1B - Rizzo 2B - Moustakas 3B - Rendon SS - Segura LF - Gallo (would move him to 1B) CF - Trout RF - Brian Anderson (would move Bellinger here) UT - Yordan UT - Riley UT - D. Peralta BN - B. Dozier, Asdrubel, Lamb, G. Polanco, Goodrum, M. Adams My pitching is pretty solid, and I have a few decent minor league guys left (50 minor league players per team)
  5. If you can get Upton, go for it. Not a big fan of Martinez, could you get a better closer?
  6. I would do it with the original offer and with Bum/Peacock. I think I would do it with Ryu as well, but that is closer.
  7. I like Castillo, but I feel like you could get a little more for Machado. But you know your league best, and if that is the best pitcher you can get, then pull the trigger!
  8. I would drop Wood, might be a lost year for him
  9. Would you trade Yordan Alvarez and Anthony Rizzo for Cody Bellinger in a 16 team dynasty league. OPS replaces BA as a category, so power is prioritized.
  10. You can try that offer for Goldy, but it could be better to open a Diaz/Corbin package to the rest of the league and see what is offered
  11. I would not do that. Maybe you can ask for a better player than Fiers?
  12. That is solid in a non keeper league