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  1. I think this is a solid trade for now and the future
  2. I'd go with the Berrios offer, I just don't trust Lopez. It does look like you have pretty solid SP depth though, so it just depends how big of an upgrade you'd like to make.
  3. They would all be around the same. Our auction system is a little weird, but roughly 4-6% of the budget. For a $260 league, it would be around $13
  4. I'd probably do it. I'd rather include Lynn than either Bauer or Boyd though.
  5. Yes, I think this is a good deal
  6. Yes, you would win this trade by a lot.
  7. Seems like a fair trade. I'd do it, especially if you love Tatis.
  8. I'd go with Bregman, Bogaerts, Gallo, JDM, Sale, Buehler. Gallo gets bumped up because OPS instead of average
  9. My team in an 11 team 6x6 (OPS and W%) roto auction league is out of contention. I am looking to trade Trout for a keeper next year. A few options below (assume all salaries are the same): 1. Trade for Anthony Rendon (I do have Bregman as a keeper, so he would slot in the DH spot) 2. Trade for Ketel Marte (love the position versatility) 3. Trade for Rhys Hoskins 4. Trade for Blake Snell 5. Hold Trout (he can be kept for about 20% of the budget, but it is about 4x more than the players mentioned above) I also have an outside shot of trading for Tatis, Judge, or Devers. But those teams are holding pretty tight.
  10. I would want quite a bit more for Yelich
  11. Acuna, though Arenado has a lot of Coors home games coming up.
  12. I would do it, Seager is still only 25. I think he regains some power next year once he is more removed from TJ surgery
  13. I am in 1st, there are another 4 teams within striking distance.
  14. It is probably safer not to expect anything from Snell, Severino, and Woodruff when they return. It looks like your only healthy starters right now are Cole, Corbin, and Leake. Not sure how the standings look, but I think you would benefit more from another starter the rest of the way.
  15. I don't think it is a bad trade offer. But I wouldn't do it unless you got a better pitcher than Fiers.
  16. In trade 1, I like team B. In trade 2, I prefer team B. Lindor is just so much better than everyone else in the deal.
  17. It doesn't seem like you need JoRam, your hitting is solid without him. Losing a top C like Sanchez would hurt more.
  18. I would do it 1 for 1 as well as 2 for 2 (prefer Story)
  19. I would hold Cooper for now. I have him in a league too, and I think he will adjust and snap out of it.
  20. I like Corbin quite a but more than Ray, and I don't think your pitching can take that hit.
  21. I agree with what others have said. Getting Betts would be top, then Devers/Strasburg. I'd rather have Acuna than the other offers.